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  • BDO - PvP server being added

    Kyleran said:
    These patch notes don't make a lot of sense

    A PvP Server Valencia6 (PvP) has been added.
    • Please note this server will have the addition of line _PvP to the title to indicate the unique ruleset.
    • The PvP server will allow players to battle other players and target mounts without experiencing a decrease in Karma. This is applied for damaging and/or killing off the targeted player or mount.
    • In addition, defeating monsters that would normally decrease your Karma will not do so anymore.
    • However, adventurers with Karma less than 0 (-1 or below) may be attacked by vigilantes in towns.
    • In addition, adventurers with Karma less than 0 (-1 or below) who are killed by other adventurers in the desert may be teleported to prisons.
    • PvP Server will not affect your Karma but the Karma and Penalty System you would have in other regular servers will be reflected the same.
    • If you die with Karma below a certain statistic, you will still be applied the same death penalty as you would receive in the other regular servers so please be cautious.
    • *please ignore the pop up message saying the karma will be decreased after a mount has been killed in the PVP channel. (it will be removed soon)
    I think it's saying you don't accumulate karma from your actions on the PVP server but your karmic actions on other servers will cross over to the PVP server.
  • Does Star Citizen deserve its hate?

    If you are so happy about the game, its content and the direction it's headed why worry yourself with what other people say?
    The same can be said for people who hate the game so much and hate the developers. Why not move on and not worry about it and do things that are more productive....enjoy life, have fun with games and not worry about things that you may or may not hate/dislike.

    I don't like chocolate icecream, but I'm not going to post all day about how much I hate it.
    But you will post all day about hating the MMO genre yet continue to play it.
  • Best outer space game?

    While I enjoy No Man's Sky I have to say it's more about roaming around on various planets than it is about space.  Space in NMS is a means to get to all the planets along with an occasional dog fight. 

    Elite Dangerous is more about space with the occasional moon walk.
  • Elite: Dangerous questions

    And then there's the Planetary Vehicle.  Go for a spin in that on a moon with .1 earth gravity. Kaboing, kaboing, kaboing, oops spinout!
  • Since there is pooping, lets add simulated itching

    That's why NASA put a small brush on the inside of the screen of their space suits.