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  • Five Reasons Why MMOs Are Making a Comeback - The List at MMORPG.com

    "2. Morrowind is DLC for one of the most single player MMOs there is, with its main attraction being more story quests... so does that really show that MMOs are doing well, or just that people enjoy RPGs with a good story?"

    TES is, by every definition, an MMO. Just because you don't like the particularly nuanced focus on player-centered stories, it contains all of the bells and whistles you'd expect from an MMO. So yes, it does really show that MMOs are doing quite well, and it - along with SWTOR and modern WoW - show that MMOs with more single player elements are doing rather well indeed.
    The issue isn't the emphasis on player-centered stories...  WoW does that as well.  Have you played Warlords of Draenor or Legion?  It's all a bout Player-Centered stories.  You're the hero.  Here are these massive, throttled, quest-progression based objectives.  Do them... alone, please! ;-)  What exactly is your point?

    EverQuest even did this.  So did Lineage II, and that's certainly not a solo game.  EverQuest II did it.  Age of Conan did it.  FFXIV?  GW2?  Most Fantasy MMORPGs do this, because that's the prevailing fantasy.  You're some sort of hero, and you're going to save some world.

    TESO is doing "rather well" (quoted for extreme subjectiveness of the term) for two obvious reasons:

    1.  They have changed from a Subscription to a B2P Model:  If they had stayed subscription, they'd have died like most of the other recent MMORPG releases.  The game isn't good enough for a subscription.  Even many of the most defensive veterans were quitting in droves quite soon after it was released.

    2.  They're constantly heavily discounting the game, because most people won't buy it at "box price."  They will, however, buy it when it's only $15-20 and they won't be beholden to a subscription.  Even then, the player numbers on PC and PS4 NA (what I experience, and I have tons of time so this is across different days and time slots) do not line up with the amount of sales they've had, which leads me to believe many players are buying it at dirt cheap prices and then quitting soon afterwards.  Retention > Sales.  Selling 10M copies is not useful if only 5K players maintain active play (which I'd categorize as > 10H/WK in an MMORPG).

    In any case, I agree with @dotdotdash ...  TESO is one of the most Single Player MMORPGs that I've ever seen.  It's a primary factor why I stopped playing it.  It was like Dragon Age: Inquisition with some MMORPG elements thrown in (even DA:I had multi-player elements, but it was no MMORPG).  It was boring after I finished the first faction's quest chain, and I certainly wasn't about to go through that torture twice more...

    There are other issues that I had with the game, but the single-player'ness of it was definitely (and by far) top of the heap.  I am not going to invest hundreds of dollars (when you factor in DLC costs over time) for a game that disincentives grouping and any sort of social play for a large portion of the leveling/gameplay...

    And God forbid I ever want to reroll...  To go through all of that again.  Just, No.
  • Can this game survive without catch-up mechanics?

    Kyleran said:

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    Nyctelios said:

    They have catch up mechanics in fact.

    After certain time new tier of armors are sold by resources you get doing standard content and for a way lower price than the "launch window" for said patch.

    But nothing to keep me from having to do 100 of the worst type of questing in MMOs and trying to find people to do forced old group content? For example, WoW Legion.....that is where 90% of the population is playing when Legion releases. That is where it is at. Blizzard recognizes many don't want to play through the early content just to get where the new and exciting stuff is, so they include a boosted toon you can start in the new expansion pack with.

    I am not even asking for that, I am only asking for not locking me behind quest-gates. If I can get to the level required for the new content, just let me freaking join in. Sorry if you wasted hours of your life doing 100 mundane quests at the original endgame just to get to the next expansion, I'm not doing that for crappy old content. And I know this is keeping many others away from coming back as well. If they just don't want our money, so be it. 

    MMORPGS, they are not for casuals anymore. 
    FFXIV isn't exactly a game that I would categorize as hardcore in any way.  It's very casual, and it's player base is quite a bit more casual than many others.  The issue isn't the OP being "casual", it's having to do forced content that most of the players in the game have no will, want, or drive to do.  The comparison with WoW is good.  EverQuest also had to introduce new starting zones and speed up the leveling at the lower end.  EverQuest II introduced mentoring to allow high level players to help low level players run the content they needed.  Even Lineage II has changed so that 1-85 takes half a day, because players will get bored and quit the game if it's a predominantly 1-player experience.  What you seem to imply is that all of those cames are "casual' games and that these systems and changes they've implemented have nothing to do with "new player alienation" which is epidemic in MMORPGs once a game has been out for a couple of years...  Give me a break.

    First impressions matter.  No one pays a subscription to Dragon Age Inquisition or Witcher III, so I'm baffled how people can think it's fine that people will pay a subscription to spend a month or more playing with themselves and begging a few people to do old content...  Especially when they're probably paying $1-200 just to play the game on all the machines they own (i.e. a Mac, a Windows Laptop, and a PS4 (and PS3, for that matter) all require separate client and expansion purchases for this game).

    I think you people need to drop the clichés and at least attempt to have some sort of intelligent dialog on matters.  This is getting boring to see.  Really f*****g boring.