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  • Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Our TwitchCon 2017 Chat with Brad McQuaid & Corey LeFever -

    Not an mmorpg unless there is ganking,period. Don't make the same mistake twice in the shoving pvp iinto Vanguard instead of making it organically part of the game.
    So not an mmorpg unless you can be a Dick in it.  Gotcha, glad people like you won't be ruining other people's fun.
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  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review - General Columns

    Ozmodan said:
    My opinion of the Switch is an overpriced piece of junk.  Kids are already on their 4th controller and I am not even going to bother listing all the issues we have had with the console.  The next thing that breaks it goes in the garbage.

    Beyond the new Mario game and Zelda, I have yet to see a good title on it.  I just do not grasp why people think this is a worthwhile buy. 
    I believe they sell silicon covers that you can put on your kids to protect the switch.
  • Miniguns Update Launches Today with Elin Gunner - TERA -

    I'd go back to TERA if bluehole ever made any content that was non-elin or non-female. They have put zero effort in for male characters. So they obviously don't care about my wallet or anyone else who feels like me. So TERA is on my pay no mind list now.
  • Mom Claims Teen is a 'Scapegoat' When Sued by Epic Games for Cheating - Fortnite -

    Renoaku said:
    Sovrath said:
    SEANMCAD said:
    Sovrath said:
    SEANMCAD said:

    I doubt they will win. 
    It kind of is a bit of a free speech argument.

    It has NOTHING to do with "free speech".

    Why is it that some gamers have never attended a class that discussed this?
    lol....too funny...actually it absolutely positively does depending on what he is being sued for.

    is he being sued for cheating OR is he being sued for telling other people how to cheat? He is being sued (is he not) for telling other people how to cheat. That is ABSOLUTLY a free speech vs defamation lawsuit.
    Freedom of speech is about being able to say criticize the government without having charges brought against you. Among a few other things that have to do with our support of various things or displeasure against various things.
    Well if you want free speech on the internet, you just use a VPN, and keep making accounts / spreading information, in fact if I was going to post about cheating in an online game I would use a VPN and remain anonymous something the parents should have taught the 14 year old.

    I still don't get the whole fuss over a Video of all things, perhaps the user deserves to have their accounts punished, and the parents / 14 year old be informed of what DMCA really means though.
    Coming from a well known cheater like you that's rich.  God I hope you didn't spawn any kids.
  • Mom Claims Teen is a 'Scapegoat' When Sued by Epic Games for Cheating - Fortnite -

    CrazKanuk said:
    Cazriel said:
    There's some confusion here that needs to be cleared up. The 14-year-old is neither Vraspir (an adult) nor Broom (a citizen of Canada), as this article implies. Those two were sued first. Those suits were reported in the gaming news on October 12. The complaint against the kid was filed later, on October 23.

    Here's the docketing info:,_Inc_v_Rogers

    (You read these bottom to top, with the latest filings being at the top and the first filing at the bottom, where you'll find the date the complaint was filed.)

    It seems to be taken for granted on this site and others that Epic maliciously released a 14-year-old's name and deserves wide condemnation for it. However, if they did, no one has been able to provide a link to the Epic site where this happened. (Following the rules of all gaming sites, Link or it didn't happen.)

    Epic did name the boy in the suit they filed in Federal court, which is public information, and news agencies picked it up from there and widely published his name.

    In order to protect its copyright, Epic had to file against the kid, who counter-claimed against the DMCA. It's anybody's guess whether Epic knew the kid was 14 when they filed the suit. I also rather doubt that from his video () and actions one would leap to the conclusion that he was underage.

    Chain of events is that

    1. Kid streams Fortnite cheats and loads to YouTube.

    2. Epic files DMCA notification requesting copyrighted material be removed.

    3. YouTube takes it down.

    4. Kid files counter-notification using the doctrine of fair use as a defense.

    5. Epic files in federal court to protect its copyright.

    They didn't go after the kid to make an example of him, they didn't scapegoat him or pick on him. They responded to his attack (by his filing a counter-notification) on their copyright.

    Too bad Mom didn't step in before he filed the counter -notification. She could have saved herself the hassle of defending a federal lawsuit for copyright infringement if she had just slapped his wrist and said, "Stop that."

    It will be interesting to see how this falls out, what the judge decides to do with Mom's letter (which, as you can see from the docket, has been filed as a document in the case), whether Mom is substituted in as defendant, whether the kid's general attitude convinces the judge he's just a dopey, clueless minor playing with adult toys or a budding sociopath, and whether this gets settled out or goes to trial.
    If I only saw this video.  I would never guess he is 14.  Since when do 14 year olds have a beard lol.

    I have a 15 year-old who has had a full beard since he was 13. He was even carded in baseball a couple times for it. The beard served him well as intimidation for the last 2 years, lol. Now he's playing with 18 year-olds, though, so not anymore. 

    I had a friend in high school back in the day who had a full beard at 15.  Started balding at 17.  His senior year,  a few freshman thought he was a teacher and were asking for directions to class lol.  He also bought us smokes and beer at 17 because everyone thought he was 30+ and never carded him lol.