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  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    It doesn't look like you've quite figured it out yet so I'll give you a little heads up here, the internet is where your castrated shit pushed in leftist ideology goes to die, unless you're on facebook or twitter or some lame shit like that. Get used to it babygirl.
    Okay, so I guess you don't want to contribute anything worthwhile to the discussion.  Noted.
    I already won the thread. No idea what you're on about son.
    You've won nothing, and until you address the actual issue that's what's your opinions are worth: nothing.
    Oh this suddenly turned into 'I know you are but what am I' that's about as far as I figured a CNN slurp junkie cringe hole would be able to get into the discussion. Won the thread 1+ pages ago, deal with it swine.
    Like I said, nothing worthwhile to say so far.  But I'll keep reading.  You might surprise me.
    I know you'll keep reading because you're the kinda slut that needs to slither up next to a winner.
    Hey @TheScavenger .  This is what triggered looks like.  Just fyi.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Horusra said:
    Tiller said:
    Horusra said:
    Asm0deus said:
    Horusra said:
    Horusra said:
    All the doomsayers here clutching to government's boots is funny.  The government can not run or regulate anything successfully.  You all can have faith in them I will not.  Less government the better.
    It's remarkable that any human being could have such a narrow view of a situation like this.  "Government is bad" is just some stupid trope that's been pushed on you relentlessly for decades.  There are some things that government is good for.  It's too bad that so many folks like you don't realize that yet.

    Your government Kool-Aid must taste great.
    Your "corporate will save us from govment" kool aid must taste even better.

    Corporations and governments only serve one thing and that is themselves.  If either can get away with it they will screw you for money and power.  It is the people that actually have to do something about it.  Media, if we had one that worked, to get information out.  People to actually speak with their wallets. 
    So I'm guessing you will be the first to speak with your wallet, go off grid, throw out your cell phone, put up hippy solar panels for power and go down to the nice clean river and dredge up some unprotected water for drinking?
    Exactly.  I'm continually amazed by such ridiculous rhetoric. 

    The world works the way it does not the way people wish it would, and the way it works is government officials are elected, corporate executives are not.
    The government hate bandwagon has been the longest running hate bandwagon in the world.

    With good reason. When was the last time a bakery killed 20 million of it's own customers? 
    Yes, because corporate entities have excellent track records in honest, up front dealings with the public.  Why in the world were governments ever created in the first place???

    To rule over people and control resources for the betterment of those incharge of the governments.  It is a modern day myth that governments are really for the people and by the people.
    Lol, no.

    Just no.

    Your inability to see anything beyond some grand, sweeping, idealistic position prevents you from providing any pertinent input.  You go ahead and refuse assistance from the government when a natural disasters hits in your area though...  I mean, you know, deep down, they're not helping you, they're just sneaking all your prized possessions out the back door, right?
    If he gets injured, I'm assuming he will decline disability.  How about if he loses his job? Nope, he will tell the big bad government that he rather live in a box than take their evil unemployment.  Planning to retire? Need Medicare for those health issues?  Ppfftt, not taking that evil Medicare and/or social security.  Sadly, he is a byproduct of how poor our education system in the USA is.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Torval said:
    Also, I don't get it. My liberal friends were applauding Merkel for forcing Facebook to censor her political opponents because "fake news". Now suddenly they're concerned about a free and open internet? Yeah right!
    This isn't about censorship. Do you even understand or comprehend what this technical discussion is about? This is about packet preference at its core. You can't have missed QoS settings on your router. They don't give a damn whether you're an ignorant pig spouting disgusting fascist crap on the internet or the most benevolent philanthropist saving people. They care about where the packets came from and which ones are more important. That will be decided by how much people pay.

    So the conservative can still post his fallacious dreams of the returning to the Golden Era and the liberal can post their fantasy of equality through progression. How well that works depends on how much more they're willing to pay and what services provide what they want.

    Although since this is up to the ISP, they may not want your conservative bullshit sites and block those unless you pay a lot more. They may give free access to those hated liberal sites, or it could be completely reversed. That's the rub of it all. There are now now guidelines in place to ensure consistency and equality in service/packet access.

    This has all been said before. Those who want to burn the world don't care about facts or truth. They just want to win their way. This civil deconstruction is evident in nearly aspect of our society now, and not just in the US.
    The short answer no because he is fucking clueless.  

    This is a great picture illustrating those against NN.  

  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    ScotchUp said:
    ROFL, any rules Obama put into NN needs to be removed. Nothing Obama and his administration did wasn't good for #America! They are great for the #Democrats because they can ban any Conservative sites. #WakeUpAmerica
    Da fuq are you smoking my dude, cause I want some!
    He is smoking a Fox news blunt with Brietbart angel dust sprinkled in.
  • 5 Movie Universes that Would Make Great MMOs - General Columns

    Mad Max for sure and maybe Tron, but the others? Eh .. I don't see it, especially Highlander. I just don't see fleshed-out worlds in Terminator or AvP, and while Highlander was a great movie, I *really* don't see how you make an MMO out of that.

    As others have stated, Blade Runner would make a fantastic MMO. That's why I'm very interested in Cyberpunk 2077, as it seems to take a lot of inspiration from Blade Runner. Additionally, Anarchy Online was one of my favorite games back when, and it definitely had some Blade Runner influences in it, IMO.
    I agree with you except for the AvP point.  The alien and Predator lore is very expansive in the books and comics they developed in the 90s.  I was a huge Predator fan and have a few books and a bunch of comics.  An mmo based on this world would be so easy to do.  You could even have 4 factions: Aliens, Engineers, Humans and Predators. 

    In the books/comics the Predators have been to countless worlds and countless hunts for different creatures/beings.  That could easily be explored in an mmo.  Each faction having their own homeworld.  Space travel, Weyland/Yuntani corp, Alien infestations, Great Predator hunts, shake and bake colonies.  Honestly, this world is almost as big as Star Wars.  You just have to look past the movies.
    Totally fair. Honestly, I didn't even know AVP had a comic series or anything outside of movies and (relatively) crappy games. And I even read comics!
    Here's a small list of some of the comics.  They were published by Dark Horse comics.

    And the trilogy of books is pretty awesome.  Noguchi (Female lead) goes from corporate employee to a full fledged Yautja (Actual name of the Predator species) member that lives her life with them and goes on their hunts.  I own all 3.  Loved them as a kid.

    Sorry lol, the Yautja nerd in me got a bit excited :smile: