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  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    SEANMCAD said:
    I have a picture of a bridge to sell you. It isn't fully built yet, and we have nowhere to put it, but we promise we'll deliver. That's SC's business model in a nutshell. Pretty hilarious actually. 

    1. its not a purchase its a donation.
    2. frankly unless there is explicitly clear false information in the sales, then its up to the person to not buy it. you dont have to buy it and those consumers are not looking for you to be a justice projector 
    To hide a sale of digital assets behind a donation (and charge full end product VAT) is illegal and would be tax fraud. Its like saying you get this car for $1 and donate 20k to my funding.
    This would bring the IRS faster to your office than you like.

    CIG is not doing that they are advertising it as a sale, the interface is called shop and there is no sign that you donate anything anywhere. If you can provide me a link where they say that it is a donation then I will write a letter to get my VAT back until then its a digital sale in a pre-order online shop and under full customer protection.
  • 3.0 Spoilers From An Evocati

    DKLond said:
    DKLond said:
    Can anybody of the experts explain to me please what this "Debug Mode" that is eating away many FPS is doing? And why is it only in the build of the first evocati test group but not in the other Alpha test groups?

    anything that can be done in a singleplayer game can be done in an MMO, in a visual sense.
    While this is true though higher visuals will have an impact on network performance if the client is lagging (Video Lag)
    Not at all. The client performance will never impact network performance for other players. At most, it will mean delays in syncing that particular client's animations and position.
    Well if you say so, seems like I have to call my old SOE team to tell them we were wrong back in the days.
    Well, that - or you can use your brain just a little. If client performance could possibly affect network performance for other players - then it would mean you could simply log on to the game with piece of shit hardware and break the gameplay for everyone. Not exactly a likely state of affairs. If your brain can't understand this, then just play any stable MMO in existence and notice how your latency doesn't wildly jump on and down - which it would certainly do if client performance was a relevant factor in network performance. What you will see, instead, is players not always moving perfectly along their path - and sometimes they seem to "jump" ahead or make rubberband movements. This is what happens when client and server isn't in perfect sync - and that's the only thing that will affect you in terms of other players.
    Exactly, Game Server syncs at 30FPS on slow paced and 60FPS on fast paced games. this has nothing to do with your video FPS. If your Video FPS is faster than the UDP sync rate (Assuming here that you have a good connection) then UDP is fine and happy.
    If your Video FPS drops to far away from the sync rate then Rubberbanding and shadowing happens. this also affect other players because they will experience your shadow character and maybe wonder why you are unkillable. The Server protocol has to interpolate the missing data, basically UDP is guessing what may happen next. if you know how to force this you can do funny things like walk through walls (in SC you can bug into ship hulls) just by blocking a simple UDP port for a few ms.

    If you have a game where every other player is rubberbanding, shadowing and bugging around the game experience for the players will be subpar. To avoid this online games tend to use graphics 1 or 2 generations below the actual Single player experience. In a MMO you can not forsee all situations that will lead to lag (like places where 50 players loiter around because there is something interesting).

    The more complex a game is the more funny things will hapen due to this effect.
  • Star Citizen - Development Updates

    Underwater flight modell in the works with underwater flora and fauna #nofeaturecreep
  • Alpha 3.0 Production Schedule (updated 17th November)

    MaxBacon said:
    The Alpha 3.0 Production Schedule got updated:

    "This week we’ve got good news on the bug fixing front as we’ve taken a giant leap toward our objective of getting Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 into the hands of the Evocati. Last week’s report indicated a total of 76 must-fix issues and this week we are down to 26. While a number of these bugs were simply resolved due to the team’s usual endeavors, our directors reviews have been keenly focused on core player loops which has led to a redefinition of must-fix.

    In short, we’ve decided that we need to get this into Evocati hands sooner rather than later. We are simply going to accept that there will still be additional issues to resolve, but we want your feedback now, so we have readjusted our numbers to reflect bugs that are blocking the core experience (gameplay loops, missions, commodities and shopping, to name a few). We want you traversing the universe, landing on planets and generally testing 3.0 while we continue to polish and bug fix more features that can then be passed along for testing. We can then prioritize any new issues that come up, but it will accelerate the process so we can advance 3.0 much quicker to the PU and ultimately to our entire player base. We’ll be back next week with another update on how we’re doing.."

    Burn Down, current status (Weekly Update):

    Burn down video.

    Does that mean they talked away ~50 formally game breaking bugs instead of fixing?
  • $45,000 Refund, Allegedly.

    MaxBacon said:
    Talonsin said:
    No contract can waive the law of a country.  If a country has a law that say you can not do "A" then no matter what you put in your contract you can not legally do "A".  Please stop making stuff up. 
    I'm sure Valve is not above the law because when have that working policy. The Early Access games stand "as it is", no refunds afterward the 14 days / 2 hours.

    It can't be just legal for them and not for everyone else...
    The 14D / 2H Valve rule is an automatic process. If you are resident in Australia you can enforce apllicable customer protection laws to get a refund by just describing the case in the refund request in your steam client.

    Game too buggy, not working as advertised (in the online shop you bought it) > Ask for a refund and it will be granted cause you are under customer protection ... hell I sound like a broken record ...
    If NMS advertised Multiplayer in their Steam page (they didn't) and after 3 weeks you find out that there is no multiplayer > refundable