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  • Questions submitted to UK government about loot boxes and gambling

    Phry said:
    They just need to ensure that games that employ such 'dodgy' loot box game mechanics are classed as being 'adult' rated, in the same way that games that feature explicit nudity do. That more than anything will help curb the industries 'love affair' with loot boxes.
    I agree. A part of the issue is that many non-gamer parents probably aren't even aware of what has been happening in the industry the last few years. 

    It needs to be spelled out that these games are designed to extract as much money as possible from players by incorporating potentially addictive gambling mechanics. Parents (and players) also need to be made aware that this is very different from past practices of buying dlc or expansions.

    Making such games adult rated with a warning about the gambling would be a start to addressing the issue (and this is something that actually deserves an adult rating). It would also be good if schools and other educational facilities discuss the issue in classes on virtual safety/cyber bullying etc.
  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Review - Just Me and My Uruk, Oh and my Spirit Pal Too - The RPG Files -

    Thanks for the review. Did you manage to complete the "true" ending?
  • So I was playing ESO - captured this screenshot.

    YashaX said:
    Iselin said:
    Iselin said:

    Except in most games it's a 10-15% increase, not a 200fucking% increase in performance.

    50k+ DPS vs 20 at best with a sub-optimal build.  Sorry but that's not "min-max" that's stupid vs performing well.

    There is an OUTRAGOEUS disparity between meta and non-meta builds in ESO, you cannot deny that unless you just have blinders on.
    Eh... not as unusual as you might think. I remember such imbalance issues coming up even going back to Vanilla WoW days.

    My answer then, and my answer now is the same: So what?

    That stuff only matters to people whom, like yourself (presumably), seem to obsess and build your entire game experience around such things.

    I, and others like me, don't care about such things.

    I play to find builds that fit the playstyle I personally enjoy playing, not to measure up to someone else's ideal of "how I should be playing".

    As long as I'm able to complete content, perform my role in a group adequately, and enjoy myelf, life is good. If I hit a wall where my current build is no longer sufficient, then I'll tend to it and make the improvements necessary to continue playing as I enjoy.

    In my nearly 15 years of MMO gaming, across all the MMOs I've played, I've *never* cared about what was "most optimal". Only what's "most fun for me", while being effective enough to complete the content. Sometimes the two overlapped. Sometimes they didn't. Same difference either way.

    I know that's difficult for many min-maxers to understand. Again, I reference my friend from FFXI who nagged me and sent me links to "optimal guides" for years when we played it, because he could not understand how I was enjoying the game if I (in his words) "wasn't playing it right".

    I got hassled constantly for playing Dragoon in FFXI, because it was widely considered a "weak job". Didn't care. I enjoyed it, so I played it. I got hassled incessantly when Ninja was considered the "must have job" for seemingly everything, but refused to play it myself. Why? Because Ninja wasn't fun to me, and I didn't want to spend my gaming time playing something I didn't enjoy. Despite all that, I always got into groups, completed content, and enjoyed myself, by my own terms.

    So, I don't expect you (or other min-maxers) to understand that difference in mindset... but I do wish you people would at least come to terms with it, and stop trying to bash others over the head with it. And yes, your initial response to me is an example of that.
    That's a lot of words to say you can't raid or do vet content unless you have a meta build......

    Like seriously it is impossible to clear DPS checks with anything other than top-tier setups that are homogenized to death.

    The excuse of "well you can do most content" is a weak cop-out.  In most games you have a meta team comp, but even those simply make it easier, not impossible to clear raids/high-end content.  Zenimax has decided to design AROUND that meta as the standard, and because the disparity is massive in ESO that means there is no options for endgame content.

    The fact that you literally cannot clear content after a certain point without conforming to the meta is a huge black mark.  You can downplay it all you want but it's a design failure.

    Dude... the metas are vet trials builds. You.... do ... not ... need... them for vet dungeons unless you want to cheese the mechanics in a speed run.
    Right....so if everyone ran a 2H/DW build on stamina DPS you could still clear vet dungeons?  Wrong.

    Yup. I could make that work... could you?
    At this point you're just lying to people.  Let them find out for themselves I suppose.  Just go look at the ESO forums and you'll see at least one or two threads a day about it from new players that find out they can't actually run what they want, don't have to take my word for it.
    He is not lying: the most important aspect of the game in terms of "power" is gear and CP, after that I would be far more worried about ability than not running a metabuild. For example, 2H/dw would be fine in vet dungeons for dps, and I have often run non-meta tank builds and got through things fine.
    So you can get carried by people who were twice as effective as you, is that supposed to be some sort of an achievement?

    Again, this is not a difference of 5-10%, in ESO you're talking DOUBLE the efficiency, usually more.  
    There is no need to get carried, like I said gear and CP followed by your ability to play the game (knowledge of dungeon/game mechanics, etc) play a much larger role than using a specific build. 

    Your whining about builds is almost laughable considering most pug groups are unlikely to have players with max CP and gold gear with optimal enchants, and half the time players don't even move out of red circles.

    Meanwhile, in pvp there is a vast array of potentially strong builds.

    I mean do you even play this game or do you just read the complaints on the forums and come here to bitch some more? 
  • So I was playing ESO - captured this screenshot.

    Gorwe said:
    What kind of character would work for main story? I figured, sorry for Dark Souls spiel, some kind of Hexes + weapons. Nightblade? Melee Sorc? How'd you even end in Coldharbor? Be as it may, my favorite has to be Dunmer 2H Sword DK. But I don't really think it fits main story. Maybe for Morrowind.
    I think any character with decent aoe and survivability works well. 2H DK would be perfect, but basically anything except a stealthy single target focused NB would probably be OK.
  • Black Desert Online PvP server is MORE proof that PvPers are a very niche group

    Maurgrim said:
    Maurgrim said:
    Mikeha said:
    Crowfall and Camelot Unchained will be PVP MMOs right?
    Yep, again the OP doesn't have a clue what they are talking about. There is a lot of interest in PVP in MMOs, it just hasn't been done right in a long time.  The examples they used were niche games with limited appeal for many other reasons other than being PVP MMO games. 

    Then you are in for a very long wait with that wonder PVP game of yours, It will never happen, players enjoy different aspect in PVP, you can't implent ALL aspects in the same game and It magical works for everyone, It's like that dream MMO everyone dreams about that you will play for years, It's just that, a dream, so I say again, good luck.
    I have no idea what you are talking about. I never asked for a dream PVP MMO, I was just stating that there is an interest for it for sure. Both Crowfall and CU both a good following already. Even Albion Online had a huge surge in interest the several months and is still going pretty strong. 
    You sead there haven't been a PVP game done right, so a new MMO comes out with PVP, It's fun as hell Joe but It's boring as hell for for Jim but both enjoy PVP but not same kind of PVP.

    The difference is that CU and CF are not MMOs with Pvp, they are PvP mmos.