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  • Which MMORPG has the best F2P model now ?

    Eldurian said:
    Eldurian said:

    Overall it's a great model, which is why you see most modern MMOs using it.

    That's not true at all. There are a few using it but not most. Eve, BDO, Albion, Runescape, Archeage, Tera, and WoW are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. Which are big games, it's just not all that many use this system. 

    Some people would say it's not a great model, simply because you can pay money to get gold in the game legally. 
    You just named the majority of successful MMOs. Or at least as successful as any MMOs are in 2017. 

    There are a few less successful titles that do it as well for instance Wurm Online but WoW, EVE, and Runescape are three of the titans of this industry. With WoW alone you are talking the most successful version of a model 95% of MMOs are based off of.

    I'm not sure if they have implemented their own version of PLEX yet but I know (If not it's probably coming eventually) but I know a few of the other major titles I haven't looked back in on in awhile such as LOTRO and SWTOR are freemium as well.
    Eve is no where near the titan of industry. Titans of industry are Wow, FF14, GW2 and ESO. Rest live on scraps. 
  • Instance logic . Why it must be boss that drop the item ?

    Sovrath said:
    Personally, if I designed a MMORPG, mobs would only drop materials, or unusable damaged equipment to be recycled if humanoid. Hard mobs like bosses would drop rare reagents for more potent crafting recipes.

    And everything would be player crafted, from the armor/weapons up to stat boosts and enchantments. Being a high ranked crafter would mean something again, those adventurers would come to you with their rare reagents to have armor and weapons made for them.

    Item would have decay too, but can be partially repaired by a skilled crafter. The higher the quality, the longer the item lasts, but it will eventually have to be recycled and crafted again. The decay would be slow enough on the highest quality items for the player to have way enough time to stock up a new batch of reagents, the system must not be a pain in the ass either.

    There would also not be clones, hundreds of players owning exactly the same sword with the same name and the same stats. Every item would be unique.
    You sir, get an awesome.
    And he created recipe for disaster. Nobody would play it. Sadly or not. 
  • Secret World Legends - A Peek Behind the Curtain – Beta Preview -

    ste2000 said:
    I can't wait to give this game another go, I miss the awesome questing.
    I never had a problem with Animations, my biggest gripe was obviously the Combat but also the Skill System, way too much crap to manage, unlike many of you, I am happy they simplified the Skill System.

    Combat animations and the skill complexity are tiny issues compared to the fucked up hitboxes and combat lag. I can live with the first two but a zombie the same size as your character and NO WEAPON having a longer reach (hitbox) than a character with a 30" sword at the same distance? Really?

    Have fun swinging your sword through it's body with no effect while it tears you to pieces.

    It's guns or GTFO for players. The most boring weapon in an MMO, hands down.
    Oooo so now, when somebody says that animations dont bother him it is suddenly hitboxes which are a problem. And Guns are uber alles in tsw for players? New alternative facts everyday. Its like people who have problems with TSW cant admit they want only eye candy like half naked barbie dolls and nothing more.