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  • The 10 Best Story-Driven MMOs of All Time - The List -

    SlyLoK said:
    A joke list.

    Never played FF but I have played GW2 and it isn't remotely close to ESO or SWToR. GW2 isn't even top 5.

    Got paid? Kickbacks? Doesn't smell good whatever it is.

  • Marvel Heroes Omega - A Closer Look at the Omega Item Redesign -

    This game was a lot of fun with a controller on PC.  I always hoped blizzard would add controller support for D3, but I doubt that will happen.
  • New PUBG Interview Hints at Tencent Investment, PS4 Version Coming Soon - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrou

    Maybe they should finish the game and get it out EA before worrying about launching on PS4.  
  • anyone want to help me make an mmo?

    Sovrath said:
    Sovrath said:
    Sovrath said:
    Wow that is awesome:

    Sovrath made a game

    I don't think I said I made a game. I do have a skryim mod nearing completion, been working on it over 2 years. It's reasonably large.
    Any chance you can give us a hint what your mod is all about?
    It's a large tomb. It's actually just a sort of present for a friend of mine; the only video games that he plays are the elder scrolls games. So I decided to make "the ultimate tomb" as a birthday present... only to have it take 2+ years.

    A man has been visited by the ghost of one of his ancestors who was buried in the tomb at the time of its sealing. Buried there is Godfred the Black (Gottfried) who amassed an army but was defeated, his army and followers sealed in the tomb forever, some dead and some alive, and all records destroyed so his name be removed from memry. The spirit senses that something is happening after all these years so this man contacts you (whether you are Dragonborn or not) because you are widely known for your heroic deeds to investigate.

    Each of Godfreds 3 Dragon Priest advisors expanded their tombs so that they could, in essence live on in their own twisted realms. You must collect their Dragon Claws and unlock Godfreds crypt to uncover the evil within.

    it's pretty straightforward on the surface but there are many secrets/secret areas where you have to pay attention in order to reveal them.
    You should definitely upload that on the steam workshop.  I would play that in a heartbeat.  Let me know if you do please.
    Yes that is the plan! I'll let you know when it is uploaded. I "think" another month or two. It will first be uploaded to the skyrim NExus site and then I'll figure out how to do it for the special edition.
    That's awesome.   Thanks my friend.  I look forward to it.
  • Adding the ability to choose your religion in an MMO

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    Keep religion and politics out of mmos. We would have more civil wars than we have now.
    I would let keep individual things (politics, sexuality, religion) to oneself, not to demonstrate.
    I think fantasy "made up" religions are fine. And could even drive game play.
    I would love to be at the meeting where it is decided which religions are "real" and which are "made up".

    Which category does this fall under?

    Church of the Fonz is a very respectable religion and I highly endorse it.
    Yes a church I can totally worship.
    There tithes are ridiculous, though.  Where'd they come up with 78.14 %, anyway?
    Forget them, Join the church of bacon with me ;-)