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  • The Merchant of Wonders Returns in Blade & Ghoul - Blade & Soul -

    Dont forget that the outfits cost fabric/hq fabric instead of gold this time, mainly to go along-side their "pay to play" rosethorn even. I personally dont know how I feel about the game anymore since I guess they have always directly sold power (not referring to this event but it can hinder gold to hcoin conversion since so many people are currently doing it atm), but I've kind of just been put off by the whole thing compared to more options out there I guess.
  • Love the 70 dungeons and trails in FFXIV!

    Was there a point in necro'ing this thread that couldn't have been addressed somewhere more recent?
  • Soloist Mione Does It Again - This Time Gul'Dan Falls in Nighthold - World of Warcraft Videos - MMOR

    I guess this is news for someone. I'd like to think that some japanese players in FFXIV are selling some of the new housing plots for real money would be more news worthy though.
  • Luna Online Early Access Steam Keys -

    Well if Ragnarok Online can "re-launch" then I guess this isn't much of a shocker
  • A Growing Subscription Base to Rival WoW's Heyday & F2P 'Could' Happen - Final Fantasy XIV - MMORPG.

    Ok, here's the deal. The 10 million is global. The korean and chinese version of the game are f2p with a cash shop there. So technically, its already f2p. But honestly, a large part of their revenue never came from the subs but the cash shop. Their cash shop is one of the most egregious things I've seen in a good while. Most of the items are not account-wide (probably about 80%). On top of that, they charge you per gender, even though there's a gender swapping npc for gear in the game (which they purposely do not utilize). To make it even worse, outfits are gender locked but some weapons that come with outfits are not. So you'd essentially have to buy an entire set just for one thing you want instead of getting it separate (i.e. the Edda set just to get the scythe). As far as I'm concerned, they already have the cash shop ready to go for a f2p transition if they really "wanted one" because they already update the cash shop as often (if not more so) as a f2p game. I mean even BnS lets you send items off with a cheap thing you can get from the cash shop instead of having to buy the entire outfit again just so another character can have it /smh. Its honestly more likely that they'll introduce a token system similar to how WoW's works before going f2p since Yoshida was saying he'd like to do that around the same time he was talking about the idea of implementing jump potions.