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  • PcInvasion chimes in about the removal of production schedule dates

    Kefo said:
    I don't know but when SC does something that's never been done before then you let me know.
    High End graphic in a game that will be designed as a MMO.
    (But basically there is a reason why you should avoid that)
    Oh wait ... EQ2 comes in mind ...
  • Alpha 3.0 Production Schedule (updated 13th October)

    Vikingir said:
    You can wait as long as you want, you don't get an answer until you ask politely. And since you already blew that chance then it's too late. Maybe you'll see I comment on this another time in another thread.
    I am interested also, this would bring us to 1997, CR just started with Digital Anvil.
    May I ask which game you played back then?
  • Gamestar - The Tech Behind Star Citizen

    Erillion said:
    Got my paper copy of the magazine and article. Very impressive.

    It is rare that gaming journalists with many years of experience have that positive :-O factor when they visit a studio.

    I take away from that article especially that everyone in the team (in that case: Foundry 42 Frankfurt) is dedicated, concentrated and highly talented. And that the journalists got the impression that if anyone can make this idea a reality ... this team can.

    Have fun
    That means if they fail (and all signs are good for that case) nobody ever nor in the present neither in the future can realise this kind of game .. that's sad :( especially because the first team who tried (CIG) did it so badly :(
  • Erin Robert's Interview And Studio Tour

    Vikingir said:
    Cotic said:
    Vikingir said:
    [...] it has been said once or twice that a regular player could typically afford to buy a Constellation after earning credits for about 60 hours of gameplay. Obviously this can change with balancing so don't take it as written in stone.

    A Constellation costing 300,000 UEC today might cost 3,000,000 UEC at launch.
    What I want to know is how long do they anticipate it would take to earn 3 million UEC.
    I don't think they've decided yet because it's a balancing issue. They have to see how things go with the economy during testing first. CIG have said though that since NPCs handle most of the economy in a 10-1 NPC-player precence, players won't have much influence on the overall economy, except in local places (one star system or a single planet) and temporarily until the balance is restored again.

    I'd expect the final economic system will be considered fair by most players.
    This magic 10to1 thing again :) excuse for everything that is wrong with economics but always without any further explanation how this will work out.
    (and don't tell me that those 10 NPCs are acting like players, then they need to be tracked by the server like a player AND are exploitable in many ways)

    Whats then with NPC camping, this renders all mining ships useless because we have our drones to do this and they are easy kill able in mining ships.

    Whats with the economy if a player found an abadoned Hull-E full of expensive ore (Do multiplayer ships despawn when the owner is disconnected? what happens with all the other people on the ship? do they also desapwn or are they sent to the nearest station? can this be exploited for a quick station access? etc etc).
    Or a Hull-E full of ore where I killed the captain (if the player closes the client, will the ship despawn?)
    Now I just sell all this ore on the market for a dumping price, what is NPC 10to1 now doing.

    Basically this 10to1 ratio will make it much easier to play the auction house game and other players will get rich through this system.
  • CIG deal with Coutts & Co?

    MaxBacon said:
    I own a Company ... we make games :D
    But lying to your customers on easy verifiable facts is never a good move!
    It's not a partnership in the legal sense, and it's also no lie. You can use the partnership word without implying a legal but yet one informal context. That means, a bank and a company making business.

    Or Amazon and CIG in the case of Lumberyard. I know in our company they call everything partnerships, even though it's just making business with another company.
    In this case Coutts defined explizit that this is not a partnership so it's against the contract to call it a partnership.
    Would be too easy I have a partnership with Apple, intel und nVidia beacause I own their products, If I market it for my business then nVidia will send their taskforce with helicopters and close my business (or maybe just tell me to remove the marketing in question).
    With Lumberyard it's different they have to show their logo inside the game somewhere for Lumberyard marketing purposes, Amazon likes this, and this is part of the contract when you are using this pile of .... very-nice-compiled-code-that-was-once-upon-a-time-cry3 :)