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  • BugSmashers + Possible Great Evocati News!

    MaxBacon said:
    This is 17 or so ships in this screenshot, imagine what a clusterfuck it would be if there were 60 ships here...

    Out of curiousity, do they have any sort of landing control to manage these ships? It all looks like a bit chaotic to me.
    Oh the limit was 60 players, not 60 ships. From what we were talking they report numbers as 100 ships, there was a ship spawning specific stress test where it went up to 120-140 spawned ships that was the breaking point of the server dropping to 10FPS.

    Didn't know that star citizen has so many spawning points atm.
    It is a different kind of problem if the server crashes when 120 unused ship assets are in the game.
    Do you have a forum link, reddit or video where I can read more about it?
  • Why I don't like CIG ...

    MaxBacon said:
    Now when you read this - is your first thought I invented it or do you think that I bought this as a plugin and just added it into my system?
    They've been pretty clear about this technology belonging to FaceWare not them, and hence the partnership.
    This Twitter article is sounding as if they have created it as an innovation. In the past when they introduced it they surely mentioned it - but in this twitter feed it sounds different.
    They did this for marketing purposes to punch over their weight.
  • Why I don't like CIG ...

    Get up close with the latest advancements in technological innovation at the #CitizenCon Tech Gallery. #FaceOverIP

    08:30 - 26. Okt. 2017

    - FaceOverIP has not been developed by CIG
    - FaceOverIP Protokoll has not been developed by CIG
    - FaceOverIP is a tech that EQ2 used many years ago
    - To Implement FaceOverIP you just have to bind your Blendshapes (that are in the character models nevertheless) to the FOIP system
    - FOIP is something that should be implemented after all character model stuff is set up else it wastes to much manhours
    - Hell FOIP should be implemented as an extra after your gameloops are working and tested

    Its like you buy a LEGO starship model, assemble it and call it your innovation.
    The fact that they are hyping this again right before CitizenCon is worrying at best.

  • More Spoilers from Evocati 3.0

    I hope this "leaks" are true if they turn out to be a marketing gag and the project is not near what you can read here it could lead to loosing the last bit of trust for this company.
  • PcInvasion chimes in about the removal of production schedule dates

    Kefo said:
    I don't know but when SC does something that's never been done before then you let me know.
    High End graphic in a game that will be designed as a MMO.
    (But basically there is a reason why you should avoid that)
    Oh wait ... EQ2 comes in mind ...