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  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    The less government intrusion in anything...the better. That includes the internet.
    In pains me when I think of all the money and energy that's gone into the proproganda that was required to program you to believe that.
  • COE funding continues to grow

    JustDrake said:
    And there are very valid reasons those publishers don't want to fund these endeavors.  None of that qualifies a cautious wait and see attitude about these developers' ability to deliver, quite the contrary.  And it certainly doesn't mean we should give them carte blanche regarding monetization and marketing tactics.

    Had the CoE team approached a traditional, reputable publisher and pitched this idea and timeline, how do you honestly think that would've went down?
    I think we can agree they probably wouldn't get far with a traditional publisher because there is no proven market for their chosen mechanics.

    I am not suggesting carte blanche. I just don't like what I see as a vendetta from some posters. Their monetisation is far better than loot boxes or what have you in some very successful games.
    Most of the criticism of the sale of titles etc is speculation as to its long term effects. It might turn out bad but it is not a given. That is what annoys me the most, the extreme reactions. Everything is a total disaster, complete failure or idiocy. And no explanation is every allowed to mitigate the negative in any way.
    I would suggest childishness of behalf of those that don' allow constructive criticism of their comments.
    Seems very much "my way is right and you are wrong".

    At the moment the devs have made mistakes, yes but other studios do too, the only difference is they don' admit them or hide them with their lack of transparency.

    With Coe only time will tell and I think it's time people laid off the insults and waited to see what happens
    OK Ordanska.. you can suggest childishness.  I suggest it's realism.
    No, he's right it's childishness, and to the extreme degree.  It's not too different than picking on the smaller kids in your neighborhood just because you know you can do it with impunity. 

    Acting like a giant dick in the name of "realism" doesn't absolve a person of that behavior.
  • The positive CoE challenge:

    There isn't a game yet, so your "challenge" is just a bad joke, but I'm sure you know that already, and are, as usual, just trying to stir the pot some more.  As soon as there's a game to play (assuming it ever gets finished), I'll list everything I like and don't like about it for you while you're no doubt still explaining to everyone why it's bad and they shouldn't appreciate it.

    People calling you out on your relentless attacks against a video game still in production are not necessarily "Defenders of CoE" as you put it.  Sometimes it's just defending basic decency.  After a certain point, the crusade you're on is nothing more than bullying a developer into taking your bait and when they do you savor every word of their flippant response and use it as more dirt to pile on.  It's interesting that a lot of people here seem to admire it.  I think there's nothing admirable about it at all.
  • CoE announces plan to commoditize and sell many perks individually, gets hit in face with backlash.

    Dakeru said:
    OrangeBoy said:
    "He's the one that admitted the "investors" he mentioned on their KS page was in fact a family member.  One family member."

    This is like those open and shut cases Dave Chapelle talks about during his comedy routines.

    Something like that is all you need to prove something is fishy.

    Was that on the public forums or the super secret high money backer ones?  I'll have to check my sources... can't believe I missed that one.

    Me either given how much time you devote to slagging this project.  It's hard to be believe any of the potential dirt for the smear campaign would fly under your radar.
    Didn't you just complain about the forum being toxic?

    At least Slap said he missed a fact he would have used to back up his opinion.
    That's still on topic.

    All you do is personally attack him without contributing anything.
    Okay, talk about pot meet kettle .... lol.

    How is pointing out the obvious, that Slapshot has devoted a considerable amount of time to slamming this project, a personal attack?   I'm just voicing what I see.  It's not personal; it's just true.  I have nothing against Slapshot as a person.   I just don't like his agenda towards projects he deems suspicious.  He takes it way too far in my opinion.  Way beyond the point of it being helpful to anyone.  You disagree?  Noted.
  • CoE announces plan to commoditize and sell many perks individually, gets hit in face with backlash.

    OrangeBoy said:
    OrangeBoy said:
    Oh, and where are my manners

    Nice to meet you all =]
    I read many of your posts on their forums.  I wondered where you had gone to.  Stick around, I have a feeling the fun is just getting started!

    I have to say, it is quite the honor to meet you. And you're right, the fun has only just commenced.
    Is your account still active on the CoE forums?  If so I shall keep an eye out for your posts.
    You definitely should.  Trolling is much more fun when you have like-minded companions.  The only thing better than investing personal time into destroying the work of others is having company when you do it.