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  • Commission Free Vendor is most aggresive P2W ever seen; game is RMT and even that is P2W!

    Right...You do know that SotA players are involved in the game on a voluntary basis, right?

    Being emotionally invested in this project has brought in some major whales, and some of them have succumb to emotional manipulation and the sunk-cost fallacy.

    Kickstarter was this:

    Shroud of the Avatar is the “spiritual successor” to Richard’s previous work in the FRP genre. Our primary objectives are to tell a story even more compelling than Ultimas IV-VII, create a virtual world more interactive than Ultima VII, develop deep rich multi-player capabilities beyond combat akin to Ultima Online, and offer a bold new approach to integrate them with “Selective Multi-Player”.

    And then it was all about the wolves in sheeps clothing and promises was made by someone that left so we're not doing it. Boo-hoo we're a small dev team.  Censor censor ban ban censor lock ban.  That's a great idea but we're such a small dev team and without you this will never work.  We love you!

    And after four straight years of receiving charity handouts to the tune $20M, they've upped their telethon schedule from quarterly to monthly and every weekend its a 20% off flash sale.  And even though RMT reigns supreme no one plays the game.  Not all the whales are here to flip digital items for cahs via RMT either... some of those whales that gave hand over fist gave Richard Garriott their life savings and retirement portfolios because he promised them exactly what they wanted to hear and now they don't have any choice but to abandon their hope and their money or keep giving money and keep the hope alive until it all turns out as promised.

    Old people get scammed all the time, and they're always voluntarily just giving their money to people who promise them exactly what they want to hear.  Nothing new to see here folks.

  • Portalarium, please don't take elderly people's retirement money from them.

    Considering how Reg CF shares work, I don't think this player realizes how risky his investment was and he may not understand that no market exists to trade Reg CF shares in.  You should give this person his money back. He's been posting these claims in your official notice for investment SeedInvest Campaign - Discussions with Richard Garriott / Lord British and his posts haven't been deleted so I'm guessing it's not a troll.  Do the right thing.

  • Deception or Belief: A Crowd Funded Paradox -

    One of the titles I backed on KS blames ex employees for missing deadlines and not being able to deliver on promised rewards and mechanics from stretch goals and pledges.

    actual developer quote regarding status of a KS pledge reward:

    "That promise was made before we knew we were going to do monthly releases. Also just doesn't make sense and was likely made by someone no longer here."
  • Ashes: A taste of some mushrooms found in the UnderRealm that will be harvestable in our PAX experi

    I hope we'll be able to smoke them.
  • Shroud of the Avatar - Richard Garriott - Goals, Milestones, and Expectations -

    klash2001 said:
    ste2000 said:
    klash2001 said:

    Finally a second ally!:)
    This isn't Alliance vs Horde, do grow up.
    If your arguments are strong enough you don't need anyone else to back it up.
    Plus the second "Ally" is not exactly singing the praises of the game.

    He just said that the in-game community is nice, which I agree with, and the game has potential, but as I explained to you in another of my post, most of us have problem accepting that a game that is 5 years in development and spent $18 Millions so far, is still stuck in the "Potential" stage.
    That's what most of us have a problem with.
    By now the game should have more to it than just having "Potential".
    Add to this that it doesn't look like the Developers are doing anything to convert this "Potential" into something real, as they seem more than happy with the work done so far.
    And that's really worrying, because Portalarium still don't get what they need to do to make this game playable, let alone enjoyable.

    The reason why the game is in this state is partly because people like you, who accept any excuses from Portalarium and keep waiting and waiting without complaining while pouring money into it.
    With people like you Portalarium doesn't really have to try hard, and the results can be seen in the actual game.

    A second ally as in "someone that isn't closed mind". I'm not playing any kids game here dude. My arguments would resonate if you guys would be more open minded and more knowledgeable about the game. The game isn't just in a "potential" state, it really is fun to play you don't know this cuz you haven been able yet to archive a level where you can enjoy it. 5 Years, man the game could take 10 years to develop as far as I'm concern as long as it delivers. That's the problem with young people they want everything and they want it FAST. If you were playing the game and was able to appreciate the work already done you would be able to see that this extremely fast potential will be so easy to implement, just because the fundamentals are strongly built and interlocked very well together. And by the way, I'm not waiting for anything from Portalarium, as I previously said, I missed the final wipe a year ago, and started playing it like 2 months ago, but with my UO experience, know that I would need some help to start from the beginning. Already when I played the game when it was "literraly" unplayable, I've met real good people. So I just went and found a guild, from there I was able to get knowledge on how to play the game, then have the priviledge to discovers all these deep mechanics and enjoy the game. Sure some things could be modified, but overall this game, for an old schooll UO player like me IS what I waited for for a spiritual successor or UO.
    To be fair, you can meet real good people in Prison, in ISIS, in North Korea, in church, everywhere on the internet, etc.... I think you can see where I'm going here.

    The game is months away from "official launch" but has really been launched since final wipe a year ago.  The grade has been passed, the game is lacking and the devs have failed to deliver on Kickstarter promises... they feed the whales whatever they want because that's the business model... RMT and keep the whales happy.  For the couple dozen people that like the game as is, that's great for them - but it's not a game really... it's a grind with RMT.  The game as it were... fails miserably and for anyone holding out there will be a moment when the smoke lifts and you all realize what's been going on.

    Also, nice jab at 99.9999999% of gamers these days, problem with young people indeed.  The problem is that the developers failed to identify a proper demographic and just gave everything to the RMT whales.