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  • Why I don't like CIG ...

    Get up close with the latest advancements in technological innovation at the #CitizenCon Tech Gallery. #FaceOverIP

    08:30 - 26. Okt. 2017

    - FaceOverIP has not been developed by CIG
    - FaceOverIP Protokoll has not been developed by CIG
    - FaceOverIP is a tech that EQ2 used many years ago
    - To Implement FaceOverIP you just have to bind your Blendshapes (that are in the character models nevertheless) to the FOIP system
    - FOIP is something that should be implemented after all character model stuff is set up else it wastes to much manhours
    - Hell FOIP should be implemented as an extra after your gameloops are working and tested

    Its like you buy a LEGO starship model, assemble it and call it your innovation.
    The fact that they are hyping this again right before CitizenCon is worrying at best.

  • 3.0 Spoilers From An Evocati

    DKLond said:
    Can anybody of the experts explain to me please what this "Debug Mode" that is eating away many FPS is doing? And why is it only in the build of the first evocati test group but not in the other Alpha test groups?

    anything that can be done in a singleplayer game can be done in an MMO, in a visual sense.
    While this is true though higher visuals will have an impact on network performance if the client is lagging (Video Lag)
    Not at all. The client performance will never impact network performance for other players. At most, it will mean delays in syncing that particular client's animations and position.
    Well if you say so, seems like I have to call my old SOE team to tell them we were wrong back in the days.
  • Star Citizen - Alpha 3.0 out to Evocati player testers

    Erillion said:
    Pretty cool little leak, not sure what is happening with the bike at the end though

    A glitch that sometimes happens when you enter different physics grids (e.g. coming from the outside into the inside of a ship). Game was not quite sure where the object is ... looks like "blinking" around ... or a sudden movement in an unexpected direction, when one frame of reference "snaps" into the other frame of reference. This snap effect should be minimal, during the entry into the ramp (from a roleplay perspective : "..when you start to feel the internal gravity field of the ship....")  ...... should not happen later and deeper into the ships bay like in this video.

    Known bug that is being worked on.

    The maneuvering jets firing in all directions is a follow up bug resulting from this bug. To my knowledge that is only a display bug, the jets are not really generating thrust.

    Have fun

    Where did you get your information from? Are you a game dev? because what you say here is not exactly what happens.

    The flickering you see is based on the parenting to the object container which just slow though the object disappears.
    It reappears at a fixed point because the translation from one to the other object didn't carry over the entry point.
    When the player leaves the bike, it no longer has a controller on it and becomes a world object though needs physics because it is a Rigidbody, the physics of the parent container are not applied properly so the bike bugs around in its own physics, ignoring the container physics (not ignoring the mesh of the container - bounces of the walls).

    So in conclusion
    - the flicker of the object has nothing to do with "physic grids" - (whatever they may are) 
    - There shouldn't be any "snap effect" this would be a bug not an effect
    - There are no "frame of reference" (Whatever this may be)
    - maneuvering jets are based on character controller this could be caused by broken physics (The controller does not know where its heading to)
  • The Cost Of Producing A Video Game

    CrazKanuk said:
    Eldurian said:

    But perhaps you are forgetting Star Citizen looks like this:

    And it's an MMO to boot. MMOs have never been cheap. Especially ones with graphics that would look good in the latest single player FPS title.
    That, in and of itself, is worrying about the future of the title.  There's a reason MMORPGs have never been so cutting edge on the graphics.

    It seems more realistic that SC will end up as a multiplayer title that uses a lot of MMORPG tropes, as opposed to a full-fledged MMORPG.

    Is this a statement of fact or just speculation? Remember that the infrastructure in place back in "the day" was MUCH more restrictive that what it is today, as well. While graphics might have something to do with it, technical limitations could be second fiddle to just producing something that will run on the majority of systems on the market. I don't think I've read anything about how it's technically impossible. I think it's more about practical use and how well it actually runs on Joe Anybody's system. 
    Easy thing - Clients Video Lag results in Network Lag though to rubberbanding and shadowing the affected client for other players.
    Reason: UDP can not calculate the next step if the client is sending dodgy data cause of low FPS.
  • What causes Star Citizen to have so much suspicion toward it?

    MaxBacon said:
    And while we are at performance, every Ship has multiple layers, meshes and hitboxes. a Ship in SC alone is using up 20+ Character spaces of other games in terms of performance every single physic object that can be dropped needs to be calculated and this would be true if they are doing fake 64bit like all other devs do but they are doing real 64Bit (which I still can not believe cause its a killer) so imagine a simple cup in a ship needs to have a position and a rotation that means 2^63 * 6 = 55.340. these are the total states this cup can have in comparsion to 32bit (2^31 * 6 = 12.884.901.888) these are 4.294.967.296 times more states this cup can have. If we optimize it, the cup alone anywhere in the universe in 64bit uses as much network performance as 20 players in other games. Now place it on a buggy that drives in a ship while the ship is leaving a rotating and orbiting planet ... in 64bit which is calculated CPU and needs to be shoved over to GPU and network.
    You run under such much assumption of things in that front.

    Like the 64bit from what is told, they are only using 64bit on what specifically needs to be 64bit, say things like AI, Physics are not because they don't need to be. Then the "double precision" talks.

    You'll see Space Engineers has moved to 64-bit precision, SC calls for double-precision.

    Spacegenre / SciFi Fans - FPS hater - Survival game hater.
    A ARK player won't drop his bucket to play survival game in a space sim if he doesn't like space sims.
    The only proper genre SC approaches now that wasn't planned is Survival, the FPS / Space was there, the planet-side itself is not a new genre is just a new type of playground.
    Space engineers has a 64Bit client now ... it was on 32Bit before this has nothing to do with internal functions this is just the memory allocation.

    Star Citizen (is it now 64Bit internally or not?) is calculating its function in 64bit we had hours of conversation before where you defended the 64bit grids you know ...

    Double Precision usually means 64bit operations, though KSP is using a 2times 32bit matrix that leads to 33Bit (this is how it is usually done, KSP was not the first). To get the matrix of american sextillion and 1cm precision a 3 times 32Bit (34 Bit) would suffer, but everyone talks about their 64bit matrix when it comes to SC. From an interview from 2014 CIG devs talked about a 33Bit matrix but that was before the scope increase.

    And to have an object in a 64Bit matrix you need 6 64Bit floats (XYZ Position/Rotation) but this is the minimum to have for rendering, physics and a unique position but counts for everything (AFAIK the bullets are objects too not simple raycasts)