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  • Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans - World of Warcraft - M

    Tamanous said:

    Good, now the freeloaders can pay for a WoW sub like everyone else. The only reason they were playing this server was because it was free (with a cash shop I guess). No more stealing from Blizzard, and if they still don't want to pay for WoW (which you can play for free anyway by grinding gold)...well plenty of other free MMOs.

    Your opinion is pure naivety. You know nothing about the player base by this very statement.

    Several servers are already fully supported by cash shops which means players pay. This is exactly how legal f2p servers work which is basically how retail Wow is now anyway, for a huge portion of the live player base.

    This drama is over the vanilla wow servers that DID NOT WANT cash shops to influence the game and hoped donations were enough to keep the game alive without F2P influences in game ... the influences that impact retail Wow right now and forever changed to game as you admit yourself.

    If players play retail Wow for free now ... how does your argument that players only play vanilla Wow because it's free or has cash shops as well make sense? It doesn't. You have no point to make.

    If Blizzard hosts old version of Wow themselves it means that likely one subscription would allow access to all anyway. Players could still buy their sub in game with gold and access legacy server for free anyway. Those paying in cash shop are the same either way.

    The likely outcome may actually be that Blizzard corrupts the legacy experience MORE than private emulation actually wants. Why? Because Blizzard's track record only proves it by the the very act of meta-marketed production of Wow that destroyed vanilla in the eye's of the players who support Nost/Elysium/Lightshope and I do not, nor ever will support emulators outside of that philosophy.

    Please do not speak for a community you know absolutely nothing about. I should had that a large portion of Wow emulator players also play retail Wow. This is very evident from chat in game. A bulk of Wow player just like Wow ... all versions of it. They want to be able to play any Wow experience from launch through live retail. A mixed bag of old school, old Wow player and fresh players exist as well (again, most those coming from retail).

    You're trying to compare a project's management of an ORIGINAL product to something that is stolen and being profited off of. Some defenses for private servers are always funny.
  • Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 4.1 First Thoughts -

    Sovrath said:

    DeadSpock said:

    Been a mmorpg gamer since 2003 and few real life friends as well we started at same time none of us care at all about housing. I don't understand how so many people care about housing in a mmorpg. Do you like playing with dolls too? I'm in for the combat part or I would play sims if not.

    Has to do with being engaged in the world and having a place in the world over just "appearing" after a login screen.

    Probably more for people who are more interested in the world aspect than just a "game".

    There's that and there's also the fact that certain mats are only exclusive to having a house as well since you can only garden if you have a house and FC's can do airship exploration missions which can bring in exclusive mats as well. So its a bit more than just cosmetic to some.
  • So what is old school MMO really?

    Some games were better in the long term compared to now, but the real thing is that you had limited choice back then compared to now, so obviously things felt better. Stuff was so annoying to do that it would often times limit how many characters you created, so it kind of forced a bond with said character. Transfers were either non-existent or had long real life cool downs in how often you could do them so it forced you to not be a prick on your server. A lot of those restrictions are gone due to competition and companies trying to one-up each other to seem more appealing and get more people interested.
  • Warframe Plains of Eidolon Expansion Disappointing... Avoid.

    Sounds like you got booted from the official forums or something lol posts like these usually pop up when something like that happens to them. There's always going to be people who like and dislike the same thing.
  • Hallow's End to Run from October 18th to November 1st - World of Warcraft -

    I'll admit, I've always loved this event