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  • Hitting 'Em Where It Hurts, EA's Stocks Lose Over $3.1 Billion in a Month - SW Battlefront 2 News

    They made all the wrong choices. Like magic.

    They claimed loot boxes were vital to pay the game project then said to investors the opposite when they decided to temporary remove them. All of it became public, we are in the age of leakers after all.

    And, well, they messed with the most passionate, furious and faithful creatures that exists: Subreddit users.
  • Star Wars Battlefront II or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and the Love the Loot Box - Michael Bitt

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    Corporations that prey on the weak-willed need regulating. At least China, Korea, and Japan have some laws that force devs to show loot box drop rates.

    I agree the same reasons we have laws behind seatbelts and distracted driving and selling liquor to someone already over the limit,tobacco to minors,because a lot of people are not capable of thinking rationally or with any common sense.

    Even when there are laws,those corporations,businesses are still using lawyers to find ways around circumventing the law.Geesh even the governments are trying to circumvent their own law/legislature with new legislature that claims to  be on behalf of homeland security,people all over the world are SOB's,corrupt and trying to exploit other people.

    You know the first sign someone is incapable of engaging in a rational argument? False equivalencies. It's a favored tool of those that have no logical footing to stand on.

    50 to 100% damage reduction scaling. That's my logical footing to stand on.

    Just to clear things up: If you're referring to the Boba Fett upgrade, that card only reduces incoming damage while flying and firing his Rocket Barrage ability (30s CD in the beta). He isn't just walking or flying around taking 50-100% less damage due to a Star Card. It's basically your standard sort of "take less damage when channeling X ability" type upgrade and only if he's flying at the same time.
    I'm aware of that. I don't see how it justify anything.

    You dump a lot of money to get a lot of scraps to level your cards or to get good cards, the class level that unlocks extra slots is tied to your cards level. So as you spend more you become stronger. Literally.

    So that Fett also has another sweet deals on this sleeve. Since progression is tied to spending and the money to purchase loot boxes is the same for everyone of your team in every match. The only progression unique to you is how much you spend your money or how much RNG favors you.

    I'm not sure what this site is trying to achieve with this article besides "EA, give us goodies".
  • Star Wars Battlefront II or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and the Love the Loot Box - Michael Bitt

    Torval said:
    Kyleran said:
    The rational behind this argument is a lot like trying to make a good case for why being a prostitute is an acceptable career alternative for your daughter.

    Might be true as opposed to some other bad options but not sure learning to live with it is the right way to go.
    Great false equivalency. Those are excellent click grabbers.
    Says the guy comparing RNG to direct skin purchase.
  • I hate loot boxes and so does Francis.

    Torval said:
    Torval said:
    So why is it bad that Shadows of War has microtransactions but it's okay that Minecraft has them? I've not seen any rant threads about microtransactions in Minecraft and it's a much bigger game with more influence.
    Which version of Minecraft has that type of microtransaction? Don't the console versions / phone version only support skins? Even though I'm not entirely against lootboxes I think it's a completely different type of microtransaction. 
    It the Windows version which is different than the Java version. The thing is that they're great. You can rent your own servers, buy skins and world themes, and that sort of thing. They're still microtransactions though so it doesn't really matter where the OP is concerned.
    You kinda don't get it. It is not about microtransactions, that's in the past: You can't buy what you want. That's the issue with lootboxes. 

    The companies removed direct purchase and added lootboxes, that's like going to buy a new jacket, seeing the one you like on the shop floor but when comes to pay for it you can only buy random boxes until you get the one you like. Does that sounds in any shape to what you are describing? Of course it does not.

    On SWBF2 it is tied to player progression, which make things worse. You won't progress in a match by your ability, you won't progress by kills, objectives and so on - you'll progress if the RNG allows you to do so. On Shadows of War the RNG is tied to your power (and other things that I don't want to spoil the game for you).

    How is that anything like buying directly skins you want?
  • I hate loot boxes and so does Francis.

    Just don't support them. There are so many good games out to try. Vote with both your time and your wallet.

    I'm playing Darkwood right now and I'm having a blast... Also kinda shitting my pants.