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  • Turn-Based F2P Strategy MMO Launches Into Early Access - Space Wars: Interstellar Empires - MMORPG.c

    Gdemami said:
    Turn based combat taking place in turns....*shocking*

    Some people...
    We were complaining about the the long wait between turns, not about turns themselves.

    If you had played other turn based MMOs you'd know that there are plenty of solutions to the wait, like:
     -command phase and action phase
     -giving multiple people their turns at the same time (eg. one side first then another side)
     -limiting the scale, number of players, and increasing damage that you can do within a single turn
     -making UI and game mechanisms that allow players to make their choices for the turn faster

    Please play some turn based games instead of criticizing those of us who have played them. Thank you.
  • Turn-Based F2P Strategy MMO Launches Into Early Access - Space Wars: Interstellar Empires - MMORPG.c

    I tested the game, and it sucks.

    The devs have some good ideas, but managing your ship by adjusting power levels for 10+ different things for each single combat round is not fun, it's cumbersome.

    Also if there are a lot of players in a single battle you may have to end up waiting 10 minutes between turns. 10 minutes wait make a movement and shoot the enemy maybe 2 times, then it's on to next 10 minute wait.

    The game had a lot of error pop-up messages and many things felt unfinished, but even if they finish and fix everything the underlaying game is bad and they'd need to do a major overhaul to not frustrate and bore their players to death with the wait and cumbersome mechanics.
  • Crowfall - From Crowdfunding to Preorder - MMORPG.com

    genaknosc said:

    flizzer said:

    Not sure what to make of this game yet. It is a PvP game but there will be seperate servers so there is the possibility of a PvE server? I'm sure this was all fleshed out in some interview but I haven't kept up with all the info out on the game.

    I used to follow the game until I learned it was going to go pvp centric. It think it will have pve, but only to provide fodder for pvp players. It's not consensual pvp either. I don't think there will be pve only servers.

    I hope the game is successful, but doubt it will ever be more than a niche game with a small population. Which is fine, as long as it makes enough to keep it going. If I'm off on any of this i'm sure someone will correct me.
    Of course it is consensual PvP, by logging into a campaign you are consenting to PvP. You could always just stay in an Eternal Kingdom with PvP disabled though if you want.
    You can also avoid PvP by playing only with character creation screen and never proceeding further. Considering the experience you'll get if you never leave Eternal Kingdoms the character creation screen might even be more fun.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Horusra said:
    For me has less to to with political bias and more to do with economic belief.  I believe free market capitalism is the driver of innovation.  When someone can make some cash people will compete for it.
    That belief isn't always true.

    For example cheques: I live in Finland, with much heavier regulation on electronic money transfer than USA. I'm now 30 years old. I've only seen one cheque during my entire life. It was about 16 years ago, and at the time I was surprised that they were still in use. Back then I though cheques were something that only existed in old comics and TV shows that were made before electronic money transfer.

    USA has much less regulation that Finland. It hasn't resulted innovative behavior. It has resulted in existing services being able to defend their places that much better, and much slower spread of new innovations.
  • UPDATE: Belgian Minister Wants EU Ban on Loot Boxes, Speaks Before Committee Ruling

    Horusra said:

    I would rather the government butt in as little as ever possible and I personally believe jumping first to government banning for this should be the last step not the first.  Customers should reject games with it.  If they do not then they accept the practice. 
    Most customers don't have the time required to do research on whether they should reject a game. They've got to do their job, their household chores, and take care of their kids. What little free time they've got after all their obligations is too precious to be wasted on research about game monetization practices.

    Oftentimes government regulation is the only way to go because other solutions would take too much people's time.