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  • Adding the ability to choose your religion in an MMO

    Eldurian said:
    Eldurian said:
    I think that if your answer is "no" you need some answer better than a swipe at real world religion. The only comments I've labeled as "edgy" is those that are using this thread as an opportunity to voice their grievances with real world religion IE: "Religion divides people" and "fictional worlds are the only place a religion DOES belong".

    I haven't labeled anyone as edgy for voicing legitimate reasons they don't want religion based on in-game factors.

    So keep on trying with these attacks. For now I'm just going to take it that you're angry I talked back.
    Aren't we just the snowflake.  Now I'm attacking you lol.  You sure don't like when someone disagrees with you.  I'll stop so I stop hurting your feelings.
    Calling it like it is. You came in posted a meme asserting I was a bible thumper who pushes my religion down everyone's throats. That's an attack. A particularly weak one given it's based on so many assumptions it didn't even hit close to home, but an attack.

    I'm not offended, it just shows how riled up you get when someone disagrees with your worldview. Even if all they are disagreeing with is you and your buddies cramming your opinions on real world religions down our throats in a topic about religions in video games.

    Essentially I'm just calling you on your hypocrisy. Kind of like when I had an ex would go on for hours about how dumb religious people were but couldn't tell me who the president during the Civil War was and believed the Roman Empire still existed. Or saw someone who I know swiped their social security card through an ATM and started crying (yes literally crying) when the money didn't come out posting the same crap on Facebook.

    Bashing other people's beliefs doesn't make you clever. So if you are going do it on an unrelated forum in a topic that only has the barest of relevance to real world religion, expect me to make some quips at your expense. If you can't handle that then you really should look in the mirror before you start calling people "snowflakes".
    Thanks for proving my point snowflake lol.

  • anyone want to help me make an mmo?

    Bestinna said:
    RufusUO said:
    Your comment here is an example of a hostile response.  You aren't required to become enraged and froth at the mouth for it to be considered hostile -- this is evidence enough.

    Comments re: "sex out of boredom" are inappropriate and influence how people perceive you.  You also changed another of your inappropriate comments (re: porn) on the first page of this thread to "wot" after my criticism, thus acknowledging, at least in part, that you realize the way you type/present yourself online is harmful to your dream.  My recommendation is to embrace the criticism more fully and temper your conduct and rhetoric.

    Also, as Forgrimm suggested with his gif, one of your comments seems out of place:

    "I feel like I have put in the legwork doing what i've done which is mostly creating a game that is fun, balanced, etc in my head that no one except people on the left would uninstall"

    This is not only inappropriate and unprofessional but also is a likely deterrent to valuable talent that otherwise may have aided you.

    Overall, this can be a great learning experience, in more ways than merely game development.  Again, I wish you good luck, truly.  We are desperate for good games and it would please us greatly if you, the ostensible underdog, could pull off your dream.
    just because someone felt threatened doesn't mean I was trying to threaten them. no one can read minds either to determine if I was truly being hostile. there's no evidence.

     I removed that post for a different reason than you think. the evidence for that is the fact I didn't remove every comment that could be considered 'inappropriate'

     maybe it is not such a bad thing to weed out talent I would not have gotten along with for the project.

     agreed.. i think lol and if I come off as hostile it's just my ocd compelling me to clarify what's been misunderstood. and thanks for the good luck, ur right and i hope I pull it off too.
    Clearly you've learned nothing.
  • Adding the ability to choose your religion in an MMO

    Eldurian said:
    Phry said:
    Some of the real world religions are so messed up i don't even want them to be IRL, i most certainly would not want them to be in a game :/

    If they are coming off as edgy.  You sure are coming off as an edgy bible thumper.  People who have differing opinions on your beliefs are now trying to be "cool" according to you.  You're the only one on this whole thread that's getting upset about their posts.  I'm guessing you're like this meme IRL.

  • Which MMO/RPG lore would you like to be made into a TV series like Game of Thrones with high budget

    WoW. Warcraft has more lore than most MMOs, and its fantasy which is always more popular than other settings and its also the most well known MMO setting to be made into a show.

    It also has a HUGE potential funding behind it, since Blizzard rakes in the dough. And WoW is still played by millions, and remains most subbed MMO decades later.

    And it be very successful in the Asia region, where as an MMO like ESO is more a western thing.
    Looks like someone didn't bother to read the OP.  He said not to post about Wow since it already has a movie.
    a movie and a tv series like game of thrones are two very different things.

    Also star wars already had tv shows (they/it (I think there were multiple) were cartoons, but still were star wars shows)

    The OP just doesn't like WoW is all. Star wars is a movie, but also had at least one tv series on it.

    So I'll trigger you, and still say a game of thrones style warcraft show is the best and would make the most money since it would do extremely well in asia
    Me pointing out your stupidity is not triggering anything lol.  Maybe my laughter.  But go ahead and hit "wtf" like you always do when someone disagrees with you.
    you are the one who got overly defensive and complained that I said WoW lol. This thread is just for fun, so who cares if someone says a star wars game of thrones style show or warcraft or whatever else.
    Lol, overly defensive?  You really struggle with reading comprehension.  You'd think with the million pointless threads you start on this site you'd be able to read a simple sentence.  Don't forget to hit "wtf" since my replies seem to get you so emotional.