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  • Alpha 3.0 Production Schedule (updated 21st October)

    ~~ Currently released to: Evocati

    The Alpha 3.0 Production Schedule got updated:

    "This week, we generated more than fifteen internal builds which allowed QA to confirm fixes and identify new critical bugs. Three of these builds were released to the Evocati for intensive testing. One persistent bug was a memory leak issue where the game (either on the client or server side) soaked up more and more system RAM until it crashed. The team has been squashing this bug whenever they find it, but with performance issues like this, there is rarely a single solution. As more mechanics and code are implemented, any one of them can cause the issue to return. The programmers have been working with the engineering team to develop new additions to the Debug system which will help identifying these issues sooner. There was also a consistent Serialized Variable crash that occurred when there were data mismatches in the game code between the client and server which caused a disconnection. The debugging work the engineering team is doing for the memory leak should also help resolve this issue as well.

    The team’s been focusing on the comprehensive Shopping experience and resolving any issues related to shopping, kiosks or the economy. They’ve fixed a series of issues that ranged from spawning the player inside their bed (literally) to one bug that took out all of the items from all of the shops. "

    Burn Down, current status (Weekly Update):

    What's still in progress:

    • Continuing setup of the repair mission
    • Setting up basic steal mission
    • Implementing mission relevant dialogue to missions
    • Working on ship weapon pricing
    • Setting up the Shopkeepers in all the shops in game – working through issues with Subsumption
    • Testing Obj Container lighting exports – running into issues though where the lighting states aren’t working
    • Prepping the Mustang implementation file for the rework.

    • Continued tweaking Lighting, RTT, Open Physics Proxy Pass on all ships.
    • Continued wokring on the polish pass for Area18 props.
    • Continued converting props into new Usable system.

    • Continued working on Serialised Variables optimisations, and has been looking at Code 7 disconnect bugs.
      • The team has also been looking at potential optimizations and started performance R&D.
    • Continued working on Vid Comms.
    • Continued working on interactions.
    • Enabling airlock doors to open automatically when approached
    • Iterating on the Conversation system for characters
    • Working on HUD “Tidy Up” (e.g. – with no kit, helmet etc)
    • QATR is in now for headless clients (this system allows a developer to populate a server with AI Clients to test population-triggered bugs). First limit will be 24 headless, the next will be 100, if the first is successful.
    • Pawel has been doing some work on persistent spawning, has been bug fixing, and will move back to his proxy issues.

    Bug-fixing changelog for the past week in the full schedule page and in Evocati patch notes of the pretty much daily builds.

  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    Dizisma said:
    You do not get to decide if you attacked/insulted someone.

    You made a statement aimed at another poster, that poster felt that you attacked them, and insulted them, therefore, you did.

    No amount of backtracking, or explaining by you will change that.
    He seems to have felt insulted and insulted me back, as it was misunderstood and I explained what I meant. That simple.

    I know me, and knowing me I know what I meant when I said that.
  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    Cotic said:
    Then it is as he/she said, you are upset that someone attacked you after you attacked them, that's quite the irony. You instigated the issue by insulting their intelligence and now you are upset with the response you received, what exactly did you think was going to happen?
    If you approached a family in the street and insulted their child would you act hurt and surprised when the father smacks you on the chin?
    There's an old phrase that comes to mind, don't dish it out if you can't take it in return.

    I didn't attack; if they perceived it as one attack as I explained it doesn't become my problem and suddenly justifies a rant of several personal insults. Again, I did not insult him. And even if he took it as one insult and insulted me back, he could have apologized after I explained what I meant, but none of that matters to you I see. I'd really appreciate you to drop this and move on.
  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    That's what I do, our guild has a decent fleet that includes capitals to play with, once released, this stuff will need to get proper crews and the fleet properly organized.

    And so I would be able to play on and with ships that I haven't bought and would play through higher tiers of gameplay without having to grind for ships to be able to. ;)

    The guilds themselves are going to earn it, and it's going to continuing to fuel this. Giving you a way to play in higher tier content that many MMO's do not give you, forcing you to grind for X tier of gear/level before you can reach certain content/loot; I think org recruitment will be the best bet and path for new players.

    But anyway as this is not about bringing any arguments to the discussion yet just rant about things, my bad.
  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    Redemp said:
      I don't see a difference, sure the "scheme" is different but it boils down to the same thing. Pubs will push milestones and fight bloat, while tacking on extra's like day one DLC, Lootboxes, gated content. The product typically ships in a window that's predictable. Do we lose some of the depth that constantly shifting milestones and increased funding provide, yes but as we've seen the goalposts consistently shift.

     I also think that continual change orders and content bloat being regularly funded by additional add on's can be considered profit in the same vein. In one the product is stuck in a continually changing development cycle and exec's are enjoying that additional job security. ( When their add-on's are selling as in SC's case ) In the other the content is capped, done, and monetized - game ships and they move a portion of those profits to the next installment/game.

     I just don't see a difference anymore ... at least with the much hated publisher cycle we knew we were getting a game before any money changed hands. /shrug
    If you don't see a difference I can't help you, it's the difference of getting money to put back into attempting to make a great game vs getting money for profit and fill coffers.

    That's the reality of a game where you need to fund it by your players before they play it, it logically can't go the opposite way, only when you look for funding in publishers/investors and not to in the public.