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  • Questions submitted to UK government about loot boxes and gambling

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    Phry said:
    They just need to ensure that games that employ such 'dodgy' loot box game mechanics are classed as being 'adult' rated, in the same way that games that feature explicit nudity do. That more than anything will help curb the industries 'love affair' with loot boxes.
    I agree. A part of the issue is that many non-gamer parents probably aren't even aware of what has been happening in the industry the last few years. 

    It needs to be spelled out that these games are designed to extract as much money as possible from players by incorporating potentially addictive gambling mechanics. Parents (and players) also need to be made aware that this is very different from past practices of buying dlc or expansions.

    Making such games adult rated with a warning about the gambling would be a start to addressing the issue (and this is something that actually deserves an adult rating). It would also be good if schools and other educational facilities discuss the issue in classes on virtual safety/cyber bullying etc.

    Again, this is the type of post that makes it seem like this is pandemic, when there is no proof this is even a problem worth solving. Please, feel free to give me the statistics that would back this up. We're talking about a GOVERNMENT actually doing something. The question is whether a GOVERNMENT has bigger problems to solve than this. My guess is that they do. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time a government attempted to solve something that wasn't a problem. 

    Yeah, like should I take a government jet on my honeymoon and stuff?
  • Black Desert Online PvP server is MORE proof that PvPers are a very niche group

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    Crowfall and Camelot Unchained will be PVP MMOs right?
    Yep, again the OP doesn't have a clue what they are talking about. There is a lot of interest in PVP in MMOs, it just hasn't been done right in a long time.  The examples they used were niche games with limited appeal for many other reasons other than being PVP MMO games. 

    Then you are in for a very long wait with that wonder PVP game of yours, It will never happen, players enjoy different aspect in PVP, you can't implent ALL aspects in the same game and It magical works for everyone, It's like that dream MMO everyone dreams about that you will play for years, It's just that, a dream, so I say again, good luck.
    I have no idea what you are talking about. I never asked for a dream PVP MMO, I was just stating that there is an interest for it for sure. Both Crowfall and CU both a good following already. Even Albion Online had a huge surge in interest the several months and is still going pretty strong. 
    You sead there haven't been a PVP game done right, so a new MMO comes out with PVP, It's fun as hell Joe but It's boring as hell for for Jim but both enjoy PVP but not same kind of PVP.

    The difference is that CU and CF are not MMOs with Pvp, they are PvP mmos. 
  • This looks like a repeat of Greedmonger sprinkled with StarCitizen.

    I can't speak for, against, or about Ashes of Creation -- I know absolutely nothing about it.

    But I do have to ask. Why they hell is there so much hatred towards independent fundraising? It's been proven effective and you don't have to stand in line to prove to an investor anything that is going to be skeptical and likely not interested in even the subject matter. 

    This couldn't be proven true or false, but mega corporation develops game that sucks but got these investors and no one complains and that company still makes millions/billions. And independent company/team raises a mil just to develop something and everyone freaks out. The difference still is that the fund raised can turn out to be a better game and the artists can get their message across, unlike the bureaucracy game company that is literally only after your money. Sure, it may end up just as bad as the mega corp games, but there isn't some jackass breathing down their neck.  
    It hasn't been proven effective for an mmo, in fact history would suggest the opposite. I don't think people are necessarily against independent fundraising either: unrealistic timelines, overblown promises in terms of scope of gameplay, a lack of transparency,  a tendency to have heavily p2w business models, and a sense that these indie developers are more focused on creating a money making machine than a game are probably what has been getting folks riled up.

    Btw, where do you get this idea that games by properly funded companies suck?  I (and probably many others on this forum) have played many great games, nearly all of which have been made by companies going through a traditional funding process. How many great mmos have been made through crowdfunding?