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  • (updated!) Authorities looking at regulating RNG as gambling

    Gdemami said:
    acidblood said:
    So ask yourself; if EA / Activision / etc. can't make a game within a budget, and sell it for an acceptable price, should they even be in the business of making games?
    ...apparently they sell games for acceptable price, that is afterall why they are still in business in the first place.
    In the past, yes, and for now, maybe... but their claim is that without lootboxes (and / or other forms of predatory monitisation) they will be go out of business.
  • (updated!) Authorities looking at regulating RNG as gambling

    sayuu said:
    By law in Belgium for a game to be considered gambling one must be able to lose one's money ( the wager)

    so  online casinos and more recently CS:GO item wagering is considered gambling in belgium because one can lose what they wager and walk away with nothing

    in loot boxes one never walks away with nothing, one can get something undesirable, but one will always get something.

    so by current  law in belgium loot boxes are not gambling. . .
    But is it really 'something' when the player doesn't actually own the item (i.e. the item cannot be traded or re-sold for else of value) and as such the item's only 'value' is to the individual player within the context of the game? If so, and if the individual player does not value what they get from a given loot box then the 'wager' can be considered to be lost; thus, by law, loot boxes = gambling.
  • Official Classic Server Forums Aflame in Class Balance Debate - World of Warcraft -

    Xarko said:
    I realize changing talents in significant way might ruin "muh vanilla" for some, but mere number tweaks are not enough to fix the mess that were vanilla talents.

    Blizzard has to make a very difficult choice, whether they fix things and piss off purists or keep them "broken" to make it more vanilla, but have half the specs raid non-viable.
    But why does every spec need to be 'raid viable'... I had a lot of fun in Vanilla and TBC WoW as an Arcane / Ice Mage, which was actually quite a good spec for solo and small group.

    And I know a lot of classes were a lot more broken than Mages, but just because something isn't raid viable doesn't mean it can't be fun... remember this is game built before the 'speed-run' and 'raid-or-die' mindsets turned everything into a mindless asocial zerg (edit: though ironically it is also the game that pushed that mindset into the mainstream), and overcoming / living with the 'flaws' was a big part of what made it memorable.
  • Activision Granted Patent that Pairs Players to Increase Microtransaction Purchases - General News

    Siveria said:

    Sadly how it is now won't change, it'll only get worse because the devs and publishers know most players are stupid and will buy into microtransactions like a fly to crap. Gamers today that started in the ps2 era have killed gaming as they are the main ones who buy into all this microtransaction crap, because they do not know how it orignally was and they think its normal.

    I feel like this is the real problem; a new generation of gamers, brought up on F2P mobile games, brainwashed into thinking that microtransactions are somehow 'just the way it is', or dare I say it 'justified' even in full priced games with optional subs, founders packs, season passes, and 10 different pre-order 'collectors' editions (half of which don't actually include the game)...

    For now I've got the likes of Divinity: Original Sin 2, Battlechasers: Nightwar, Grim Dawn (with new expansion), and upcoming games like Battletech to keep me going... though what things could look like in a few years in rather scary, especially if the likes of Battlefront II and Shadow of War are well received :S.
  • Chronicles of Elyria - A Delayed Concern -

    I think you may be right about that last part... as a software developer (though not in games) I am very wary of management that sets unrealistic timelines, and the initial timeline for CoE was well down the 'Impossible' end of the scale.

    PS. I would even rate this 1 year delay as 'Highly Unrealistic', and would not be surprised at all if further delays are announced (assuming they don’t just push out a half-baked ‘launch’ version and / or label it ‘early access’ for the next 3+ years).