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  • Destiny 2 PC Review In Progress - Destiny 2 Columns

    I was lucky enough to get almost a full day in thanks to my wife conveniently taking our daughter to meet her mother and sister :)
    For what Destiny 2 is I think it does it very well. The combat is the most satisfying experience I've found in a game in a while. I don' t think it will vary enough between the classes to make the replay as fulfilling as it could be though.

    About clan chat . . . how much is that still used? Most guilds I have been in used voice primarily, even for casual banter. With all the overlays provided by different social apps and the popularity of Discord it might not have been seen as a worthwhile effort to add it in.

    I would have liked the world to be more open as well, but that isn't what this game is, and I think I'd prefer the warning to an invisible wall, I definitely prefer it to a visible wall.

    My wishlist is allowing 3rd person all the time and add helmets off all the time n top of that. For now when I'm running around I just equip a sword to get my preferred view. Then I have to look at the back of the helmet though . . .

    After a while doing events and quests on Earth I decided to do the main story first and unlock my other 2 subclasses. On the 3rd world now and I love it, very fantastic and alien, and even the enemies act very different that the Fallen and Red Legion. There is still so much to explore on all the worlds, and there is stuff to find while exploring, just some chests with common mats and reputation items, but better than nothing.

    I am still waiting for someone else to realize that they could put a lot more money into a game and still get as good of an RoI. Despite Destiny 2 being a great game, I find myself constantly thinking it could have been so much more and attracted a lot more players.
  • Shadow of the Mad King Begins, Runs Through November 7th - Guild Wars 2 -

    Oh really? Diovid said:

    I'm looking at this and all I can think is "you can dye your mounts?!?!?"

    Is that a thing?
    Edit: Consulted Google. It is a thing in the cash shop for the event. The new skeleton skins can be dyed.  

    All mounts can be dyed, however the new Halloween skins have more dye channels than the standard mount skins.
    Oh really? Good to know! 
    The new skins only seem to have one channel though . . . o_O

    Edit: The mounts do by default have one channel. Good enough! My Raptor s much more stylin' now :)
  • #10MillionStories Campaign Celebrates 10 Million Unique Players - Elder Scrolls Online -

    BC_Animus said:

    Scellow said:

    So they did the same than FF14 in less amount of time

    Says a lot about the pseudo success of FF14..

    FFXIV hasn't gone free to play though. For a sub only b2p game FFXIV is doing amazingly well, especially considering numbers that are still rising.
    For FFIV they admitted it included free trial accounts.
  • PreLoading, PC Controls & NPC Intro Videos - Destiny 2 -

    Dragnelus said:

    You can start downloading:

    For some reason I thought this game was going to be a lot bigger.  Is there more after or a lot more expected at launch?  Just curious how much room I need to make on my SSD.

    There seems to be pretty limited content for beta, I'm sure that will be the cause of the small install size for now. The requirements page doesn't say the storage requirements at this point either.
  • The Frozen North is a Great Expansion to the Game - Conan Exiles Columns

    As someone who has been primarily playing Conan since it's release (With Fortnite thrown in the mix recently, and I prefer MMORPGs, go figure) this update annoys me to no end. Our server had a map and inventory wipe, so I started off at level 43 with no inventory, but kept my stats and crafting recipes.

    You can go from fine to dying from heat frustration in a minute . . . at night . . . take one step back and recover in 30 seconds.

    Common creatures can interrupt continuously, attacking faster and with excellent range, more than most weapons are capable of, making most weapons inferior.

    The changes they made to combat did not make it better or more interesting, in fact the opposite.

    The new AI for human NPCs is supposedly better, but they still can't attack above their shoulder height, so stand on a rock and they will happily stand there while you stab them in the head.

    I ran across a spider in the lowish area that I had to stab with a decent spear at least 15 times while it unloaded about 100 litres of venom rapid fire and gave pitiful resources. These spiders are made even worse by the choice they made to auto sheath weapons while running. The spiders speedily back away from you to stay at range while their venom has has a cripple effect.

    Basically this team doesn't seem to have any idea about risk vs reward as they make more of the map and equipment irrelevant with every choice they make. There are clearly superior weapons and armour. Only a limited area of the map will give easy access to the resources required to make that gear, and the dungeons aren't worth visiting more than once.