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  • Microsoft Adds Game Anti-Cheat Engine to Windows 10

    I'm imagining that for now cheaters will just turn it off, and games will be reluctant to require customers to have it on for fear of excluding players with older versions of windows. Once Windows 10 is considered the oldest Windows anyone would practically run, if they have been consistent about adding this to each version, then I could see it being a big things.
  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    SEANMCAD said:
    Erillion said:
    Residev said:
     However, we are talking about MMO, and specifically a 850$ ship that's being sold for that MMO. 

    ...If you cannot fly, you die .. not matter which ship you are in.

    Have fun
    to be fair that would make for a bad game design. not to mention I dont really think that is 100% accurate anyway.

    That's the game design many of us have been praying for in MMOs for a long, long, long time. So to so say that making a game skill based is "bad game design" is based entirely on your opinion. Just as I would say basing victory on stats is "bad game design". Though if the outpouring of players from the entire MMO genre into games where PvP victories are based on player skill is any indication, I think my opinion holds a bit more sway in the audience of gamers as a whole even if MMO designers have missed that point.

    And it is absolutely true. Buy as big and powerful of a ships as you want in Star Citizen. You are a big slow moving target with heavy armor and powerful guns. If you are a good aim and can land your hits then you can light up fighters in more powerful ships pretty easy. If not, they will dance around you all day long until you die. Also when you consider that it takes many people to fully staff the big ships but one pilot per most fighters you have to consider that 5 fighters vs. a single 5 man ship is more of  a fair comparison than one 5 man ship vs. 1 fighter.

    Even in the latter scenario fighters are tearing up big ships quite often in Arena Commander though. They're supposed to be rebalancing big ships actually. They are working on turret controls to make it so you can't hit your own ship from a gunner seat, in the full version larger ships are supposed to have longer range on one fuel tank than a fighter, and the armor deflection rate is probably going up a bit.

    Because in current Arena Commander it is actually too easy to kill the bigger ships from a smaller one. Not as in you don't get what you paid for. As in man-for-man the smaller ships have too heavy of an advantage.
  • Star Citizen 3.0 - Refusing Refunds

    Eldurian said:

    So I guess part of the reason I'm not stomping around screaming like a child who didn't get their candy is my expectations for this game have always been pretty grounded no matter how many features they promise. So when I see they actually have done things like build a FPS system and incorporate it in with space combat in the PTU I'm pleasantly surprised, and not throwing a fit because Star Marine is a bit buggy, as I was always fairly skeptical as to whether or not they would do it at all.

    Is this really necessary?

    Look, for months at a time they hype patches and the content and gameplay to be delivered in those patches They then deploy the patches to the PTU and, especially in the case of builds like 2.4, the client crashes just loading the game, the servers crash every few minutes and the whole process is so buggy and janky that you can hardly test the game anyway.
    All of this occurs after saying things like "We are delaying the patch to deliver the quality and polish that the backers have come to expect."

    On top of all that you then have to download multiple gigabytes every day with 2.4 being something ridiculous like 20+ patches, because after 4 years they still didn't have an incremental patcher in place.

    It's not surprising that people were getting annoyed given all the hype and rhetoric coming from the studio. Laying all of the blame on the backers and none on the company says it all tbh.
    Yes it is. 

    Like with Dust 514 they made an absolutely amazing game. But the game was judged more on the fact they had to scale back some of the original promises than the fact that it had solid gameplay with a lot exceptionally fun and innovative ideas.

    What Star Citizen has accomplished is impressive when judged by the standard of measuring against every other MMO. We've been delivered WoW with minor alterations for 10 years now. The only games at all innovative (Or fun IMO) are "buggy messes" like Darkfall, Mortal Online, and Wurm Online.

    They actually have FPS combat and Space Combat merged together in the PTU working alongside each other. That crap is groundbreaking. It's never been done before. Apparently 3.0 allows you to land on a planet with no loading time between being in space and walking around the full sized planet's surface. Again. Groundbreaking. Never seen that in any other game.

    And when I say "I'm excited about Star Citizen" I always get a predictable response of. "Lol. That game's a joke. Just listen to what experienced game developers like Derek Smart say about it."

    "OMG it's taking so long! It's vaporware!"

    If you want to sit there and tell me it's taking too long for you, and you aren't confident in it. Fine so be it.

    But when you are going to tell me I'm an idiot for supporting or being excited about a game that does things I have never seen in any other game before I can log on and mess around with right now... Because it didn't live up to that one promise you were super excited about. Yeah I'm going to take a lot of exception to that. And that's what about 99% percent of the anti-SC bullcrap on these boards is.

    It's going to be a damn good game, and it falling short of your personal expectations doesn't change that. If you are angry about it sell your crap, and move on with your life.
  • Star Citizen 3.0 - Refusing Refunds

    rodarin said:

    2.6 is old news but yes when it first hit the PTU it was unplayable.
    Unplayable is a bit of a stretch, but it was quite laggy and not all that fun. I loaded it up once and said "Nah. This isn't for me. I'll check in again in a few months when they have smoothed it out more."

    Then I did, and they had, and I was reminded of mission running in Freelancer by the content that was there.

    See that's the thing about pre-release games. They are a work in progress. They do not stay in the same state forever. Just like people are whining about how POE's beta was a "buggy mess" but a lot of people play and love that game today, so will Star Citizen eventually be a finished product people can enjoy.

    The big thing is I've been getting delivered Star Citizen content in small increments for years now, while most games won't let people even touch the game until it's nearly finished. For instance development on GW2 took slightly over 5 years and the public didn't get to touch it until 2012. About half a year before release.

    SWTOR was a similar story and the general chat during the tests and on the day of release were like 50%+ people whining about bugs and performance issues.

    So the fact we've been allowed in on the entire process starting not that long after the original kickstarter has been pretty cool. And if you can't handle that it's a point where it would usually only be playable internally, you don't have to play it.
  • Star Citizen 3.0 - Refusing Refunds

    I realize that someone who has the ideas needed to build a perfect MMO probably already understands such things so there is hardly a need for me to explain them to you, but when things are not buggy, you don't take them to a special NDA group to test them. You don't even release them to an alpha or beta version of the game. When your game is bug free you publish it to the public and call it a full release. Or if you've ever been in on the launch day of pretty much any MMO you would know they aren't even bug free then.

    So yeah, I'm sure any footage coming from the Evocati is fairly rough. It it wasn't, it would be in our hands right now. Not leaked videos, the playable version of 3.0. The reason the even have NDA videos is because of little snot noses who can't figure out that the pre-release of a pre-release is going to be a bit buggy and try to compare it to released titles that were just as buggy at that stage of development.