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  • Shadow Of War: microtransactions!

    Year after year video game sales increase.  That means all these crying about MT, Dlc or whatever crying topic is cool are the minority. 

    The little babies who find something to cry about anytime a new games comes out are more of a cancer to video games than MT could ever be.  The whiners are just desperate for approval and need upvotes to make them feel better. 

     It's clear MT, Dlc and any other fake crying topics they bring up for any new game aren't going away.  So if you can't handle that fact find a new hobby it's that simple.  You may have been told by your elementary teachers or parents or read to many SJW training manuals but no you won't be changing anything here. 
    Can we add a GFY button? I don't think WTF or LoL covers cases like this.
  • So I was playing ESO - captured this screenshot.

    Siveria said:
    The game does have some nice scenery, however the nice scenerty doesn't fix the problem it does the biggest mistake "mmo"rpg's are making since wow brought them to casuals: Its made to be too much of a single player game, its missing the MMO elements.

    IMO other than the very beginning after that you should have to start teaming up to do anything, I am so tired of mmorpgs these days because they mostly feel like piss-poorly made single player games.

    Wheres the multiplayer part? Last mmorpg I played that actually felt like a mmorpg was final fantasy 11 back before abyssea and the casualifcation patches that dumbed the game down. I say this because past like level 10 or so soloing was a non-option for most classes, it was slow, rewarded poor exp, it was made this way on purpose to force people to team up and socialize.

     I miss being forced to socialize in a mmorpg, because if it, hardly anyone ever does look to team up for things as there is no need to. If people could raid by themselves they probally would do it over partying up for it.

     Also.. any idea why the post thing here on mmorpg.com completly ignores any time I try to break paragraphs apart? it just jumbles them all into 1 insted of formatting it as I orignally typed it. Here is a picture of what this post looks like in the editor, and well you can see how it ends up when I hit save comment: https://gyazo.com/5c6c6a1238948a361937791a2ac5f0a4
    You might like the pvp in ESO then, because you pretty much have to team up to get anything done. 

    Not sure why your paragraph breaks don' t work. I put some in for you ;)
  • A few questions to decide if I give TESO another try

    Iselin said:
    I agree with you about the guild vendors, that systems sucks donkey balls, and only promotes the creating of big, lifeless guilds only used for the vendors. ESO with an auction house would be better and avoid a lot of useless hassle, and also some blatant exploitation from some trading guilds.
    There are a lot of hardcore ESO fans that will defend the lack of an AH to the death as a "feature." I think it sucks too and they should have at least zone based auction houses.

    I can understand the appeal of the guild based trading system; in theory it adds another layer of depth. In practice I find it inconvenient and it does add another barrier to entry.

    In relation to that, here is a site that shows the prices of items in all the guild vendors, which I have found really helpful: https://us.tamrieltradecentre.com/pc/Trade
  • Final Fantasy XIV - PvP is Amazing in Stormblood - MMORPG.com

    Sounds very cool, I got to try it out when I get some time.
  • A few questions to decide if I give TESO another try

    Hey, at least no one can say the ESO community here isn't friendly, thanks guys :)

    I'm still hesitating between directly buying the Morrowind pack or getting the Gold one. I wasn't able to find out how much those DLCs cost individually.

    If I finally decide to play with a sub, which is likely, I'll get Morrowind so I have the whole game accessible. I have a whole week to think about it.

    Heavy armor nightblade sounds exotic enough for me to try it, but only if it also can use 2H swords ;)
    My ideal character: 2H sword, bow, and heavy armor. Maybe actually a heavy armor warden, why not, some kind of "Aragorn" character.

    Imo a Dragon Knight is much more like a Death Knight or warrior than a NB.

    Perhaps thematically a NB is similar because it can use shadow magic ( mainly stealth, and siphoning skills), but Dragon Knight has a lot more parallels from a practical / playstyle perspective.

    A DragonKnight has chains (like DKs death grip), great aoe snares to keep players/mobs in melee range, magic shields, a good class heal, wings that reflect projectiles, and other great tools that make it awesome as a brawler/melee type class.