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  • Radeon RX Vega launches

    Torval said:
    Ridelynn said:
    albers said:
    So, what compute video cards are good at? How it will be useful for me to have giga, tera, mega flops of memory bandwitch ? 
    If you are doing very detailed design work, such as complicated CAD or other 3D modeling, doing professional grade production rendering (either proofing or post production), medical imaging, rocket science, working on advanced AI or simulation - just some examples.

    Gamers definitely don't need ECC VRAM or Gigateramegaflops of memory bandwidth. Most of that is for very high precision and/or low fault tolerance work. There is a market for it, and you would know if you needed it.
    Does ECC ram come with a performance hit in latency or something such as that? I can't imagine error correction comes for free so I would think so. But I've always wondered why the tech manufacturers have kept this as an enterprise only feature for so long.
    Technically speaking, yes ECC (Error Correction) uses redundancy (Duplicating bits and sending them multiple times through error correction circuits.) This extra encode/decode step will naturally cause more latency and propagation delay. 

    Stability is very important in mission critical industry. In home, not so much. Even an operating system is considered non-critical data. It's always been possible however to get parts with ECC for home use, but who would facilitate it? Save for maybe a small business owner running PoS systems etc. (Point of Sale, not piece of shit.) ECC vram I could see being beneficial in CAD and home 3-D printing/modelling. That framebuffer gets locked up and you could end up between a rock and a hard place. 

    The other benefits would be in some bleeding edge. AMD's cpu to gpu sharing in new APU and Ryzen chips. Resource sharing VRAM as system RAM, using the gpu as a second processor (Why not it's already pretty much a cpu?) Adding ECC on top makes that significantly more stable. 
  • Radeon RX Vega launches

    Cleffy said:
    Right now, nVidia's driver support for obsolete hardware is pretty bad compared to AMD. There is a reason why AMD GPUs have had a fine wine effect. They are only supporting 2 architectures for consumer GPUs. To cover the same amount of generations, nVidia would need to offer driver support for 6 architectures. It also translates to better backwards compatibility with older games for AMD as their drivers are built upon the previous generation. Right now AMDs driver support is much better than nVidias with more frequent updates and more stable drivers.
    I think what you meant is the advantage nVidia has with certain DirectX versions. The cards are just more efficient at it now. Since DirectX 10, nVidia has been lagging at implementation of the standard. As a result AMD typically played newer DirectX versions better until nVidia eventually caught up and surpassed AMD. I expect the same to happen with Volta. With Vulkan, the API is based on Mantle, so AMD will have an advantage here for some time.
    I'm comparing nvidia's performance with graphics libraries and api's. They lack on DirectX 12, and OpenGL 4.3+ but beat AMD hands down (New cards.) in backwards compatibility: DirectX 9/10 / OpenGL 2/3. In relation to new cards running older software. 

    Having used Vulkan... Could care less if it's based on mantle or whatever. It's OpenGL in the coding but no longer having to name everything an int pretty much and shader options have been simplified on the human side. Under the hood. it's still OpenGL + OpenCL. OpenGL with threading options essentially.  
  • Magic System Reworked from the Ground Up - DarkFall: New Dawn -

    At least they are making effort to actually fix what is wrong with everything. Jumping straight to release for the money grab always ends painfully.

    There's a special place in my heart for darkfall. Mostly social experiences however. The game play and mechanics are broken beyond belief in that original game they acquired... The veterans that thrived on broken mechanics will still fight tooth and nail -- I'm glad Ub3r isn't paying them much mind like BPG did with their version. Fix game first, it's way too broken.
  • Steam Launch Day Finally Arrives! - Secret World Legends -

    pupurun said:

    what about players that have bought the original SW ? Do we get something more compared to the new players of SWL ?

    Yes. There's a link in the launcher to bonus up for the transfer.
  • Why are MMOs dying?

    Always has been a niche genre. The anomaly being World of Warcraft. 

    This isn't changing. The genre isn't dying, there was never the interest to begin with in the masses.

    I think it was The Jace Hall Show: Evercracked that pointed out for example Everquest had a peak population of 75k. Which is still a big number in today's standard for MMO's.