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  • 3.0 Spoilers From An Evocati

    As an aside, I was very surprised to read they haven't even started on their server mesh technology, instead they are focusing on the single server performance and optimisation (lol).

    That's incorrect, the object containers are the server mesh pretty much, it's one ongoing work for quite a while, the object container streaming (the 3.1 stalled one) is from what I see what localizes the PU game world and will be what allows multiple servers to stream to each other.

    (so in the reality of the open world, X and Y area will still be different containers, handled by different servers, that's the whole point)
  • Star Citizen - Development Updates

    Excession said:
    Ok, so you cannot show us two games, that is all you had to say.

    As for me being hatefully blind, wtf is that? I said it look's good, I said the level of detail is awesome.
    Pointing out that having such a high polycount (which is the only real difference between SC and other games that are in the same genre) could cause issue's with optimisation is not being hatefully blind.

    If anyone is being anything, you are being willfully ignorant with regards to SC and any issue's it has or may have.
    One game: (sold standalone, not as DLC)

    Star Citizen:

    What SC is in its whole pitch, does not exist in the MMO genre, similar games appeared, just like Freelancer had this ideology, the support SC itself gets is because just that, because people want to play something that SC is creating that currently does not exist as a game experience somewhere else, partially released and continues being developed towards its pitch. SC has indeed a scale and scope that wasn't attempted before, and you come with some wtf comment about the graphics?! lol
  • Star Citizen - Development Updates

    Excession said:
    Two games? Show us the second game Max.

    Scale and scope? only thing they are doing with SC that has not been done before is the ridiculously high polycount for an MMO-type game.

    Sure, it look's good, detail is awesome, but all those extra polygons might come back to bite them in the ass when its optimisation time.
    Star Citizen and SQ42 are two games, that are sold in separate. The scope of both SC and SQ42 individually justify that, one MMO in on side, one SP campaign in the other.

    As for your last statement, it just shows how hatefully blind you are on the SC topic, that you desperately have to downplay and spin anything negatively while playing a self-righteous narrative, waste of my time talking to a wall of bias.
  • Star Citizen - Development Updates

    rodarin said:
    there is something somewhere that has Roberts claiming 3.0 is a soft early release. Or something to that effect. He said it about a year ago. I think that is the reason or foundation of the reasoning behind why theyre not going to put it out or any portion of it out unless its above and beyond anything else that they have put out. Which quite frankly wont be hard but this is where it all comes together. 3.0 is the make or break. thats why theyre milking it and why it might not be out by this time next year.
    People twist anything to mean what they want it to mean.

    When someone brings in the context, the "akin to early access" is quite clear of being simply about game loops, 3.0 adds core game loops to the game, on the economy front, in the mission and replayability front and most especially in the persistent gameplay front.

    Some make a huge fuss of what doesn't justify it, SC it's a game that will continue developing independent of the "1.0 game release" MVP or not, tag, a type of dev very own to MMO's, so when I see that narrative of "all or nothing by release!" I just sigh.
  • Star Citizen - Development Updates

    I loved to see the conspiracy theorists going so hard on that recent campaign on that stating that 3.0 is the game release. Then having people stating that early access games are games they play "weeks before they release" just takes the icing on the cake. lol

    CIG seriously can't say anything without any second, any word, even a facial expression or body posture being weaponized against them, there's always a big conspiracy and a bigger truth, nothing is everything and everything is nothing. gg

    What else is new xD