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  • Warframe - With Plains of Eidolon, Warframe is Becoming the MMO We Always Wanted -

    Can you have more than one Tenno???
    There is only one avatar with one name per account.  There are over 40 different warframes that you can swap in and out of at any time you are not in a mission.  Tenno is the common name for warframe operators.
  • Project VALOR Initiative Raising Funds to Save the USS Texas - World of Warships -

    Here's the Texas Parks and Wildlife link about the USS Texas with a couple of links to volunteer sites.

    Unfotunately due to it's current condition all tours have been suspended.  It's leaking badly since it's been sitting in salt water for 106 years.  Long term plans are to create a drydock for it.  That's expensive and any chance of saving the Texas will have to be volunteer based.  As property of the State of Texas the government is ultimately responsible for it's care.  But the Texas government is rather frugal.  Even our most revered and popular history site, the Alamo was cared for by a volunteer organisation until recently.
  • Warframe Plains of Eidolon Expansion Disappointing... Avoid.

    It's a 'free' game.  That means the grind is real.  Anyone not expecting a grind from such a game is going to be disappointed.  The majority of people who play the game enjoy it.  When you stop enjoying a game you should stop playing it.  And stop trying to tell people on the official forums that they shouldn't play it either.  

    The majority of in game chat is is mostly focused on passing on information about the game to others.  There is a fair amount of criticism but if all you have to say is 'the game sucks, don't play it'  then you'll be ignored or told to stop playing the game you think sucks.

    There are trade and LFG channels for other chat.  There are volunteer chat moderators that keep the chat focused on those channels in the appropriate channel.  There are also auto kick chat bots for spammers.  These chat bots also keep out all virtual currency and level servicing spam.  And for a free game there surprisingly little trolling in chat or in the official forums.

  • Warframe - With Plains of Eidolon, Warframe is Becoming the MMO We Always Wanted -

    Torval said:
    What makes the game hard to pick up for new players? Is there a steep learning curve? Most shooters I've played are fairly straight forward to start.
    The game instruction is mostly verbal.  Newcomers don't pay attention to the instructions.  There is also an in-game 'encyclopedia' with this information, achievement tracking and a lot of lore.

    Learning how to move beyond the basic running and jumping is important to game play.  Learning how to run along walls, glide, jump-aim, attaching to walls, etc. can be challenging.  Especially when everyone else in your squad has been playing for six months and are rushing to the goals and the exit point while you're just trying to keep up. 

    It can also get frustrating even for those with experience when you're teamed up with someone using a warframe that has an AOE insta-kill aura like the Ember warframe.  On a point defense they'll just turn on the aura and sit one the point.  If the mission is movement based they'll run ahead of everyone and kill almost everything before someone else can get a hit in.  Kills are important because they drop Modification cards, ammo, health and energy replenishments if you can get a hit in.

    A couple of hints for newcomers.  Play solo at first.  You can select solo or group in the upper left corner of the system map.  You're also given some game currency called Plat. Only use your starting Plat to purchase weapon inventory space and maybe one or two warframe inventory spaces. 

    Plat is the cash shop money.  Don't buy any unless you get an in-game daily login award that lets you purchase plat for 50% or 75% off.  Plat can also be earned by trading items with other players with a big but.  You aren't going to have anything anyone wants for a good while.  The only things other players want and can be traded for are Prime Warframe part blueprints and Modification cards.
  • I've heard Valve has removed over 173 games from Steam.

    Just saw this on Steam's forums:

    Person complaining that 20 out of 624 games disappeared from his library.