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  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    *edit. to prevent ill'intentioned mod reports: "missing the point, as always" is not implying a passive insult yet a mention to previous times we've had the exact discussion and the same point was dodged and had to be explained. And was clarified.

    Ok, this is really scummy quoting and word-twisting Erillion.

    I specifically made a point about how long it would take your non-paying players to earn the ship, if it takes them 6 months then the only people who own the Pioneer during those 6 months are the ones that have handed over $850 (£1020 / €1020).
    *We keep having this discussion and you always miss the point.

    The capitals ships aren't meant for solo players, they are meant for guilds to get them and to be played within the fleets of guilds. Not "I'm going to grind for a capital ship for myself".

    There are MANY times more ships than there are players, this argument of "U GOTTA PAY OR GRIND FOREVAH!" is ridiculous when you simply join one org and play through what you want with your mates until and if you want, will be able to get one.  It's not a race of a linear ship progression forcing you to either pay or grind to properly play.

    This tunnel vision that refuses to consider anything else but the initial belief destroys any possible discussion seriously --'
  • 3.0 Spoilers From An Evocati

    DKLond said:
    It will cost more all-round. But displaying large capital ships and dozens of detailed entities in close proximity WILL tax your GPU a hell of a lot more than now.

    Obviously, you can just lower the settings - but it's a deliberate decision to target high-end hardware for the "true" experience.

    You can be absolutely certain that CR and his team will keep adding visual fidelity until they can't push it anymore.
    Don't really think so.

    For example, SC is not building assets in 4K textures, to make it look good as that they use is several techniques to get the detail up while using 1k textures, they push the visuals as much but you can see it's contained.
  • 3.0 Spoilers From An Evocati

    Can anybody of the experts explain to me please what this "Debug Mode" that is eating away many FPS is doing? And why is it only in the build of the first evocati test group but not in the other Alpha test groups?
    Server performance pretty much ties to the performance of the clients, hence if servers are on debug they are cut on performance that will impact the clients that way.

    That's why server memory leaks also cause player FPS issues, noticing how the server degrades over time (they confirmed those are mostly memory-related at least).

    And because that's the point of Evocati? The heavy more localized debugging and stress testing, those builds are not meant to be played, yet tested.

  • Activision Granted Patent that Pairs Players to Increase Microtransaction Purchases - General News

    MaxBacon said:
    They have teams of psychiatrists understanding your behavior, your mind, they need to get inside of your head. That's when you get the reaaalz profits.

    People spend too much time shaming Indie games and devs... O.o
    That's the reason the whole "personal responsibility" thing is, many times, applied in a misguided manner these days.  These companies have the resources to utilize such psychology to affect your perception of products and their worth.

    You look up things like the reason marijuana was ever made illegal in the first place, and you realize that marketing has a much more profound effect on the public perception than you first believed possible.  You look up things like why we have to shove aluminum under our armpits on a daily basis, and you learn you're not immune no matter how savvy you may think you are about the tricks of marketing.
    I work on it, but on the game industry is interesting to see how the hate is flowing so hard towards Indie devs, literally gives big companies a pass, there are massive brilliant tactics even on player outrages that always mitigate any profit loss (if not even increase it), even if everyone is pissed off, they'll still pay up.

    It's becoming so much about low-effort money, and as the Indie scenario seems to be nearing a cliff, worries what's in stock for us in the future.
  • Epic Announces 7M Participants in Week 1 of Battle Royale Mode - Fortnite News

    And tomorrow a new update with the Horde game mode and new event: