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  • Skin Betting in Gaming

    Scot said:Jul
    kitarad said:
    Why do you play games then if not also to trade items . I would love to buy in game skins. That restriction totally destroys the fun of obtaining skins.

    I bought  all sorts of armour skins in SWTOR and it was great to play dress up from the marketplace.

    We have had a very different game upbringing. I never played Space Invaders to trade anything. :)

    Same here,  no video games so at 14 I was shooting pool or playing air hockey for money at the gaming rooms.

    But bargaining for properties in Monopoly is where I first learned trading, and then there was trading fine art in Masterpiece, or learning how to win elections in Landslide.

    So many great board games shaped my preferences including of course Risk, Axis & Allies,  Conquest of the Empire, and Fortress America. (Explains my love for MMORPGs with territory control)

    So yeah, for me MMORPGs need open trading systems,  well at least the ones I would enjoy playing.

    One big turn off for me of both BDO and ESO is their trading systems. (Or lack thereof)

  • New Zealand - Loot Boxes Not Legally Gambling, UK May Beg to Differ - News

    Gdemami said:
    Think of the children being explosed to gambling...
    While your comment is mocking, I've read several recent stories about how the UK is going through a bit of a gambling addiction crisis and offshore betting figures highly in the debate, hence their focus on these activities especially where children are involved.
  • Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Our TwitchCon 2017 Chat with Brad McQuaid & Corey LeFever -

    Fangrim said:
    The pvp server will be the first to die if any do. They become a wasteland in less than a year usually.
    As PVP is usually just "enabled" for many PVE centric MMORPGs such as this rather than "designed in " the outcome is understandable.

  • SC makes PC Gamers worst micro transactions list

    Orinori said:
    Vrika said:
    Rouzuki said:
    I guess I must be the only one happy about the land sale thing. Like hell I'm gunna buy into it but the news means that plots of land will be buyable in game with in game currency and I think that's a neat feature to play around with (so long as the team working on it is a team that's waiting for another team to finish a more integral part of the game before moving on).
    Impossible. Plots of land is so large a feature that it can't be done while waiting for something else. All the time and money CIG spends to plots of land and housing on planets is time and money that CIG is not spending on other parts of the game.
    What is it you think they are doing? The housing is just modules from units that they already needed to be in game. They are not placing players houses for them, players will place them in game. The only thing needed strictly for the players was the mechanic of the ship building the modules. They have 400 employees, how big a deal do you think that will be to them?. Plots of land is a small non revolutionary concept, a mechanic to set a boundary and set an ID /shrug.
    I agree, establishing plots of land appears to be simple, but the conditions and mechanics to hold on to or sieze them from others might not be, if EVE's station/ system sovereignty features in 0.0 and attacking / defending player owned structures is any indication.
  • Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Our TwitchCon 2017 Chat with Brad McQuaid & Corey LeFever -

    Not an mmorpg unless there is ganking,period. Don't make the same mistake twice in the shoving pvp iinto Vanguard instead of making it organically part of the game.

    After reading this its pretty clear PVP will be added in rather than a core pillar.