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  • Wizard101 - Empyrea is Coming! -

    Graphics aren't everything, but they really do need to be updated, at least the character and NPC models. This looks like a really old mobile game. Speaking of which, a mobile release would be fantastic as well. The combat system especially would translate well to touch controls.
  • Visceral Games Closing, Star Wars Title Heads to EA Montreal - News

    So EA forces them to fuck up the Dead Space franchise, then kills them off. Fuck you, EA. I wish there were something I could do other than continue to avoid buying any of their products. It's very frustrating to see their games continue to sell well and make money despite all their overly greedy and incredibly destructive behavior.

    I was worried this game may have tempted me to break my boycott. Well, guess I have nothing to fear at this point.
  • 10,000 Free Steam Games (SPONSORED) - General Developer Journals

    I got "Turn Around"... won't be playing. :D

    Every now and then I get a little bit lonely
    And you're never coming round...

    Anyway, too much work for a random free game which I probably won't like and might already have, especially given that I don't game much on PC these days anyway.
  • Muse to Close Out Blizzcon 2017 - World of Warcraft -

    It must have been hard work trying to find the shittiest band on the planet.

    OK, second. Coldplay wasn't available.
    Not really being fair over there but man I loved it!! :)))
    Then you might love this...

    Seven seconds in and I'm thinking, "Man, Jay Leno has REALLY let himself go!"

    Never heard of Muse and, after sampling some of their stuff on Youtube, I can honestly say that I haven't missed anything. Call me when they get Manowar, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Arch Enemy, Mastodon, Amon Amarth, Alice Cooper, or pretty much any metal band instead of this pesudo-pop-rock hybrid shit. Even Flow or Babymetal would be a massive improvement. 
  • Final Fantasy XIV - In Defense of Content Most Will Never See -

    I don't care if special armor, weapons, or other loot is made exclusive to the most difficult content. That's fine, people capable of beating it deserve to be rewarded for their effort. But locking crucial story content behind it is unforgivable. Everyone playing the game should be able to see the full story without resorting to looking stuff up on Youtube.

    Could you imagine what the reaction would be if a modern single player RPG prevented players from seeing the ending of the game unless they beat it on the most difficult mode?

    "Thank you for playing TES VI: Black Marsh! Unfortunately, you're playing on normal difficulty, and the story for the last fifth of the game is exclusive to those who play on the hardest difficulty. So 'git gud' and try again, scrub!"

    Somehow I don't see that going over very well...