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  • EA's Bottom line Feeling the Heat

    Stocks go up and stocks go down. Then they go up again. If EA can push through with this monetization model theyll be swimming in money. Totally worth a temporary setback from a business PoV. As long as lootboxes arent outright banned its bound to happen. Gamers have made noise about a lot of things, now most of these things are accepted and noone bats an eye at their mention.
  • (updated!) Authorities looking at regulating RNG as gambling

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    As seen here: https://www.pcgamesn.com/star-wars-battlefront-2/battlefront-2-loot-box-gambling-belgium-gaming-commission

    I would just say it's about time, perhaps this will be the first steps that will start to regulate the unregulated gambling extravaganza that we know as Loot Boxes.

    You can see that EA already came in defensive saying their loot crates are not gambling, Blizzard still to comment on it. I hope this goes forward because only legal regulations can defeat the paid RNG monetization trend.

    Hey PIG.  they are not considered gambling in America so stuff it.  All they are doing is a review and that could simply mean they say:  "yes, only a fool would call it gambling".  So stop your hissy fit.

    So what are the odds of getting that one item you wanted from the Loot box?  Sorry that is gambling....The only way to get that said item is through the loot box.You cant buy that certain item you wanted from the store. Ever wonder why car dealers dont give away "free" item anymore? LOL
    sorry by LAW it isn't . . . . . .
    Laws change and get updated. IMO law simply hasnt caught up to reality of lootboxes yet. But it will eventually.
  • Guild Wars 2 - ArenaNet Celebrates the Griffon with a Secret Path of Fire Mount - MMORPG.com

    Ive always felt GW2 is an MMO where you play next to other people not with them.
  • Shadow Of War: microtransactions!

    lahnmir said:
    I hate micro transactions like this, but really, game prices have been the same since at least 1995. Taking inflation into account current day 60 dollar games should cost about 110 right now, which they don't. So while every thing has gotten more expensive, gaming got relatively cheaper over the years, not the costs to make them, just the games.

    So where does the money come from? 
    How many copies did an average game sell in 1995? How many does it sell now?
  • Vivec Needs You, Mortal - Our Morrowind Review - Elder Scrolls Online Review - MMORPG.com

    I have several issues with ESO. Lack of progression in some areas and the illusion of choice are the biggest ones. What do I mean by lack of progression? Well, when I left the game 2 years ago the best weapons for my class were the Maelstrom bow and the Maelstrom daggers. I came back recently to see how the game was doing and what do you know - the best weapons are still the 3 exact same items from the exact same piece of content. So... nothing more to achieve here. Thats like leaving WoW in vanilla, coming back for WotLK and your weapons from Molten Core still being BiS.

    This ties in with my second complaint. Why create so many crafting styles for weapons (and some of them are really awesome) only to make them useless? Whats the point when your goal is to get 3 weapons with fixed skins youll equip and never change for years to come. No, you cant reskin them. There is no vanity slot for them. The same with other pieces of your gear. It would seem you have a lot of choice when customizing your looks with crafted gear... but crafted gear is often not BiS so when you do get your perfect gear setup you end up with a clown suit you have to cover up with costumes... I dont get it. Well, actually I do get it, they want to sell both crafting styles and costumes in the cash shop , but it really is a terrible way to go about implementing things.

    And the illusion of choice extends beyond this. Lets say you want to play a magicka user. You can pick any race for this character but you better choose the right one or youre gimping yourself. You want to play an archer - great idea, you can... but keep in mind bows are only good as secondary weapons, youll be subpar compared to someone who mains dual wield and only uses the bow as a dot/utlity tool. So you settle on dual wield - at least you have some choice here. Again, not really. If you dont like daggers and you decide on swords or axes or maces, youve just made your character much less effective.

    As for Morrowind... its a solid DLC but its not worth the expansion price tag.