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  • Poll: Would you play Star Citizen Universe in Single Player if you could?

    As others have said, still waiting on S42...

    As for 'single player' in the PU, it depends what they mean; I wouldn't want a seperate single player mode, but I would want a good amount of PvE content (and I don't just mean the randomly generated kind) that can be done with a small group (or solo if you are skilled enough).
  • Final Fantasy XIV - The Unending Coil of Bahamut is the Coolest Thing in FFXIV -

    I've never really been a raider, but I can appreciate the value of this content as something to aspire to, so I'm glad it turned out so well... that said, I'd much rather they focused their efforts on creating challenging (but still accessible) small group (i.e. 4 man) content, or a system that allows for such (that 'new' dungeons are still irrelevant before they are even released is now beyond a joke).

    @Albatroes; This sort of content is purely for the 'bragging rights' (and should stay that way), if you tied too much of a reward to it you would instantly see calls for 'nerf', 'why do only the 1% get access to this' etc. Also, gear in FFXIV is totally pointless; it's a grind to hit a cap that gets moved every ~6 months, adding 'better rewards' would achieve nothing but to be extend the grind.
  • Grim Dawn - The RPG Files - Grim Dawn - Ashes of Malmouth is An Excellent Expansion -

    My one issue with Grim Dawn is that I can never decide what class combo to play; too many fun and interesting options... Anyway, I agree with the review, Grim Dawn is truly an excellent ARPG and Ashes of Malmouth only makes it better.

    PS. And although it's a bit sad to say, it also helps that Grim Dawn is pretty much the only top tier ARPG without an online requirement, cash shop, or microtransactions.
  • Blizzard Takes a Legion Victory Lap & Hints at Blizzcon Announcement - World of Warcraft Videos - MM

    Loke666 said:
    Alverant said:
    Just make WoW 2 and be done with it.
    Better to wait a while still. Wow is still making money and if they start on it now they have no clue where the genre is going, for instance could all new RPGs be mainly VR 5 years from now or none of them depending on how popular and good the hardware get. 2025 would be a safer bet and probablt get more people nostalgic into it as well.

    I'd say it's more likely to be the style of MMO... i.e. at the moment the biggest MMOs (in the west) tend to theme-parks (WoW, FFXIV, GW2), however the sandbox and sand-park styles offer more promise (and less demand on the Devs to constantly produce content), it's just that no one has really cracked it for the mainstream, at least not yet...

    With a number of differently styled MMOs (hopefully) launching in next few years it will be interesting to see which ones prove popular (if any), what they do right, and what mistakes they make. At that point Blizzard can look at the market, (hopefully) learn from the mistakes, and (hopefully) launch something that truly moves the MMO market forward (as opposed to just another theme-park with shinier graphics). Well, that's the dream at least.

  • Steam Ratings, Reviews, and The Bombing – Steam’s Histogram Puts All the Work Back on the User - MMO

    No single statistic is ever going to be a perfect indication of a game; if you are truly interested, and care at all about your $$, then you need to read the actual reviews (this goes for both user and critic reviews).

    Where the 'score' is useful, and the histogram even more useful, is in making a quick decision on whether a game is even worth a second glance. For example, I'm not really into FPS or RTS games, but if one pops up on the front page / feed I'll take a quick look at the tooltip; if it's 'Mostly Positive' or better I'll take a deeper look, but if it's 'Mixed' or less it's basically an instant pass. With RPGs on the other hand, I'll take a deeper look unless it's 'Negative'.

    As for what comes up on the front page / feed, that's a separate issue, and needs to be more personalised, including tools to filter out all the junk you're never going to be interested in (like visual novels with 'adult content').