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  • I hate loot boxes and so does Francis.

    Why is this a problem? It is a free world. Just don't buy them. 
    Jeez,  now I've actually agreed with both Nari and gdemini, in the same post no less, I'm going to hell for sure.

  • Square gives the middle finger to paying veterans, again.

    IfrianMMO said:
    Square Enix is making some changes to some of its veteran rewards, the item bonuses awarded based on how long you keep up an active subscription to Final Fantasy XIV.

    Cloud´s attire, previously rank 10 with 720 subscription days, has been shortened to 60 days
    Zidane´s attire, previously Rank 13 with 1080 subscription days, has been shortened to 150 days.
    Wild Rose´s attire, previously Rank 11 with 840 subscription days, has been shortened to 240 days.
    Leonhart´s attire, previously Rank 14 with 1440 subscription days, has been shortened to 330 days.

    Nothing like being a day release subscriber and managing to unlock some exclusive fashion for your loyalty just to have it devalued and given to pretty much everyone else and their mom a few months later.

    At this point i am not sure if i am dealing with Square or with EA.

    You sound exactly like someone I met in EVE a year or so ago who was upset when CCP started selling skill extactors/injectors. 

    He felt in cheapend his "achievement" of always have an EVE account (and only one account) since Day 1.

    Even stranger, in all that time playing EVE he had never joined a player corp nor done anything but solo mine and craft.

    He could build a Titan, except he never went to null sec where he could actually  manufacture one.

  • What's with the overall lack of superhero games?

    Loke666 said:
    JakeSim said:
    Po_gg said:
    I'm puzzled... there's 2 (3 if you count diablo clones as MMO :wink: ), and 4 (or 5) in the planning.
    For a fairly niche subgenre I wouldn't call that "lacking".
    Alright, take this perspective. You're saying there's 2-7 games rn. Now, look at the typical fantasy genre in itself or even space/scifi. there's an abundance. Or, we can just take the standard survival genre that is peaking right now. They are all well beyond 2-7 games in total.

    The genre is lacking. 2-7 is extremely limited in comparison to all the other genres out there. ;) It is lacking.
    Space/Sci-fi is a way broader definition, that is why there is more there. Almost all MMOs are high fantasy for some silly reason, everything else is lacking, not just super hero games.
    I think the issue is even more basic.   Super Hero games are basically "stuck" in the present day age and  with very few exceptions has proven to be the least favorite setting for MMORPGS at least.

    Role playing Clark Kent and Tony Stark has less appeal than Gruknak the Orc Destroyer. 

    Well, at least for me anyway.

    (Although an economic driven MMO called "Zillionaires" would draw my interest) 
  • Starting Cities

    Rhoklaw said:
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    I'm not sure what WoW has to do with my original post, other than for one guy just to insult people (while ironically calling them immature). 

    The issue is how, if at all, to accommodate players in different starting cities who know one another to be able to group together early on (in a game oriented to grouping). Doesn't have to be at level 1. But when might one reasonably expect to be able to make the journey to hook up with one's friends?

    Keep in mind that leveling is projected to be slow. Travel is expected to be slow. Naked corpse runs are a possibility. And there won't be a map (beyond whatever that very basic overview of the world thing is).  So it could be quite a while before a player could succeed at such a meet up. If that's the goal, looks like mission accomplished. But it is kind of sad, to me at least, not to be able to share the  new experience of a game with the people you want to play it with (unless you limit your race choices and play something or someone that isn't necessarily appealing to you). 

    As I'm typing, however, I do seem to recall players paying other players (with in game currency or goods) to serve as their guides and bodyguards while traveling. So that's one possibility. Except that when a game first starts out players tend to be poor and lack much to pay with. 
    One of the greatest memories for many people in EQ, was being able to get from one city to another, particular in the early levels. It was that very danger and inconvenience that made it seem more like a world than a game.

    This is true - but it was mostly dangerous due to players not knowing how to play. For many players EQ1 was their first online persistent world game and they were just in awe and mostly clueless on underlying systems.

    1. Failure to prep properly (no SoW buff)
    2. Failure to know danger spots (mob spawns, knowing safer routes etc...)
    3. Failure to zone layouts 

    If you had SoW, knew zone layouts, knew mob spawns and routes  - the above wouldn't be a problem - a level 1 could go anywhere in great safety

    Players who will play Pantheon likely have 15+ years of MMORPG experience - so even if it were like EQ1 - the mechancis, knowing how to prep right - learning the game world and mob spawns - mechanics - all of this will be known before the game even launches as all the maps/guides etc.. will already be out

    So those days of awe of simple things (due to a first experience and not knowing anything) are long gone

    The reason why games today feel like GAMES and not worlds - is because players are painfully aware of the underlying mechanics and will use them to "game the system" to their advantage starting from day1.

    The players have changed, and nothing can turn back the time on that.
    You can rest assured before the game officially launches there will be all sorts of videos posted on how to safely travel to anywhere in the game including between starter cities, something not available in 1998.

    So no good  reason not to let them start where they wish,  even if there isn't portals between cities.

    Yep - guides will start as soon as pre-alpha starts.
    That's why I asked about why some people appear to be upset at one type of immersion-breaking mechanisms (porting), but not other methods (spoiler sites).  Both accomplish the same thing (moving from A to B ) both with varying degree of immersion-breaking.  But the discussion has been roughly porting = bad, while meta-gaming = okay.  Perhaps there are unstated reasons why people think that fast travel is bad other than the breaking immersion argument.
    Maybe because one they can control, the other they can't...
    Clearly some MMO players are obsessed with controlling the actions of their fellows,  hence the opposition to fast travel or open starter cities.

    Oh, that is what you meant, right? ;)
    If it makes sense to do so, yes, which depends on lore. For instance, most of us know Tolkien lore and would find it pretty odd for an Orc player to spawn in the Shire so he can level up with his friend the Hobbit. A lot of it has to do with factions, not just race or class. Imagine a Erudin Necromancer spawning in Qeynos at level 1? Yeah, good luck with that, lol. You'll be in a death loop forever.

    EDIT: To expand on that, I think EQ's language and faction system increased the entertainment value. Heck, even WoW has language barriers between it's two factions. Not to mention, not every race in WoW can play every class and you didn't get to choose your starting city there either.
    If you are going to worry about factional lore such as Orcs and Hobbits or your Erudin Necro example in EQ1, then you have to go full monty with it.

    Players should be prohibited from grouping with the opposing factions players unless they square things with the NPCs first.

  • Star Citizen 3.0 - Refusing Refunds

    IceAge said:
    Wait! Do people still have hope to play SC anytime "soon" ?

    Define what "play" means first and for that matter, what exactly should be playable?

    There are backers today "playing" some subset of the game afterall.