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  • Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans - World of Warcraft - M

    But.... if people wanted to see what WoW Vanilla use to feel like that closer WoW Vanilla clone I ever seen.
    That title is complete garbage, run into the ground by Derek My-Mission-In-Life-Is-To-Shit-On-Star-Citizen Smart.
  • Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans - World of Warcraft - M

    Ghavrigg said:
    vtravi said:
    Good, now the freeloaders can pay for a WoW sub like everyone else. The only reason they were playing this server was because it was free (with a cash shop I guess). No more stealing from Blizzard, and if they still don't want to pay for WoW (which you can play for free anyway by grinding gold)...well plenty of other free MMOs.
    Are you insane? I tried retail Wow. Legion is horrible, I can take my tank and round up every mob in a zone, kill them all and finish with full health. How is this fun? I never played Wow until WotLK and it was never my favorite game but I played because my friends played. I recently tried this Vanilla Wow and it blew me away. Leveling is a challenge. By level 10 I have died a ton. You get a gear upgrade at lvl 8 and it is exciting because you need it. This has nothing to do with it being free, it has to do with it being a vastly superior product. I only play games with Subs which leaves not too many games these days. I really wish someone would make a vanilla LOTRO game as that was my all time favorite game....
    Oh yay. Leveling takes longer, I die more often during it, and gear comes less often and with smaller incremental upgrades. Good thing the combat is slower, more boring, and way more unbalanced and the game changes entirely at end-game so it's all worth it. Blows the goddamn mind, that superior design.
    Sounds like you aren't very good at the vanilla game so you'd be better off sticking with retail, where they shower you with gear no matter how much you suck.  Gear rarity is one of the aspects of the original game that is attractive to people who like their rewards to feel like actual rewards, meaning they're earned.
  • Alright, Caspian, let's dance

    CrazKanuk said:

    Yeah, I agree with you on most items. However, I think that incompetency and dishonesty are very difficult to prove in any case, even this one. As MJ said in his own thread, just yesterday, he did have a "holy fuck" moment. He also acknowledges that these things DO happen. It's also why he says he doesn't comment on other developers. So this has been my main issue with this whole discussion. I can appreciate that some people have relatively simple jobs that are highly predictable. I know when I put fries in that it's going to take exactly 3 minutes. I know with a very small window of error how long it's going to take me to drive around and put your street's garbage in the back of my truck. However, did you ever notice how on "Big Day" your trash collectors will generally say pickup will be sometime within this week-long period? That's because unknowns have been introduced. 

    It has very little to do with incompetence and dishonesty and much more to do with the complexity of the task at hand. Again, this is a daunting task for some to wrap their head around, so I'm not going to step outside that very basic analogy of trash pickup, but when we're dealing with complexity, there will ultimately be delays, and that is only compounded by the length of time we're attempting to estimate (because we generally suck at estimating longer times). 

    I'd LOVE to believe that if Caspian had just been apologetic or nice from the beginning that this would have all went away, but there are other projects which would offer pretty good evidence to the contrary. The fact that he's been an asshole has provided a great deal of ammunition, but it's most likely that ammunition would have been fabricated somehow regardless. We've seen it before and, unfortunately, we will likely see it again. It often has little to do with the project itself, and less to do with logic, but I suppose that's the state we're in today. Everyone just doing their part to make America great again :) 

    Let me try to share my perspective.

    I'm a project manager for a software company. I get paid well to manage complex projects and I get paid even better when we hit our targets, targets that I set. I don't hear anything when we slip by up to about 20%, but I can kiss all my performance bonuses goodbye. Here, upper management is smart enough to pad every project by between 15-20% of the estimates we PMs provide after we do serious due diligence on the project. That means pulling as much detail for every possible task from everyone on the team and gauging confidence of those details. This takes a HUGE upfront effort but pays off by orders of magnitude by locking in scope and subsequently budget.

    When slip starts to hit 30% we would take some heat and asked to justify the reasons for the slip and we might be told to adjust the scope to fit the existing budget, which means cuts to the project.

    If slip hit the 100%+ mark, I would be fired and whoever let me hang around to let it get to that point would be thrown out beside me. Hell, I would fire myself for letting that happen.

    So why does Caspian get a pass after:

    - he collected money from people on the promise of a well developed schedule and stating that he has multiple investors waiting in the wings but keeps cash grabbing

    - taking three weeks to launch a website store he stated was already done, then blaming the delay on some foreign entity (convenient)

    - blaming the complexity of IOSpatial for integration issues after previously stating he has reviewed it in detail (flying to the UK to review it I believe) and was confident integration was going to be a piece of cake

    - and now he announces a feature he wants to show off at PAX (shouldn't he be saving his money for that project that just doubled?) that wasn't even listed in his list of features

    His belittlement of people aside, he has shown through action, not assumption, that he cannot be trusted to handle a project of this size and complexity.

    It doesn't look to me like Caspian's getting a pass on anything.  People have been shitting on him since the beginning of the CoE Kickstarter and the recent announcement of the delay seems to have increased the steady flow of excrement in his direction.  And really, there's no point to any of it.  Bashing him every step of the way isn't going to spontaneously make the game get finished faster.
  • Sandbox Done Right - Albion Online Review -

    For me, a game done right does not allow purchasing ingame currency for real money.

    So only the 3rd-party gold sellers get to do that, huh?  In this case, pragmatism trumps idealism.  It's better for EVE Online to have PLEX, World of Warcraft to have the Token, and Albion Online to have Gold.  If you take those away, then the only way to purchase currency is 3rd-party gold sellers.  Removing the official method only helps gold sellers; it accomplishes nothing else.
    First off, I believe that the extent of gold purchasing would be lower in a game where you can buy it only from the "black market" as I am convinced that not everyone who buys gold from cash shop, which is legitimate, would be willing to violate game's terms and conditions by buying it from the gold sellers.

    I also prefer it when developers implement other preventive and detective mechanisms to mitigate illegitimate gold selling than becoming gold sellers themselves.

    I was stating my subjective preference. I dislike it when ingame assets are purchasable with money. I understand that currently, it is probably not attainable for game developers to fully mitigate gold selling. However, I personally consider it to be better when purchasing gold represents an illegitimate action which pretty much equals cheating.

    I also understand that players have probably become more tolerant of these practices after the developments in the games funding and monetization of the last decade, but it does not mean that I am personally willing to accept it.

    Well sure, in a perfect world my preference would be no currency being sold for real money, but so far the best way to combat 3rd-party sellers is by introducing an official way to exchange real money for in-game currency.  Even Blizzard finally caved to the realization that they would never be able to effectively combat gold sellers any other way.  It's just not worth the resources.  The best way to do it is to offer an official option, which the majority of players interested in purchasing in-game currency will opt for because there's no risk of getting their account banned.
  • RUMOR: Next Expansion Details Leaked - Veil of Shadows - World of Warcraft -

    Bullshit until proven not.