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  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Giving government control over net neutrality basically puts it in a position where it can redefine the meaning of the term. 'neutrality', as it sees fit. If a company decides to block or slow down access to certain sites, you can always go to a competitor. If the government decides to do so, there's almost nothing you can do about it. 

    In a perfect world where government could be trusted to safeguard the rights of the people, I'd be all for it. Here in reality where corruption, cronyism, and 'nanny stating' have run rampant for more than a century (in the USA at least), I'm very much against it. 

  • EA should lose the Star Wars license

    Giving exclusive rights to one publisher or developer is extremely short-sighted. A license like Star Wars needs to be both treated with respect, and explored from a multitude of different perspectives. You're not going to get that from a giant like EA which has so much direct control over their developers. So far it's just been cash grab after cash grab, with some like SWTOR straddling the line (or used to, now it's all about the $$). 

    Disney needs to give others a chance. We've already seen what Obsidian can do with the license, why not give them another shot? What about giving Machine Games a try at a SW FPS, or From Software the opportunity at an ARPG? There are just so many talented medium-sized to indie studios out there which could do amazing things with a SW license, yet they obviously went with the one that could pay the most, quality be damned. Such a shame. 

    Blizzard should also lose their license to warcraft and starcraft and give it to CD project. Imagine, even if it might take a long to make, the most amazing and realistic warcraft RPG by cd project the makers of witcher 3 the best RPG ever.

    And I can't even imagine what a starcraft RPG could be like if it was by cd project...that would be an instant winner.
    Hey now, Blizzard stole those IPs from Games Workshop created those IPs fair and square! You can't just take away their rights to their inferior, watered-down copies totally original work like that!

    In all seriousness, I'd rather CDProjekt tackle an RPG set in the actual WH40K or Warhammer universes, not Blizzard's hackneyed versions of them. That would truly be something special. 
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II Review – This is the Star Wars Game You’ve Been Looking For - Not So MMO -

    Saw the words, "Defect to the Republic", and immediately lost what little interest I had. If I wanted that crap I'd play just about any other Star Wars game available. I'm tired of playing as a bunch of terrorists. Screw the cliched bullshit, screw the microtransactions, and screw EA.

    I rooted for the Empire, and I cheered when Starkiller Base destroyed the New Republic. Just ONCE I'd like a game to give the point of view of the Empire / First Order the fair shake it deserves. I guess for now I'll just have to settle with playing through TIE Fighter again.
  • Classic wow will make noobs cry

    1. Content gaps that have to be filled with hours of mindless grinding.
    2. Having to find quest objectives with nothing more than a very vague and sometimes misleading text description. 
    3. Long treks across the same areas over and over and over again.
    4. Standing in the capitol LFG for hours, finally finding one, traveling all the way to the dungeon / raid, then having the group fall apart five minutes later. Repeat process. 
    5. Spending weeks grinding for fire resist gear just to have a very small chance of getting into a Molten Core raid.
    6. Running dungeons dozens of times without getting a single piece of loot. 
    7. Ignoring the existence of multiple zones due to a complete lack of content within them. 
    8. Having gathering nodes stolen out from under you constantly. 
    9. Hunters having to buy / craft ammo and feed pets. 
    10. Hunters rolling on EVERYTHING. 
    11. People begging mages for water and portals constantly. 
    12. Vanilla Barrens and Barrens chat. 

    I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things, but that sums up my experiences with Vanilla pretty well. Can't say I miss it, because I'm not a masochist. 
  • Panel Report - Queen Azshara, Zone Scaling, Improved World PvP and More - World of Warcraft - MMORP

    Wizardry said:

    Today i see a mega load of Blizzard spam,it is like the rest of the gaming world never existed,all Blizzard threads.
    This is really boring to see this constantly,Destiny 2 has been beyond boring,i want to see a VARIETY,a QUALITY if variety gaming not just Blizzard threads all over,it looks like my spam folder.

    All we ever see from you is negative complaining post. Today is no different. It's beyond boring we want to see VARITY a QUALITY post from you not just complaining negative post. This post just looks like everything in your history folder.
    Some grumpy old men sit on their porches with shotguns and tell kids to get off their lawns. He's the internet / MMO player version of that. As with the IRL equivalent, it's best to just let him be and go play elsewhere.