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  • Star Citizen - Development Updates

    Underwater flight modell in the works with underwater flora and fauna #nofeaturecreep
  • Alpha 3.0 Production Schedule (updated 13th October)

    MaxBacon said:
    The Alpha 3.0 Production Schedule got updated:

    "This week we’ve got good news on the bug fixing front as we’ve taken a giant leap toward our objective of getting Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 into the hands of the Evocati. Last week’s report indicated a total of 76 must-fix issues and this week we are down to 26. While a number of these bugs were simply resolved due to the team’s usual endeavors, our directors reviews have been keenly focused on core player loops which has led to a redefinition of must-fix.

    In short, we’ve decided that we need to get this into Evocati hands sooner rather than later. We are simply going to accept that there will still be additional issues to resolve, but we want your feedback now, so we have readjusted our numbers to reflect bugs that are blocking the core experience (gameplay loops, missions, commodities and shopping, to name a few). We want you traversing the universe, landing on planets and generally testing 3.0 while we continue to polish and bug fix more features that can then be passed along for testing. We can then prioritize any new issues that come up, but it will accelerate the process so we can advance 3.0 much quicker to the PU and ultimately to our entire player base. We’ll be back next week with another update on how we’re doing.."

    Burn Down, current status (Weekly Update):

    Burn down video.

    Does that mean they talked away ~50 formally game breaking bugs instead of fixing?
  • $45,000 Refund, Allegedly.

    MaxBacon said:
    Talonsin said:
    No contract can waive the law of a country.  If a country has a law that say you can not do "A" then no matter what you put in your contract you can not legally do "A".  Please stop making stuff up. 
    I'm sure Valve is not above the law because when have that working policy. The Early Access games stand "as it is", no refunds afterward the 14 days / 2 hours.

    It can't be just legal for them and not for everyone else...
    The 14D / 2H Valve rule is an automatic process. If you are resident in Australia you can enforce apllicable customer protection laws to get a refund by just describing the case in the refund request in your steam client.

    Game too buggy, not working as advertised (in the online shop you bought it) > Ask for a refund and it will be granted cause you are under customer protection ... hell I sound like a broken record ...
    If NMS advertised Multiplayer in their Steam page (they didn't) and after 3 weeks you find out that there is no multiplayer > refundable
  • $45,000 Refund, Allegedly.

    MaxBacon said:
    When you are done with the goalpost can you please bring it back, cheers.
    Nah, the way I see, if they move SC 3.0 to more early-access like, then it's well possible the terms Valve uses start to apply here, where if you buy SC at that point you're buying it "as it is", the only relevant exception to this would be SQ42.
    If something is advertised as early access and downloaded ...fine.
    If something is advertised as full game and can be played as advertised there is no problem.
    If something is advertised as ship hull with applicable VAT this ship hull is digital content and therefore the customer can apply the customer law for this purchase, if it is not useable in advertised manner or can't be downloaded it can be refunded in the EU. And therefore I paid VAT for a product it is a purchase (not a donation) and under customer protection.
  • $45,000 Refund, Allegedly.

    MaxBacon said:
    When you are done with the goalpost can you please bring it back, cheers.