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  • Crowfall - The Good, the Bad, the Obvious: A November Crowfall Week -

    5.3 combat looks pretty fun. Graphics are great too

  • From an old vet ... this looks like the real deal

    Kyleran said:

    Old smoke and mirrors trick. Doesn't matter if they have a list of items to complete, what needs to be added is when do they project each task / all tasks to be done.

    I told Mark long ago I don't care how busy they've been, nor how many tasks remain, tell me when you believe they'll be done.

    For me it's like CSE is in a car, somewhere in Manhattan, and they can tell us where they are exactly, on what avenue, what intersection, etc. And they're live on Periscope showing the traffic and all, the pedestrians, the traffic lights, etc. And they tell us exactly where they're going, somewhere in New Jersey, and what kind of traffic to expect in the streets. They tell us at what time they departed and how long they've been stuck in this traffic jam. They inform us about their average speed, the size of the car, their driving skills, their past experience as taxi/bus drivers, etc. and ask us to check on Google maps to see how long it says it's going to take before getting there. But they don't know at what time exactly they'll arrive to their destination. It depends on so many factors. So instead of bullshitting us and giving us an estimate that isn't reliable, they're waiting until they at least get on the bridge so they'll know that the worse traffic jams are behind them and the estimation is going to be more accurate.

    They surely could do like (almost) every other KS MMO out there: announce dates, miss them, rinse, repeat.
  • What the crap, still no Beta ETA?

    Gynthazi said:
    For those that don't know, they DID run into massive design issues. A lot of code had to get scrapped and re-written [...]
    The ability system had to be re-written but not because of the design (it remained pretty much the same as the first iteration afaik), rather because CSE needed something more performant and versatile for the kind of gameplay they envisioned. I think that they've never blamed anyone specifically for this though. I guess CSE has its share of responsibility in the entire refactor of this system since they're supposed to oversee the work of the developers and if they figured out something went wrong only years later then visibly something went wrong on this side too. Overall though I believe that refactoring a major system isn't something uncommon in video games, especially in MMO, so maybe it was more or less inevitable and they had to go through all this.

    Bottom line, now from what I've heard our ability system is amazing and innovative and they can do a ton of cool things with it, some things we've rarely seen in other MMORPGs before.  :)
  • Crowfall - New Tester Guide - Skills. -

    What will this Knight find out at the Lumber Mill?

  • What the crap, still no Beta ETA?

    meddyck said:
    They should just be quiet about dates and should only report progress that is being made on the game until they have an actual firm date to report.
    Agreed. Hopefully they will continue to refrain from announcing a date (or hinting that it's coming "soon"). Actually I think that "soon" should be banned from CSE vocabulary.  :p

    What the backers want first and foremost IMO is the ability to play a fun game and CSE seems to be heading that way with all the focus on the Saturday Night Sieges.