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  • Star Citizen 3.0 - Refusing Refunds

    Erillion said:
    Talonsin said:
    Which is more likely

    1. Several interviewers ask questions of Chris and Ortwin and ALL of them get the year wrong


    2. CIG has a misleading date on their website

    Funny how a company supposedly founding in 2012 registered its website on Oct 2011

    A simple whois search shows this.

    I am still baffled why you fight this issue so strongly.  What is the big deal if they started work in 2011 or 2012?  We both know this game wont be close to containing half the features advertised until after 2020.  It really doesnt matter to me, I just bring this up because it seems to hit a nerve with you hence you using caps in your post.

    >>> Funny how a company supposedly founding in 2012 registered its website on Oct 2011 >>>

    Some people register a website years in advance. THAT is your proof ? There are plenty of golddiggers that speculatively reserve lots of website names at minimal cost just to sell them for a HUGE profit later to those that really should own these website names.

    I use CAPS because this topic has been discussed ad nauseam about 20 times in the past, with nothing new added to it. And still it is brought back from the grave time and time again.

    A company having misleading data on their website when it comes to legally relevant information like company registration number or founding date ... i think not.

    A few authors getting a year wrong (out of hundreds of people that wanted and got an interview about SC and then published articles about it)  and/or misinterpreting CRs words ... sounds quite likely to me.

    What you call "fighting" i call sticking to the facts. If you can show me a quotable credible source that states that facts are different, i am more than happy to accept these corrected facts.

    Have fun

    OK your facts are...

    1. Multiple interviews of Chris Roberts were mis-quoted
    2. Ortwins interview was also mis-quoted
    3. Chris registered the website in 2011 to sell it and make money because the name was so awesome.
    4. Having a company founded date on a website is somehow legally relevant but putting 2012 as the expected date on a kickstarter campaign is not.

    Thanks for clearing that up. 
  • Epic Cracks Its Knuckles Ready to Fight As It Takes Two Players to Court for Cheating - Fortnite - M

    diabel said:

    Taking players to court for cheating in games... overkill much? It's a game.

    Its a business and how some people earn a living. Cheaters ruin games and drive people away, that means lost revenue. I'm pretty sure if you had a business and someone was driving your customers away you would feel the same way, even if your business was games.

    I say, hammer those suckers! Make them spend thousands on their legal defense. Make it known to everyone that anyone in the US caught cheating will face the same thing.
  • Daybreak Partners with Twin Galaxies for New H1Z1 Pro League - MMORPG.com News

    Anyone else read this line and roll their eyes?

    "the H1Z1 Pro League will be established as the pinnacle of integrity in esports."
  • Elite: Dangerous - Everything Coming to Commanders in 2018 - MMORPG.com

    What about giving us an option to reduce the realism and auto-dock from 10,000km out? 
  • Why are you NOT playing Elite: Dangerous?

    I picked it up over a year ago and tried it for about 4 hours.  Maybe I am too old for this game because here is how my playtime went:

    Between maneuvering out of the station, moving far enough away from station to warp, warping past my objective, warping past it again, finally getting to my objective, shoot pirates for 2 minutes (this was the fun part) warping back, going sub-warp 10,000 away from the station and slowing getting there, then another minute or two trying to dock correctly and get paid a minute amount for the two minutes of fun I just had in the last 30 minutes.

    I get that it is trying to be a realistic simulation but holy cow, just give me a "warp to obj" button along with an auto-dock.  If I want that kind of realism, I will go play with the wife and kids.