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  • Why the Pub is wortless here at mmorpg.

    I, for one, am absolutely satisfied with the fact that the MMORPG pub forum has no worts.
    Read in Scottish accent.
    Attempted by a french man.
  • No Man's Sky - Tips For Starting Out -

    Torval said:
    This article has been super helpful to me. I am feeling totally lost and a little overwhelmed. The tips are great and give me something concrete to develop my strategy with.

    So those little floaty scanners can eventually be farmed? How dangerous is that and what are the consequences?
    Sentinels /can/ be good sources of zinc and nanites.  Zinc keeps you shields up.  Nanites are used to buy many equipment recipes at space stations.  

    I'm trying to avoid game play and story spoilers. You'll learn more about Sentinels through lore and your experiences.
  • New Update to Improve Story & Brings Quick Travel - No Man's Sky -

    I'm waiting for the patch notes to see if they've fixed being thrown over the landscape like a flat stone on water when you exit the Roamer exocraft. The furthest I was skipped was about 4:40 away from the Roamer.
  • Most Underrated

    Stizzled said:
    I'm sure you'll all jump all over me, but:

    No Man's Sky

    Review scores are slowly getting more positive with the updates. New and old players alike are starting to take notice and get a little hyped with the Waking Titan ARG going on. HG are slowly making up for their mistakes. 

    They really need to lower the price though, even most 'AAA' games aren't still $60 a year after release. The price is, objectively, the only real problem at the moment.

    I bought it the other day for $24.  I've enjoyed it.  Once you figure out the first couple of hours of survival it can be rather relaxing.

    I've got a base going. Maxed out my exosuit's inventory, found a wrecked ship worth repairing, and found out mining gold is the best way to afford it.  Now I'll start looking for a multi-tool worth upgrading to so I can mine and defend myself better.  Next I'll upgrade the base, multi-tool, and exocraft.  Then I'll start moving out into the universe.
  • IP Blocked and can't even access

    Keller said:
    Lotro has been sold to Daybreak, maybe that explains why? Anyway the website itself is working for me.
    The Lord of the Rings Online has not been sold to Daybreak Games.  LOTRO is owned and developed by Standing Stone Games LLC.  

    Standing Stone Games LLC has contracted with Daybreak Games to host and maintain the network hardware and software infrastructure needed to run LOTRO.  

    Standing Stone Games LLC is wholly owned by Warner Brothers.  

    The Saul Zaentz Company owns the intellectual property rights to the Lord of the Rings.  They have leased the LOTRO license to Warner Brothers' Standing Stone Games LLC.  That lease was recently renewed.

    Daybreak Games is just the contracted hosting company for LOTRO.