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  • United Forces to Lay the Groundwork for Big Changes Including Server 'Connections'

    Torval said:
    I'm on Begeren Colony. I wonder how the new NA servers will be differentiated - west/east or pve/pvp. Guess I'll find out in a month.
    I'm on Harbinger.  So I suppose the silver lining is that we will be able to group up and play together now :smile:
  • anyone want to help me make an mmo?

    Bestinna said:
    RufusUO said:
    Your comment here is an example of a hostile response.  You aren't required to become enraged and froth at the mouth for it to be considered hostile -- this is evidence enough.

    Comments re: "sex out of boredom" are inappropriate and influence how people perceive you.  You also changed another of your inappropriate comments (re: porn) on the first page of this thread to "wot" after my criticism, thus acknowledging, at least in part, that you realize the way you type/present yourself online is harmful to your dream.  My recommendation is to embrace the criticism more fully and temper your conduct and rhetoric.

    Also, as Forgrimm suggested with his gif, one of your comments seems out of place:

    "I feel like I have put in the legwork doing what i've done which is mostly creating a game that is fun, balanced, etc in my head that no one except people on the left would uninstall"

    This is not only inappropriate and unprofessional but also is a likely deterrent to valuable talent that otherwise may have aided you.

    Overall, this can be a great learning experience, in more ways than merely game development.  Again, I wish you good luck, truly.  We are desperate for good games and it would please us greatly if you, the ostensible underdog, could pull off your dream.
    just because someone felt threatened doesn't mean I was trying to threaten them. no one can read minds either to determine if I was truly being hostile. there's no evidence.

     I removed that post for a different reason than you think. the evidence for that is the fact I didn't remove every comment that could be considered 'inappropriate'

     maybe it is not such a bad thing to weed out talent I would not have gotten along with for the project.

     agreed.. i think lol and if I come off as hostile it's just my ocd compelling me to clarify what's been misunderstood. and thanks for the good luck, ur right and i hope I pull it off too.
    Clearly you've learned nothing.
  • Marvel Heroes Omega - A Closer Look at the Omega Item Redesign -

    Torval said:
    I don't like RNG costumes and heroes. If I can't just buy what I want I'm going to be bummed. It's kind of a deal breaker because with this kind of game I just want to play the thing that draws me in. Plus in an ARPG the mobs are the freaking loot crates. That's why you pop them to get the sweet loot.

    Fortunately I have a few heroes I really like unlocked with costumes I like so if that doesn't get screwed up then I'm find for a while. 

    The loot and gear changes I'm okay with too for the same reasons Mike listed in the article. Compared to all my other ARPGs this has the most boring loot. I'm looking forward to see how it improves.

    I hope it all works out for the better. I'd hate to lose my only superhero ARPG.
    So you can't just directly buy your hero of choice on consoles?  If I'm understanding correctly, they drop in loot boxes?  If that's the case, I don't think I would even bother with that version.
  • New PUBG Interview Hints at Tencent Investment, PS4 Version Coming Soon - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrou

    Maybe they should finish the game and get it out EA before worrying about launching on PS4.  
  • Red Dead Redemption II Trailer Tells the Story of Arthur Morgan - News

    Khegobier said:
    Still waiting for RDR 1 on the PC...
    You can play it on PC right now.  Just need a PS3 or PS4 controller and the PlayStation Now app.