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  • Why are you NOT playing Elite: Dangerous?

    I picked it up over a year ago and tried it for about 4 hours.  Maybe I am too old for this game because here is how my playtime went:

    Between maneuvering out of the station, moving far enough away from station to warp, warping past my objective, warping past it again, finally getting to my objective, shoot pirates for 2 minutes (this was the fun part) warping back, going sub-warp 10,000 away from the station and slowing getting there, then another minute or two trying to dock correctly and get paid a minute amount for the two minutes of fun I just had in the last 30 minutes.

    I get that it is trying to be a realistic simulation but holy cow, just give me a "warp to obj" button along with an auto-dock.  If I want that kind of realism, I will go play with the wife and kids.
  • Interesting way to reduce the back and forth arguing that occurs on forums . . . and in real life

    Never gonna work mate. As humans, we only see or believe what we want to or what fits our beliefs.  For example, I have a friend who is a firm supporter of Trump.  I showed him a website that says Trump golfed 25% of his time in office and is using the secret service car pool reports  and pictures/news reports/tweets as proof of each visit.  He still does not believe it because he found a single sentence on the site that calls Trump a liar.  He says the site then must be biased towards Trump and he can not believe anything on the site.

    While logic would dictate otherwise, this persons beliefs that Trump is the hardest working president ever can simply not be changed with logic.  It is the same with games here.  People who like a game will find any reason to shoot down its shortcomings while people who dislike a game will come up with silly reasons to dislike it. 

    Neither side can be persuaded by logic, that only works on the planet Vulcan.
  • Massive Theft from Circle of Two Lights Up the EVE Sky - EVE Online News

    These guys don't realize how many people leave the game over stuff like this.  CCP and Eve are not doing particularly well as of late and the last thing they need is more players abandoning ship.
  • Is CIG really looking to secure $75 million to finish SC?

    Didn't they also just get some sort of bank loan recently?  $150 million sounds like a lot but you also have to consider the cost of 4 studios in 4 different countries, over 400 employees which if the average employer cost (not employee pay) is 80,000 then just the cost of the employees is 32 million per year.  Then throw in the cost of the outside contractors and advertising.  Seems like it would be easy to eat up that %150 million in 5 years...

    The video makes some good points, why have things like the tutorial and some costumes been removed from the game?  Why have we not seen ANY SQ42 game play when we were told it would be released last year?  Why get a bank loan if you have plenty of cash?  Tax credit my behind, invest that extra cash in an index fund and save yourself the interest payment.  The tax credit is not going to cover the cost of the interest on the loan so that response from CIG is BS.

    Just so we are clear I am not saying they are broke or going out of business or that the whole thing was a scam.  I am just saying there are some things that dont add up to what we are being told and I personally feel the money has been mismanaged.  I just dont know the extent of the mismanagement.

  • We Built a KILLER $3600 Ryzen PC for Destiny 2 (and are Giving Away a Ryzen 5 1500X!) - General Hard

    Is this the hardware critic thread? 

    How dare they offer a free bad a$$ computer to someone for free!!!  Get the pitchforks and torches and lets storm the place!!!!
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