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  • This Week at GameSpace - Reviews Galore - Not So MMO -

    Great time to be a gamer. Now if we could all just retire early enough to play them all.
  • Borderlands 3 Needs to be a Shared World Shooter - Michael Bitton -

    Torval said:
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    Torval said:
    Borderlands 2 only has about 4.2M hours. A couple years ago that put it high up on the charts, but newer games have been more popular.

    The Division which has been out a much shorter time is at 3.5M and only about 1200 fewer concurrent players. The Division isn't a Steam exclusive and many more people play on other platforms.

    That comparison supports the idea that shared world games are more popular than simple coop. War Thunder has about 7.2M hours. Arma 3 13.2M hours. GTA V 39.7M.

    Meanwhile Borderlands: PS has about 700k hours played and is down around 150 for concurrency.

    Look at how PUBG has taken over CS:GO in such a short time and it's getting ready to rocket past Dota2. That is amazing. People enjoy playing together. Even though PUBG isn't truly persistent it does have much more seamless cooperative experience and there is room in the Borderlands franchise for something more seamlessly cooperative. Shared worlds do seamless cooperation well.
    The hours written are not hours spent during the lifetime of the game, its during this month. What should have made it obvious is that Skyrim has 11M hours played and the special edition has 7M hours.

    Borderlands 2 which is a five year old game without content added for years is played more this month than division that was released 1.5 years ago. 

    Its really popular to copy what other game have, we had it with everyone wanting to replicate the success of WoW and LoL. Plenty of companies wanted to cash in on the popularity of Hearthstone. We have it with DayZ and now everyone wants to throw a battle Royale mode into their game.

    If they could make a game that will be better than Destiny 2 and upcoming Anthem they can earn a lot of money, if they can't its probably going to end up being another battleborn.
    The trend goes back all the way. You can measure more than 30 days and they supply a nice trending graph so you can see the trend, much like EVE offline.

    The point in those numbers is to show the current trend. BL2 isn't holding up like Civ V is and never even had the potential to reach the kind of numbers PUBG has even when it was in the top 10 (it used to be). Games with better shared persistent worlds and seamless multiplayer are more popular.

    Another reason why persistent worlds are gaining popularity is because platform becomes less relevant. I play SWL and play with people on Steam. If I were one of the 3 people who had BL2 not on Steam I wouldn't have that option.

    The significant aspect is that The Presequel (which is really BL3 but for marketing) foundered and fell flat. People don't want the same old thing, the same clunky multiplayer that only works if you're on Steam or on Galaxy. Ever tried playing multiplayer Grim Dawn between Steam and Galaxy?

    The negative responses in the thread really say nothing about whether BL3 would be better or worse as a persistent shared world shooter. It says that while gamers whine all day long about the lack of innovation and copying WoW and LoL, what they really do want is the same game repackaged again and again. Your point about WoW clones doesn't mean that's what developers wanted to make. It means that despite what games lied about wanting on forums, they wanted more WoW clones.

    The presequel fell flat because it was mostly an inferior copy of borderlands 2 by their australian subsidiary. Civ: Beyond earth also fell flat because it was an inferior copy of Civ V. Sideshows have a tendency to fail because there has to be more than just the popularity of the IP to make people play the sideshow.

    Most of the games you mentioned has very little to do with PvE so I think the best reason why they shouldn't change it to a shared world shooter is the diablo series.

    I still want the option to play through whole BL alone or with 1-3 friends without including any outsiders and those options gets lost when you make it like destiny or the division.

    They aren't inferior copies. They're nearly the same thing as their predecessors with a few minor differences. They fell flat because they weren't different or evolved enough. They could have been updates, dlc, or expacs of their predecessors in a similar vein to Brood Wars.

    Improving seamless multiplayer in the Borderlands franchise doesn't mean it has to parrot another game. Shared world games have a lot of variation. Destiny 2 is shared world and so is Secret World Legends. They both feel different and how they implement it wouldn't necessarily work well in the other game.
    Agreed and to add, I always felt that was the direction BL was going to go.
     I think you are right in that their inability to move the franchise forward after Borderlands 2 was a missed opportunity and hurt the IP a bit.
    Perhaps now they will come to the table with a BL that moves the series forward in meaningful ways. A shared world BL 3 would be awesome and I am all for it.
  • Borderlands 3 Needs to be a Shared World Shooter - Michael Bitton -

    After their last game (Battleborn) they really need Borderlands 3 to be a big hit. I am looking forward to it and playing alongside friends.
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    Not in and nor will I be most likely. If RockStar was making this that would be a whole different story.
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    no Lineage? hhmm