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  • A few questions to decide if I give TESO another try

    Horusra said:

    I have never played a game where basic rats wiped me in the next zone.  That is a strawman generalization you are making. 

    No, they're not at all, actually. You're focusing on the specific example given, and ignoring the greater point. But, if the "scale" of Torval's example is hanging you up, then fine. it works just as fine if we replace the uber powerful rats in the next zone with rats that are not drastically but still notably more powerful at all,  simply because you crossed an invisible line somewhere.

    In a scaled system there is no sense of progress.  Your character is as weak today as he is tomorrow.  Nothing changes.  You get more flashy skills...whoopee.  You still get owned by the very first creature you ever met in the game.  It makes the world feel static. 

    Incorrect. You absolutely do get a sense of progress and you absolutely do not get "owned" by the very first creature (talk about strawman generalizations...).

    For example, earlier this evening, I went into a Delve in ESO. There were two enemies I had to get past, attacked them and the fight took a bit of time, with me having to dodge a number of attacks, taking significant damage. I finish them off with about 1/3 life left. As I approach the next set of enemies, another player runs up behind me and we both attack them. It's over before it begins. The other player annihilates them.

    In a game with level scaling.

    The difference? The other player had more time on their character, and acquired better skills and better gear.

    In a word: Progression.

  • A few questions to decide if I give TESO another try

    Horusra said:

    When the basic squirrel levels to your supposedly super power level that is not a virtual world.

    That was a horrible, horrible, utterly disingenuous comment. If you're going to try and bash a game, at least try to make it sound like you have a clue.

    1. You don't fight squirrels, or anything comparable to them, unless you're going after the small 'flavor' critters running around, which are incredibly weak. This isn't WoW, FFXIV, etc.

    2. Different enemies still have different levels of difficulty, within a given area, and certainly as you progress further from starting areas. Those closer to starting areas are notably weaker than those in later areas.

    3. Levels still play a role in terms of the gear you can use, and to a degree, what skills you have unlocked/improved. There is a big difference between a new player going after an enemy in lower level in weaker gear and someone going after that same enemy in stronger gear and better skills they acquire later.

    I wasn't a fan of the level scaling at first, either, but as I progressed through the game and realized the scaling isn't "linear", but differed depending on the enemy, the area, and what gear/skills I'm using, it actually made the game more enjoyable to me than a strict, linear "you can go to this area at this level range" approach. It allows you to "reasonably" survive in an area at any "level", but by no means guarantees you're going to survive very long. There are other variables involved.

    Put another way, even with the scaling, I'm not going to be doing any Craglorn Trials on my level 6 Nightblade.
  • So I was playing ESO - captured this screenshot.

    Except in most games it's a 10-15% increase, not a 200fucking% increase in performance.

    50k+ DPS vs 20 at best with a sub-optimal build.  Sorry but that's not "min-max" that's stupid vs performing well.

    There is an OUTRAGOEUS disparity between meta and non-meta builds in ESO, you cannot deny that unless you just have blinders on.
    Eh... not as unusual as you might think. I remember such imbalance issues coming up even going back to Vanilla WoW days.

    My answer then, and my answer now is the same: So what?

    That stuff only matters to people whom, like yourself (presumably), seem to obsess and build your entire game experience around such things.

    I, and others like me, don't care about such things.

    I play to find builds that fit the playstyle I personally enjoy playing, not to measure up to someone else's ideal of "how I should be playing".

    As long as I'm able to complete content, perform my role in a group adequately, and enjoy myelf, life is good. If I hit a wall where my current build is no longer sufficient, then I'll tend to it and make the improvements necessary to continue playing as I enjoy.

    In my nearly 15 years of MMO gaming, across all the MMOs I've played, I've *never* cared about what was "most optimal". Only what's "most fun for me", while being effective enough to complete the content. Sometimes the two overlapped. Sometimes they didn't. Same difference either way.

    I know that's difficult for many min-maxers to understand. Again, I reference my friend from FFXI who nagged me and sent me links to "optimal guides" for years when we played it, because he could not understand how I was enjoying the game if I (in his words) "wasn't playing it right".

    I got hassled constantly for playing Dragoon in FFXI, because it was widely considered a "weak job". Didn't care. I enjoyed it, so I played it. I got hassled incessantly when Ninja was considered the "must have job" for seemingly everything, but refused to play it myself. Why? Because Ninja wasn't fun to me, and I didn't want to spend my gaming time playing something I didn't enjoy. Despite all that, I always got into groups, completed content, and enjoyed myself, by my own terms.

    So, I don't expect you (or other min-maxers) to understand that difference in mindset... but I do wish you people would at least come to terms with it, and stop trying to bash others over the head with it. And yes, your initial response to me is an example of that.
  • #10MillionStories Campaign Celebrates 10 Million Unique Players - Elder Scrolls Online - MMORPG.com

    ohioastro said:

    Why are people trying so hard to downplay this?  It really comes across as desperation.

    Simple. ESO, a game they don't like, is doing well despite their desire to see it fail, so they're going to dishonestly try and downplay any success reported about it, to ty and convince people to not check it out.

    It's the whole "people are only allowed to like what I like" mentality that's pervaded this site - and others - forever.
  • Pantheon Quick overview video

    Decent video, with one major gripe... and this is more of a general gripe than about any one person specifically. I see/hear it constantly.

    People *really* need to stop with the whole "-current year-" nonsense.

    There is no rule that says "in -current year- all combat/graphics/gameplay/revenue model/whatever must be "x" or they're bad. No such objective "standard" exists. There's no book or journal or tome that lays out the "standards" on a year-by-year basis. It's just individuals attempting to elevate their own personal preference to something more important sounding.

    If you like the animations... great! If you think they're "mediocre", fine. If you think they "suck", that's your prerogative as well. By all means, share and explain your views in any such case. But stop pretending the quality of animation, or graphics, or anything in a game has anything to do with "what year it is". It's a meaningless qualifier.

    Just come out and say what you really mean, which is "I don't like the animations/graphics/combat/gameplay/raiding/whatever". Stop trying to make your own personal opinions seem more "right" than they are.

    About the game itself. I'm a backer and am eager to dig in and get playing. I'm deliberately keeping it at arm's length for now, though, as I don't want to know too much about it before I log in. Part of the joy  of classic MMOs for me was logging in and feeling lost in a massive world. Knowing too much going in undermines that.