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  • Launch Day & Beyond - Our Exclusive Interview with Stefan Wiezorek - Albion Online Interviews

    Torval said:
    Sooo, how's that staggered release working out?
    1 hour and 20 minute queue this morning lol
  • Next Trend in gaming?

    Hatefull said:
    waynejr2 said:
    SEANMCAD said:
    waynejr2 said:
    You need multiple data points to get a trend...
    very insightful thanks for your input.

    what do you think those will be in the near future?

    As a long time developer, I don't think I am going to come up with the right answer.  If you had asked me where mmoRPGs were heading back in the early days of EQ1, I would have talked in terms of massive virtual worlds with expanding game play features.  Obviously it didn't go that way and really went down the bean counter route.

    So I could "predict" something and it would likely be wrong.

    Prediction:  Games will continue to cater to the masses with dumbing down (as I see it).  Also, new technologies will be leveraged for sales but not really offer great new gameplay.  Some players will deny this saying it is amazing new and unlike anything before.   Finally, my 2018 prediction for what music will be popular is  "top  40 music".
    Are you seriously a developer? A game developer? Like no BS for real?

    That is mind blowing to me. 
    There are plenty of game developers on this site.
  • Getting Shady on the Black Market - The Team Explains How - Albion Online -

    Ozmodan said:

    Wow what a lame brained system if you ask me.   In a player crafted world, items should be purchased in stores, not dropped as loot.  Loot should be crafting materials.

    Just another reason to avoid this badly designed game.

    I think the way this particular game works this is a great system and one that offers crafters a place in the world. Crafting materials as loot would not be a good solution at all.
  • Over $3.2M Pledged by More Than 19k Backers - Ashes of Creation -

    Iselin said:
    Sovrath said:
    jdnewell said:
    Call me old but I just cant wrap my head around people paying an avg. of $167 for a game that may or may not be released. Paying up front with no assurance of a release even happening.

    They aren't paying for a game that may or may not be released. They are backing the development of a game that they hope to have released. It's a subtle difference.

    Anyone who gives money to these things "should" know what they are doing; they should be clear on what they are giving their money to. They should know they aren't "buying a game" but supporting a developer.

    Also, a $167 isn't "that" much money when you put it in perspective. How many games have we purchased over the years where we knew we were on the fence about buying it and it turned out they were bad purchases?

    Agreed. I supported the game but not at that high of an amount. I realize I may never get my money's worth out of this project. Heck I may never even get a game out if it at all but I knew that going in. If I don't? That is a shame but no biggie. Yet it may turn out to be a great gaming experience. There is risk in all gaming support. Either supporting crowdfunding, early access or even fully released games. 
    I do have to wonder though... when a game is going to be funded regardless of its KS outcome, as Intrepid has said about Ashes, what exactly are you supporting and not buying?
    Stretch goals mate lol
  • Funcom Answers 'What Is Free to Play?' - Secret World Legends -

    Elsabolts said:
    Elsabolts said:
    Torval said:
    Elsabolts said:
    Something console this way comes
    Well, consoles have made themselves more relevant. If that's where the money, success, and fun are then it makes sense to cater to that market.

    I've spent a lot of money on a nice PC and pay quite abit monthly for internet services, I do not feel Console gaming should be included here at mmorpg. just my personel opion and Funcom has not done right by it gamers for a long time.
    That makes zero sense. The site is not called PCMMORPG.COM
    FF14 and ESO and DCUO and many others are on console. They cover games here not platforms.

    The majority of games here are PC not console. The console players mostly are kids or young folks living in mom and dads basement.
    You seriously believe that?