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  • Which MMORPG has the best F2P model now ?

    Eldurian said:
    Eldurian said:

    Overall it's a great model, which is why you see most modern MMOs using it.

    That's not true at all. There are a few using it but not most. Eve, BDO, Albion, Runescape, Archeage, Tera, and WoW are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. Which are big games, it's just not all that many use this system. 

    Some people would say it's not a great model, simply because you can pay money to get gold in the game legally. 
    You just named the majority of successful MMOs. Or at least as successful as any MMOs are in 2017. 

    There are a few less successful titles that do it as well for instance Wurm Online but WoW, EVE, and Runescape are three of the titans of this industry. With WoW alone you are talking the most successful version of a model 95% of MMOs are based off of.

    I'm not sure if they have implemented their own version of PLEX yet but I know (If not it's probably coming eventually) but I know a few of the other major titles I haven't looked back in on in awhile such as LOTRO and SWTOR are freemium as well.
    Eve is no where near the titan of industry. Titans of industry are Wow, FF14, GW2 and ESO. Rest live on scraps. 
  • Looking forward to this MMOFPS! Very few PVE MMOFPS/shooter games come out

    Scorchien said:
     The people have spoken ...........

      Is Destiny 2 an MMO
    1. Is Destiny 2 an MMO215 votes
      1. Yes
      2. No

    Popularity of opinion doesnt make that opinion fact or even worthwhile. 
  • Path of Exile Victorious Wings Helmet Sweepstakes! -

    Raagnarz said:
    I'll be down for that. I've given these guys tons of money, more than any other game I've ever played, just because they're worth every penny to support them. They pump out amazing amounts of content and their entire game is free. They have the single best free to play model in all of games honesty. Its done right, and its all purely cosmetic. So I'll sign up to get that, as I don't have it :).
    Well... They dont do this for free. They dont work pro publico bono. They do that because people like you spend lots and lots of money on this game. 
  • Blizzard Actively Working to Stem the Tide of Toxicity - Overwatch -

    ZenJelly said:
    People complain too much. "Toxic" no matter how you toss it out there is subjective. Someone calling me trash or worse in a game has never and never will bother me. I read it, I mute them if I can and move on. It has never ruined a game. Major games also have things in place to catch and punish toxic AFK, which is really the one thing that gets me. If words in a chat box on the screen are ruining your game, the game must not be that good to begin with.
    Or you can show some empathy towards other players. Somebody would dont give a duck and other would be seriously upset. Your reactions is no more valid than someone else. And it is not for you to decide which reaction is better. 
  • Blizzard Actively Working to Stem the Tide of Toxicity - Overwatch -

    DMKano said:
    DMKano said:
    DMKano said:
    Kyleran said:

    DMKano said:

    Fighting against toxicity is expecting to rise the ocean level by peeing on it. Unless you make something that motivates to people to be positive is a wasted effort 


    When you create an environment that breeds toxicity - you aren't going to change by "fighting it".

    Kind of like saying "We are going to end violence" - and then you go and beat up people to end it.


    No. You can stop toxicity by identifying and severely punishing offenders, simple as that.

    Not necessarily easy or cheap to do, but is very doable.

    That doesnt work long term.

    Its like the war on drugs, see how well that works, severly punishing offenders didnt do shit.

    You severly punish offenders in a game, they are back in 5 min on a new account.

    Punishment doesnt change people, it only changes short term behavior, after which they regress
    The likelihood of getting caught is far more effective a deterrent than how severe the punishment.

    So policing can work, but you've got to put enough resources in it to change the perception of the playerbase that if you do engage in harassment, you will be noted and punished accordingly.  The severity of the punishment need only offset what is to be gained by engaging in the behavior.

    Policing does work - but punishment is not a deterrent longterm as it doesn't change the behavior.

    There's been a lot of research in psychology done of effectiveness of punishment - and the bottom line is it does not change the behavior at all

    The reason why policing works - is just like in the experiments - people learn to avoid the source of punishment - but the behavior remains unchanged.

    Well if you wanna get technical, we're all selfish animals.  But that's like going out of your way to note that dogs have fur.

    Even so, we've decided as a society some behaviors are worth policing.  Just because it goes against our lizard brains and we can't change those lizard brains, it dosent mean it isn't worth policing and deterring.

    Oh I agree - and in reality - this is PR by Blizzard, as they can't really do anything to change player's behavior - unless they wanted to drastically alter the core gameplay which would be a financial suicide. So no they are not going to do that.

    So Blizzard does what all game companies do - swing the ban hammer, give warnings and temp bans - but they know - it's all just short term stuff, as the real toxic players just come back on other accounts.

    Yeah, they pay Blizz 60 bucks for each perma ban. You can also ban each account of IP. Blizz is smart here, idiot who pay 60 buck to get banned over and over is not.