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  • Guild Wars 2 - What Class to Play? - MMORPG.com

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    Got a question, I have not played GW2 in years, and do not have heart of thorns but was thinking about getting it. Are these new elite specs a neccessity to be competitive? Quite honestly I don't care for the elite of the necromancer and want to play as the base necro class. Will I be humping myself?

    Why would the company shoot them selves in the foot? Being elite does not mean they are better than the regular character...They will lose business if elite was uber compare to your regular character..

    Correct, GW2 is one of the only MMO's to offer a multitude of classes that are all relevant because everyone can do everything. With no true trinity and everyone focused on doing DPS, there's no need for team cooperation. GW2 is the epitome of zergfest.

    On a side note, the only way you can hurt yourself would be to be the only person not wearing the still meta set of Berserker gear.

    You clearly haven't played the game since mid-2015.

    Berserker gear haven't been meta for everyone since HoT released and raids require healers, tank, supports, etc. The only place where you are suggested to focus on power is during leveling up, but afterward, nope.
    So you're telling me GW2 has implemented the trinity system? and everyone that I know that still plays the game says Berserker set is still meta? Interesting.

    GW2 official statement on HoT raid system...

    According to Johanson, ArenaNet's plan is to remove the traditional barriers that can stop MMO players from enjoying raids. "Our combat system allows everybody to play our core roles of support, control, and DPS," he says. "You can play the profession that you love to play, you can get ten players together and you can play the raid. You don’t have to wait around half an hour for a healer to get online." There won't be an attunement system, either. As Johanson puts it, players should be able to simply "form up, play the raid, and have a great time."

    I see support, control and DPS. No where do I see any mention of a true tank, a true healer. Perhaps it's just wording and by support, they mean healer, but when looking at the skill sets of all the classes, I really don't see any that could be classified as a healer. Oh wait, he actually states that the great thing about GW2's HoT raid system is you won't have to wait around for a healer! Well than, I guess I'll stick with my original outlook.
  • Okay WTF is a MMO? Really?

    Pretty soon people will start calling apples oranges and then we can throw that whole coined term, apples to oranges out the window.
  • Is Destiny 2 an MMO:Poll

    Apparently not that simple, otherwise the poll would be unanimous.
  • Which MMO most promoted griefing?

    Is it griefing when someone dominates the Monopoly board? No. Is it griefing when you lose at checkers? No. 

    Griefing is a myth. Its winning or losing. Grow a pair.
    Clearly you don't understand the term of griefing. Griefing is when someone takes advantage of gear, level or stat progression in which their opponent has no means of defending against or winning. So, if we are to use your analogy of say Monopoly. It would be like someone playing by themselves for 100 dice rolls and then someone else joins. Let me know how that turns out. Thank you for upholding the need for stereotypes.
  • Does Conan Exiles have paid DLC in early access?

    Ok, before anyone get's the wrong idea here. You can purchase the CORE game which offers 1 portion of the map. While it's a huge area, the new EXPANSION which includes the lands to the north with a new snowy biome is not included. Unless you're ok with calling $40 for both as an ok price. Despite all that, I'm not sure I understand the problem with paid DLC in the form of expansions as wrong for a game in EA. I mean, it could just as easily been delivered as DLC AFTER the game launched, so what difference does it make.