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  • Credible Sources Saying MHO Closing Friday, Not December 31st After All - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMOR

    Forgrimm said:

    I know a lot of people are upset and wanting refunds for their purchases in @MarvelHeroes, but please keep in mind the developers were not paid out PTO, severance, and our medical insurance is ending in 8 days.

    — Andrew Hair (@andrewhair) November 22, 2017

    Some people want refunds for the xp boosts they bought and used and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to pay for insulin. Just some perspective.

    — Andrew Hair (@andrewhair) November 22, 2017
    Unless they're harassing him about it...  His posts are really kind of unnecessary.  Feel for the guy, but his predicament has nothing to do with folks requesting refunds.  He should look to Disney or his management for that....
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  • Lots of New Content Coming Fast - Grim Dawn -

    Aeander said:
    WASD is no good. You only have 8 directions you can move in. Using the mouse you have an analogue amount of directions to move in. It's far superior.
    I'd say it's quite frankly the other way around. WASD gives the player complete, fluid control over each step and allows for rapid course correction. Not to mention it's superb for dodging projectiles. Click movement leaves the player at the mercy of the game's pathing program (the quality of which varies greatly from game to game, and often by terrain). Overall, WASD is far superior. 
    Not to sound like a L2P dick, but if you're clicking repeatedly instead of holding down the left button and moving your cursor around your avatar when attempting to evade in an isometric ARPG...  You're kinda doing it wrong. ;)
  • Great article about Chris Roberts ;)

    For the overly sensitive:

    There, an article from the website taking a shot at Activision, instead.  Does that make your owwie feel better?
  • to the editor Bill Murphy

    What are you talking about, exactly?  Where does Bill mention he thinks the violence of either group today is justified?  I must've missed that, or you're inferring something that isn't there.  Quit trying to muddy the waters because you want to be offended.

    He said you're going to love it unless you disdain the connection it makes between original Nazis and the normalization and sympathizing of and with current white supremacists groups.  Why?  Because it's a great fucking FPS, and the only reason he sees anyone could reasonably disagree is because they're averse to the underlying theme being expressed.  That's more commentary on the game's quality than anything else, why are you attempting to twist that message?

    If you sympathize with white supremacists, you feel an affinity or unity for, or think like that group.  Now, don't fly off the handle at me: that's Merriam-Webster's definition.  I certainly don't sympathize with that group.  As a white man brought up in the state that spawned Nathaniel Bedford Forrest, I don't feel affinity for white supremacists, nor do I think like them.  Bill's saying that, if you do, you may feel offended by the game's message so much that you cannot enjoy the title for what it is: a quality FPS and a great addition to the Wolfenstein franchise.  That's it.  Nobody said you had to be a fan of BLM of ANTIFA violence to enjoy the game.  That's, quite frankly, irrelevant.  The game uses the traditional setpiece to make a statement about current day political movements that echo the same sentiments.  Quit projecting onto it and Bill's statement.  Take them for what they are: a condemnation of white supremacist movements.  Not what they aren't: a wholesale endorsement of BLM/ANTIFA violence.
  • to the editor Bill Murphy

    I have been a frequent visitor for years.   MMORP.COM posts articles and discussions about the type of games that I like to play.  Usually I will visit once or more times a day to check out the articles.  I have an account because of some key give away in the past, but have rarely felt the need to post.  After reading your "review" and subsequent comments in

    I must end my usage of this site and will have to find a site that better tends to the business of "games" rather than spewing their hate and liberal commentary in their gaming articles.  While I fully expect this post to be deleted and or ridiculed.  I will tell you what I think of your indicated belief that anyone who thinks that whites and white males in particular get the short end of the stick in today's America are Nazi's. 

    I am a white male and my opinion is that today's liberals love to point to any opinion that is not theirs and compare it to National Socialism.  I am certain that someone needs to represent white people and say it is okay to be white.  Sad to think that to you that means Nazi.  I also find it sad that you will be training your children to be ashamed of being white and how everyone else deserves good things more than them.  You never ever hear a liberal talk about equality or how someone should earn what they have. Yes, I do think that everyone should condemn what the Nazis did.  White power does not signify National Socialism or that someone is a Nazi you frigging asshat! 

    How you can so easily throw away your professional conduct as the editor of this site I don't understand.  While my respect certainly meant nothing to you before or after this post, you certainly lost it.  Your article and comments lead me to think that you are following current liberal doctrine which seems to be "if they don't agree with us then they are Nazi's and need to die."  Do you have a hit list?  Perhaps you should post it.

    I am perfectly fine ignoring liberal commentary, but I won't put up with it in what should have remained a "neutral" website.   You really should have left your liberal vitriol and hate at the door before going to work.

    You completely missed his point.  Either out of a lack of comprehension or a willful ignorance in an attempt to be offended, I know not.  But I do know that your analysis of "current liberal doctrine" is quite wrong, specifically as applied by Bill in his review.