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  • Star Citizen 3.0 - Refusing Refunds

    Kefo said:
    Erillion said:
    Kefo said:
    You mean Microsoft booted CR out cause he's a idiot, pump money and time into it for an additional 3 years after cutting out all the unrealistic crap CR dreamed up. But yeah Microsoft is evil for "spicing up a quarterly report" 3 years after the fact.
    Funny that Microsoft got him back into the project as consultant ASAP.

    Maybe not an idiot after all ;-)

    Have fun
    Lol yeah they bought him out and kept him on "as a consultant" and then proceeded to gut the game of everything that was a stupid idea or wouldn't work or was a waste of resources which sounds like they really listened to him
    The fact that you give Microsoft all the credit for everything related to Freelancer when CR was the original visionary behind it shows you are the equal but opposite of a fanboy when it comes to Chris Roberts.

    Chris Roberts made something that was awesome, but it was a bit too ambitious for the funding available to him, so they had to reign in his vision. And it was still awesome.

    The fact is that if Star Citizen starts falling short of it's original vision (which it very well might) I highly doubt they are going to just trash all the assets and work that has been done and say "Well, it's been nice but project over!" They'll probably reign the original vision back in a bit and still deliver something awesome.

    And really, like I said, from 3.0 I don't think they have much father to go to make a game at least as good as Freelancer. Really just clean it up a bit and add an economy and you're good to go on that front.
  • Which MMORPG has the best F2P model now ?

    aliven said:

    Eve is no where near the titan of industry. Titans of industry are Wow, FF14, GW2 and ESO. Rest live on scraps. 
    I suppose it depends on how you define titan. I consider EVE and Runescape to be titans because they were major MMOs with sizeable audiences 10 years ago, they are major MMOs with sizeable audiences today, and they will likely be major MMOs with sizeable audiences 10 years from now.

    Meanwhile saying FF14 and GW2 are titans of the industry seems like information that may already be outdated. Those games are flashes in the pan. They're the LOTROs and GW1s of tomorrow.
  • Black Desert Online PvP server is MORE proof that PvPers are a very niche group

    Honestly Star Citizen is so far along in development that all the people who bought into crap Derek "Smart" said already look like even bigger fools than the people who bought his games. I can go play it right now and have fun.
  • Why is Elf-Fantasy the most popular?

    Eldurian said:
    @DMKano I think you are kind of arguing semantics here. My point was there are features of D&D that still carry over into literally every MMO in existence.  Not that there wasn't any stepping stones in the transition from D&D to all modern MMOs.
    That is so general that you may not say anything. Having monsters is a feature of D&D. Doh, lots of games have monsters.

    Since you are at it, why don't you say "there are features of D&D that still carry over into every SHOOTER in existence" too? (hint: what is that feature? You can kill something in the game.)
    Killing and monsters didn't start with D&D. Concepts like levels and classes either did, or at least it was the first time those concepts were implemented in a highly popular format. Sort of like Tolkien wasn't the first fantasy writer but he is what popularized the genre.
  • Which MMO most promoted griefing?

    You are confusing law/rules and morality. It's a fairly common mistake, but allow me to explain how your entire thought process is wrong.

    The laws set by a government, and the rules set by an MMO are under no obligation to be moral, and many times are not. There are the obvious examples of real world governments who were so morally whacked half the darn world banded together to shut them down, but simpler ones as well. For instance: cheating on your girlfriend is not illegal, just wrong. And yes, you're an asshole if you do it despite the lack of a law against it. Infact if say their brother beat your ass senseless for it, that would be illegal, and yet he would still occupy a higher moral ground than you do. Because law/rules are not the same thing as morality.

    That's why I actually really like the D&D alignment system. Because Chaotic Good (On the wrong side of the law and the right side of morality) and Lawful Evil (On the right side of the law and the wrong side of morality) are very real things.

    Thus "the game allows it" may be an argument you shouldn't be banned. It's not a valid argument that you aren't an asshole, and others should not treat you like the asshole you are.

    So, not only is this the argument you defaulted back to after you got called on your strawman in order to save face. It's also just a crap argument.