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  • Premium Currency to be Introduced in Early 2018 - Crowfall - MMORPG.com

    IceAge said:
    YashaX said:
    IceAge said:
    ...and people say Blizzard is greedy . This guys hasn't even released the game, are charging 40-50$ for the game and still, you see a cash shop with a huge P2W potential.

    People were crying about the EA's BF2 loot boxes and yet, we see a ... 7000$ "palace" in this game.

    Well deserved I guess. As long as some players want that ..."palace" , we will all see this kind of games popping up ..and in the end , nothing will change.

    So ..

    As far as I know they are not selling any p2w items ...
    That's why I said "with a huge P2W potential" .

    I don't even know much about this game or the ... "items' they sell in the shop , but any company which adds items with a price tag of say 7k $ , it will always end up in the P2W category.

    You cannot sell things for 7k$ which will not give the player any advantages. Period. 

    Apparently the castle is purely cosmetic and doesn't offer any advantages. Outrageously expensive, but not p2w.

    Ironically, WoW (which you claimed is pretty much the last bastion of non-p2w gaming) has actually implemented p2w (not just potential) mechanics with its in game store and tokens which you can buy with cash and sell on the auction house for in game gold. 

    Don't get all mad though; I would be the first person to complain about a pvp game with p2w mechanics, I just haven't seen them yet (hopefully nothing bad will be implemented!)

  • The positive CoE challenge:

    YashaX said:
    @Slapshot1188 OK Slap, so here is a challenge for you. Using the same conditions as your OP states, can you list positives for a different "indie" mmo that is also in development (eg: Crowfall, CU, etc)?
    I'm probably not the best person for that (even though I backed both) I feel they both deserve much of the criticism they get. That said... each of those has actually had players inside for years (at least a year) where progress is able to be seen. 

     If you want to see what Crowfall looks like you can just watch a current video since there is no NDA. CoE has a progress video that reuses the progress video footage from the prior year...

     I also have participated in tests with CU where thousands of characters were on the screen simultaneously. CU also has a refund policy (not sure about Crowfall)

    In general though... I think they all deserve their lumps for the development delays.  Some people think that saying "At least we aren't as bad as that other guy" is a legitimate defense.  I'm not one of those people.
    You are one of the most positive people on these forums imo, and if you put your mind to it I am sure you could list a lot more positives about other mmos in development using the conditions you stated.

    Point is, the thread is not a "strawman".
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Daranar said:
    Kiwiflava said:
    Today is the day (12/14)


    This is a short clip with few words on exactly why every gamer should be fighting to preserve net neutrality. In a nut shell, without it you will see major monopoly on  data caps and internet speed  effecting everything we do because of games including email, social, media, research, communication.

    Protect #NetNeutrality

    Good luck all and thank you everyone who has taken the time.

    Because we had throttling in 2015 before the regulations were passed, illegally, by Mr. phone and pen. Oh wait..... 

    Most of you aren't old enough to remember when there were data caps on internet and we paid by the minute. Then competition came to the market, without government interference, and all that went away. The few times companies have tried it since then they have gotten pummeled by the free market. 
    Yes, they have tried this shit before.  But Net Neutrality was what kept it in check.

    You can keep living in fantasy land where you think the free market will regulate itself.
    Well seeing as I am American, I believe the free market regulates itself better than a bunch of elitist snobs. That's what my preceding generations fought for and what I will continue to fight for. Some of us have ancestors who fought and died to not have every aspect of our lives controlled by an overreaching government. That sometimes comes with drawbacks when big companies act like morons, but that's the price of freedom. Ultimate freedom has this catch to it...other people are free to do business as they please too. Americans keep forgetting it's not just you that has freedom, it's everyone, and with freedom comes conflict. But oh is it worth it. The market will regulate itself, it always does, but there may be growing pains.

    Were you on Jake Tapper's show recently?

    Is that you?

  • Microtransactions & the 19-Year-Old Who Spent $13,000 - MMORPG.com News

    DMKano said:
    Not sure what the point of the article is - there are millions of people who are terrible at managing money and have addiction issues.

    A 19 year old spends $13,000 on

    booze, strippers, drugs


    electronics, pimping out his car, guns, MTG cards etc, Justin Bieber autographed crap....

    I mean you can waste money on just about anything, and in every case its the person who is the problem

    I mean people pissing away money on stuff they shouldnt is newsworthy?
    The point is that people (parents) need to understand that games are no longer just the one off purchase that they used to be, but now also push players to spend more and more on microtransactions.

    People are generally already aware that booze and drugs are addictive and can cause various problems, there is plenty of information/education and warnings about those sort of things, but society is only just coming to terms with the issues surrounding loot boxes/microtransactions etc being pushed onto kids through games.

  • Master Builder Servers Coming to Promote Building the Greatest Structures Possible - Dark and Light

    Its still in EA, not much point in playing imo. Wake me up when they release something.