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  • If you could spend a week at any time in world history where and when would you go?

    Actually I take it back. If I could go anywhere in history I would go to the Library of Alexandria with a generator, a scanner, something to store the data in.
  • Star Citizen 3.0 - Refusing Refunds

    sgel said:

    How dare an alpha be buggy!
    It's ok if you prefer this game might be more up your alley.
  • Star Citizen 3.0 - Refusing Refunds

    rodarin said:

     And I am not stupid enough to give Roberts a frigging penny.
    That would seem to be the answer to your question.

    @rodarin ;

    None of the weak evidence you guys keep bringing up is going to make me say that. I've already said multiple times I think the original vision is going to get reigned in a bit but there is a massive amount of content and assets that work far better than you pretend they do that say that this game will get made in some form or another, and that form will probably be pretty damn fun.

    Edit: Also. Just a shout out to Chris Roberts. Apparently my defense of this game is professional quality given people are presuming I'm being paid to do it. Would you mind sending me a check? Would be much appreciated.
  • Black Desert Online PvP server is MORE proof that PvPers are a very niche group

    Everything has already been discussed.

    The consequences of negative PvE behaviour vary depending on how a game functions. That it is very hard to stop another player from doing anything in PvE can just as easily be the root of a problem rather than protection from it. Being free from any effective repercussion tends to encourage negative behaviour rather than diminish it.

    The problems are different but can be just as plentiful depending on the nature of the game and the community that plays it.
    If you're trying to pretend that there's more griefing in PvE games than in PvP games, you're delusional...
    At least for me, I would never make that point, because I know it's not true.

    However I prefer to be griefed in a PvP game than a PvE game. If you grief me in a PvE game you get to go on your merry way and the ways of getting you back are so awkward in meta that I'm never going to do anything about it.

    If you grief me in a PvP game, I put your name down on a list. And one day you may just log in to find me pissing on the ashes or your smoldering settlement. More than a few people have already.

    So essentially, I'd rather be frequently griefed in an environment I have the capacity to do something about it, than seldomly griefed in an environment where I don't.


    Edit: Actually to put things in perspective I've been messing around with an old text based space colonization I used to play in a highschool. Started on a new server like a week in. Some high rank guy attacked me for my resources the day I started building my first defenses. Blew a few up, stole some materials etc.

    I passed him up in rank yesterday and have been assessing his defenses. Or rather lack of defenses when it comes to his ability to stop interplanetary missiles.

    The dude's honor points (somewhere deep in the negatives) show he has been farming newbs pretty consistently. Today, I will rain fire and fury down on him as I empty my missile silo into his main planet, annihilating his defenses and leaving his fleet exposed. He won't be farming newbs anymore. All because he farmed the wrong newb at the start of their career.
  • Does Star Citizen deserve its hate?

    I looked at the game early on but after the kickstarter I think.

    It seemed pretty interesting, but also more expensive than I'd likely be able to afford based on the ship prices, and some kind of insurance thing I never found the details of but sounded like an additional ongoing expense.

    Hopefully those such as yourself that invested heavily in the game will feel well rewarded when it is fully released. At least you can enjoy parts of it while you wait.
    I'm heavily invested and not heavily invested. I showed a rough overview of what I did in another topic.

    The value of my remaining assets is roughly 645$ worth of ships but if you subtract everything I've spent on Star Citizen from the money I earned selling ships it leaves me about $1150 ahead. I was a 50% owner of an Idriss-M (1000$ ship that could be purchased LTI in the original kickstarter) that got resold for a 3-4 times it's original purchase value as well as a few other ships I flipped at a profit. 

    So if the game was canceled tomorrow I would be disappointed but not angry.