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  • Is Richard's wife the Creative Director for real? She told the FEC that she is.

    Golelorn said:
    Or maybe she is legit?
    If she is, she's been very behind the scenes of everything, and her husband has been sporting the title too, CEO and Creative Director or at least that's how his bio is written on the game's team page.

    Right now, I don't think it matters anyway - they literally just today announced that they're not launching which is crazy because they've been launched since back in July 2016 when they did a final wipe and launched persistence.

    This is so big of a trainwreck I don't even know how to make jokes about it right now.
  • Looks like the devs are working up a Subscription page

    $50 a month sub for a buy to play game that is also free to play every month.  Whatever these guys are smoking, it must be the very best backer money can buy.
  • Richard Garriott: Classy move or new level of creepy?

    He's keeping 50% of the net profit.  And it's a digital asset that they either got for free from Unity or something they created in house - either way, they're able to charge recurring fees for its production costs and inflate to whatever they want.  They're selling the digital asset for 15$ - so whatever they say it costs them to create is what they keep immediately... then, whatever is leftover they keep half of that immediately.  And that remaining 50% of *net profits* remains a vehicle for creating new revenue until they hand nit over and get the tax write-off.

  • Commission Free Vendor is most aggresive P2W ever seen; game is RMT and even that is P2W!

    Tiamat64 said:
    Never attribute to malice that which can be chalked up to human incompetence or stupidity.

    Here is the video of Markee Dragon and Chris Spears actively discussing how to manipulate the drop rate of the Crowns of the Obsidian, the Premium Currency, to keep the exchange rate between CotO and Real Dollars high.

    It's not incompetence. They're doing this by design.

    That the devs are actively manipulating the in game economy to keep RMT profitable is so commonplace now, it's not even kept in Dev+ anymore.  Did you see the thread where the RMT community is educating newbs on how to keep prices high?

    This quote says it all...

    "The Devs can adjust everything except you. If you choose to relentlessly price at under crafting cost, whatever your intentions, you may actually kill the entire game."

  • Commission Free Vendor is most aggresive P2W ever seen; game is RMT and even that is P2W!

    Right...You do know that SotA players are involved in the game on a voluntary basis, right?

    Being emotionally invested in this project has brought in some major whales, and some of them have succumb to emotional manipulation and the sunk-cost fallacy.

    Kickstarter was this:

    Shroud of the Avatar is the “spiritual successor” to Richard’s previous work in the FRP genre. Our primary objectives are to tell a story even more compelling than Ultimas IV-VII, create a virtual world more interactive than Ultima VII, develop deep rich multi-player capabilities beyond combat akin to Ultima Online, and offer a bold new approach to integrate them with “Selective Multi-Player”.

    And then it was all about the wolves in sheeps clothing and promises was made by someone that left so we're not doing it. Boo-hoo we're a small dev team.  Censor censor ban ban censor lock ban.  That's a great idea but we're such a small dev team and without you this will never work.  We love you!

    And after four straight years of receiving charity handouts to the tune $20M, they've upped their telethon schedule from quarterly to monthly and every weekend its a 20% off flash sale.  And even though RMT reigns supreme no one plays the game.  Not all the whales are here to flip digital items for cahs via RMT either... some of those whales that gave hand over fist gave Richard Garriott their life savings and retirement portfolios because he promised them exactly what they wanted to hear and now they don't have any choice but to abandon their hope and their money or keep giving money and keep the hope alive until it all turns out as promised.

    Old people get scammed all the time, and they're always voluntarily just giving their money to people who promise them exactly what they want to hear.  Nothing new to see here folks.