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  • Why Derek Smart is right about Star Citizen - His facts and why SC is likely to fail

    Scolioz said:
    ... If a company needs crow funding to build their product then they are losers who could never secure real investors who would never give them money without meeting deadlines and milestones.  EA and Ubi Soft don't crow fund their projects.. because their successful companies that are not managed by broke criminals.

    Not defending CIG / CS / CR in any way (I've seen little but vague 'promises' and horrible mismanagement from day 1), but there are plenty of great games and successful studios that only exist in their current state because of crowd funding.

    Also, and to each their own, but I'd much rather play the likes of Divinity: OS/2, Shadowrun: Returns/Dragonfall/Hong Kong, Wasteland 2, or the upcoming BattleChasers:Nightwar or BattleTech game over any of the re-skinned, microtransaction laden, 'successful' franchises that EA, Ubisoft, Activation, WB, etc. shovel out on a bi-annual (if not annual) basis.

  • GoG Introduces Pinata Madness - Loot Crates by Another Name? - News

    It's a bit mean, but I really hope this fails as an event. There is just way too much gambling going on in gaming lately, and it's very disappointing to see GoG sink to such low levels.
  • Chronicles of Elyria - A Delayed Concern -

    I think you may be right about that last part... as a software developer (though not in games) I am very wary of management that sets unrealistic timelines, and the initial timeline for CoE was well down the 'Impossible' end of the scale.

    PS. I would even rate this 1 year delay as 'Highly Unrealistic', and would not be surprised at all if further delays are announced (assuming they don’t just push out a half-baked ‘launch’ version and / or label it ‘early access’ for the next 3+ years).
  • Lets get real regarding the graphics in Pantheon

    ste2000 said:
    Distopia said:
    ste2000 said:

    Using stock models isn't really a problem as it's no different than using placeholders. I doubt that's a foreign practice in many areas of game development. In most cases the worst I can see happening is having to clear or fill a bit more land once the real asset is put in place. 
    I totally agree, but in this case it is actually quite relevant as AoC was brought up as an example of graphic excellence compared to Pantheon "inferior" graphics.
    Using stock assets from the Unreal Engine should not be used as a comparison with in-house assets created by Pantheon developers.

    When AoC will show their own graphic assets then we can compare.
    It will also be good to see how fluid the game-play will be if they unleash the Unreal 4 full potential.
    We know what the Unreal Engine is capable of, the real question is, will their Net Code be able to support the high quality graphics the Unreal Engine can provide?

    Star Citizen failed to optimize the Cry Engine, what make you think that the AoC team can optimize a similar engine (made essentially for FPS games) for an MMORPG without having to cut back on the graphic quality?

    Graphics don't necessarily have much to do with the net code, i.e. you aren't streaming the textures, animations, etc. that is all client side and simply represented by reference numbers in the net code; e.g. that attack you just did is simply animation 4B8F5A, doesn't matter how smooth and / or fancy it is, and that helmet you a wearing is simply item 97FE3C with mod 4D15, doesn't matter if it is a cardboard box or a highly detailed replica of a Roman Imperial Centurion helmet.

    The performance impact with MMOs comes from the number of players in a single area at any one time, which can potential be hundreds, if not thousands, and given that each of those players is likely to be unique (i.e. different gear, doing different things, moving unpredictably, etc.) and can potentially come and go at any time (meaning dynamic loading of all their customisations), the multiplier effect of all that means that the net code for a MMO needs to optimized very differently to that of an FPS (which typically only has to deal with up to a few dozen players at once, and in most cases all those players will load in at the start of a match, allowing you to pre-load all their gear, character customisations, etc. even if they haven't seen each other yet).

  • This looks like a repeat of Greedmonger sprinkled with StarCitizen.

    Unlike SC, and especially GM, I do think Ashes of Creation will actually 'launch' sometime in the next 2-3 years... I would not, however, be at all surprised if that 'launch' was an indefinite early access that is light on content and with a number of listed features missing / buggy.