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  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    I was really expecting MMOs to be the pinnacle of gaming. They have far more potential than any other genre. But we've got stuck in this endless loop of making the same general game over and over. In the early 2000s the games that were the best examples of the raw potential of MMOs and what that could someday be were EVE and Wurm.

    In 2017, soon to be 2018, the best examples of the raw potential of MMOs and what they could someday be are EVE and Wurm.

    We've taken 10 years to find out that consumers don't want repackaged WoW over and over. And really the main game development companies still haven't figured that out. The only reason there is potential for decent MMOs at some point in our future is kickstarters.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Netflix and Youtube for one. Under net neutrality ISPs can't charge more for high bandwith services than low bandwith services.

    That's like if shipping companies were told they couldn't charge a different rate to deliver a pocket watch and a grand piano.

    If people's grandparents want to get a cheaper internet package because all they do is play solitaire and check their e-mail that should be an option. 

    I'm perfectly fine with paying for the services I use. I don't need the government to force people to subsidize the fact I game and watch Netflix.

    This protects monopolies because this is a stifling business environment to new ISPs. They can't compete in this market because the costs of remaining NN compliant are so high.
  • [Dev] Sandbox Project "Reside" - Social/Economy/Politics

    Wait is that your actual MMO? Is that prefab assets in Unity or did you actually do it yourself?
  • [Dev] Sandbox Project "Reside" - Social/Economy/Politics

    Residev said:

    But most importantly, I wish there to be a community-driven development around those features.

    What I mean by that is - I think that community is absolutely essential for such a project to succeed.
    And I think it is only logical to start growing and evolving that community as soon as possible.
    Democracy is the enemy of creativity. Community involvement in development should come in the form of taking the best ideas put forth by the community, comparing them to your vision, and seeing if there is room for them. But don't make the mistake of letting the community feel they are picking and choosing what features go into the game. You'll find out very quickly that most of them are not qualified for that.

    I've taken notes on how I would develop an MMO.

    Feel free to see if any of my ideas interest you.
  • Thoughts on item systems: how would you create your items in your MMO.

    Loke666 said:
    Eldurian said:
    The wagon/cart/mule thing is because NPC henchman are actually a huge part of the focus of my MMO. You can kind of see that when I talk about resource extraction. It's a fairly common and intended mechanic that you would hire NPCs to carry loot for you. The terrain would certainly play a factor but it wouldn't preclude all forms. Pack animals could go through terrain most carts could not, and hirelings with backpacks could navigate almost anything. And there would likely be specialized pack animals eventually that might actually assist in getting through rough terrain (Camals, llamas, etc.).

    Of course porter hirelings would fare very poorly in combat so they could still be a liability in some ways, especially in dangerous territory, but that's intended.
    A donkey or a Nodwick would certainly work fine except maybe in certain places in really terrible terrain where a sensible adventurer would park their donkey or henchmen at the nearest village or farm (peasants loves taking care of adventurers stuff, those people pay in gold instead of copper or chickens).
    I was just interesting on what would happen if a group enter a dungeon in a PvP zone, could anyone just loot their stuff outside the dungeon?

    This is one of the issues where I think fun and realism clash. Realism would dictate that your little wagon train is always attackable. Fun would dictate that having people come kill all your pack animals while you are running a dungeon is not fun, and having to leave them at the nearest town is a pain in the butt when you need them to haul your loot home.

    I would probably have a mechanic where you "help them hide in a nearby cave". AKA, they disappear and can't be touched by anyone until you come back to retrieve them. This would also mean if you were running from PvP you could stash your crap in a dungeon. But hey, if you make it to the dungeon alive and have time to pull this off while being pursued in PvP... I'm ok with that.

    The real drawback is if you have a hauler terrain it slows you down and make you stick out. If you dungeon in a PvP area your loot will be exposed as you haul it home. So that's your real drawback. People crashing your empty haulers while you are in the dungeon just to be jerks is a bit excessive to allow.