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  • Allied Races will Require Battle for Azeroth Expansion Purchase - World of Warcraft -

    I look forward to the new races. My only concern is how overpowered some of the racials are. For example, "Preternatural Calm" for Void elves is an overpowered passive. "Your spell casts are not delayed by taking damage". There is no way they will leave that for launch unless they expect every spell caster to start or race change into a void elf. At least I'm hoping they are smart enough not to.
  • The Last Jedi DLC Comes Today + Poor Sales Cut Profit Estimates Sharply - Star Wars: Battlefront II

    laserit said:
    CrazKanuk said:
    CrazKanuk said:
    Celcius said:
    The 12.5 million is projected sales, not actual sales. 

    That is a HUGE drop from BF1 too. 

    Yes, I know that is only physical units. That does not matter however, as it is far more likely two things are the case:

    1) More people bought physical units because the people who buy physical units are less privy to the loot box situation then people who buy digital

    2) Even though it is just physical, it is still down 50% from what it was before. There is no way the different in digital sales went up that significantly in just one year. 

    It is also funny to see people defend the game even disregarding micro transactions. The game has rubber banding, bland gameplay, and a really bad campaign that is disjointed as well as also ends prematurely saying "THE STORY CONTINUES IN MULTIPLAYER" . Don't take it from me, read a review :P 

    You our probably could have Left it without the completely subjective, unsupported assertions and came off sounding much more intelligent. 

    In fact, being that it is physical copies is MASSIVE considering about 80% of game sales today are digital, with is up about 15% since 2015.

    I could also also tell you that BF1 offered a Black Friday deal in 2015, whereas BF2 didn't. COD did, though, and it's now the second highest grossing CoD game after its first month. Could BF2 have moved 1 million copies if they discounted it by 33% like CoD did? IDK, that's all speculation. I wouldn't be silly enough to assert that's the cause of the drop. However, it is a contributing factor. Only the quarterly will tell for sure.
    Again I very distinctly remember seeing a deal on BF2 in my area that week.

    Thanks for the info. No such luck up here. Looks like we got the shaft this year.
    $60 Canadian
    I'm in the USA and origins(PC) has it 30% off atm.  Can't speak for Canada, but I hope the sale is available to my northern brothers/sisters as well.
  • 5 Movie Universes that Would Make Great MMOs - General Columns

    Mad Max for sure and maybe Tron, but the others? Eh .. I don't see it, especially Highlander. I just don't see fleshed-out worlds in Terminator or AvP, and while Highlander was a great movie, I *really* don't see how you make an MMO out of that.

    As others have stated, Blade Runner would make a fantastic MMO. That's why I'm very interested in Cyberpunk 2077, as it seems to take a lot of inspiration from Blade Runner. Additionally, Anarchy Online was one of my favorite games back when, and it definitely had some Blade Runner influences in it, IMO.
    I agree with you except for the AvP point.  The alien and Predator lore is very expansive in the books and comics they developed in the 90s.  I was a huge Predator fan and have a few books and a bunch of comics.  An mmo based on this world would be so easy to do.  You could even have 4 factions: Aliens, Engineers, Humans and Predators. 

    In the books/comics the Predators have been to countless worlds and countless hunts for different creatures/beings.  That could easily be explored in an mmo.  Each faction having their own homeworld.  Space travel, Weyland/Yuntani corp, Alien infestations, Great Predator hunts, shake and bake colonies.  Honestly, this world is almost as big as Star Wars.  You just have to look past the movies.
  • Absolutely amazing so far

    cheyane said:
    Has anybody else created several profiles and are playing the other two origin characters you didn't get to play in the first profile since you can only take 4 in a group?

    Since there are so many different classes and ways to play and despite handling the same content it feels fresh. I know I am really gushing about this game sorry but I really love this. 
    After my first play through, I added the same 6 man group mod from the steam workshop.  Now I use all 6 main characters and don't miss any related story.  If it makes it too easy, just up the difficulty.
  • 5 Movie Universes that Would Make Great MMOs - General Columns

    Ozmodan said:
    Does the author have a clue what a MMO is?  Beyond Mad Max none of those would make a good MMO story.

    Where do you get these clueless authors?
    The only clueless person is the one who doesn't comprehend the meaning of an opinion.